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noob12345: getting new disks, new volvo factory, brake system flushed cost me like $500
*new volvo factory pads
if i had just got my discs resurfaced, gotten cheap pads, not asked for a full system flush, maybe $300
and thats not replacing the calipers or the master cylinder
shit is expensive when you dont just do it yourself
well check the reservoir to see if the level goes down
if it doesnt theres prob a leak in the caliper seals or hose fitting or who knows
er if it does
if it doesnt you prob just need the brake fluid completely flushed and bled by someone who gives a shit

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hed need loaded calipers so thats like $80 to maybe $200 each
you would need 2 or 4
then you need to get your discs resurfaced and new pads
yeah then you maybe had the pads swapped and hopefully the rotors surfaced
because you dont need as much rear brake and theyre cheap
i hate working on them
but for $200 i doubt he replaced the master cylinder or calipers
sounds like pads, resurfaced discs, and a bleed
not a full flush
mechanics hate do full brake system flushes it takes a long fucking time and two people\
so if you look in the reservoir for the master cylinder and its not crystal clean, thats another reason your brakes suck
yeah they charged me $80 just to do that
last time and i stood and watched and the reservoir still wasnt clean
when i do it i usually buy a full bottle just to dump through the system
noob12345: hand brake is just a cable adjustment
its not a hydraulic system
just pulls a lever on your rear brakes

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mechanics are usually lazy about bleeding brakes
krill3: but the golf prob loved it
what do you mean cylinders
do you mean the master cylinder or the caliper piston cylinder
right which ones
hes probably not going to rebuild your calipers

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try #cars?
which cylinders
theres cylinders in the master cylinders on the calipers
both have pistons

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neat huh
prob just change bits in some register

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seriously those were my two biggest complaints and some other goofy shit
it didnt work like that
it does now
i need to visit my ukrain and russia buddies
they live in sacramento

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eda for kids
how doesnt eagle work?
dude youre default rotate is like, each part dances around in circles trolling the user
and you have to do something to override retarded auto alignment features even when grid is set to like 1mil
um of course thats what i did
did they fix the bug
obviously im talking about group rotate
not really
so its fixed
yeah but in the menus?
i know that works
thats we i laughed
like i said the DEFAULT group rotation is to troll user
you have to like dig two or three clicks in menus to rotate for real
haha ty

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kinda works
make r8 and r11, the pulldowns, 10K
oh they did that?
leds are 2v
some colors are a bit less with low current

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and the higher the value is the more EMI will fuck with shit
its for prototyping or if you really dont give a fuck
you put them on the design if you dont need them you leave them out
its fine you can always change it
just have your machine put another 0402 on top
can it do that?!
like is there some sort of z stop?
thats like something you try and get perfect while drunk or on drugs
you have a paste area on the edge of the board
and the machine drops the 0402 on the pasted pad
picks it back up and stacks it

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depends but prob not
pullup for what
hi for what
is it for communication shit or buttons or what
comm shit you might be changing characteristic of open collector/drain drivers, and mismatching loads on two ends of a long signal path
yeah 10k is fine
well does it mean internal
or recommended
internal it just means its a normal internal pullup it sucks as far as precision
you do it just because internal pullups suck

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ubuntu is like suse but less breakable thus less annoying
anytime i touched any config shit on suse *something* would happen next time some autoconfig script ran or i restarted wm or whatever
ranging from minor menu retardation to total system meltdown
hi i use that
you prob use way more opensores than i do, being a code dev, and also ive never contributed any licensed opensores software like you have
thats trolling

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is topic concerning greycz?
oh haha ya i seen this post
we should prob post that on cnc forums

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neat one more months rent and my lease is done i cant eject from this place without giving them anymore money
purpose of visit to projects
ive paid them 9 times
besides first and last
heh local shop space is dropping under $1/sqft

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8th largest in the world, or something
wtf GC is already closed
arcturus`: yeah they all come from america
they come here with 'dreams' and 'plans' and end up becoming our waiters and porn stars
ive lived in both porn capitals of the world
chatsworth and van nuys
they are about 6mi apart

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its wet even when its not raining
unreal humidity
makes the south look like nevada desert
im at a factory that does a lot of business with american companies tho
dude my shirt would literally be dripping after walking around in the morning air
and they had to use windshield wipers even tho it wasnt raining
im going to go buy guitar pickups i think
its not our factory
and guitars
i want
im so jetlagged =\
i think im okay then i get to my car and its like, woah not so okay
i was running a huge sleep deficit and a couple all nighters thrown in, too =\
los angeles
no im californian
fuck america
not much though, there is a tiny little section of santa monica mountains that i guess is technically a canopied multi layer rainforest
ya kinda =\
our finances are fucked, but we give a lot more to the country in fed taxes than we get back
so everyone talks shit while we pay their bills
yeah i think theyre the same way

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haha and then i did a daily update to work totally wasted
and proj manager is like, hey do sorry email to cover your ass
so i did okay sorry that wasnt so professional email all with capitals and grammar and punctuation and stuff
and all the vp people responded, hey whatever we understand
and then the head vp was like, your emails got nothing on my historical drunken email reports, with everyone copied
shnab: no i was in korea
i dunno any korean
i should prob steal the korea rosetta stone
i got spanish but i never used it aside from making sure it installed okay
yeah people are awesome
but yeah i prob have to go back in a few weeks
so i should try and learn how to communicate better
the manufacturing guy im prob going to work with next time only has a little bit of english

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`nico: hi!
so my last night i went out to bbq with the manufacturing guy and the buyer guy (hes got english)
and i dunno we went through maybe 3 bottles of soju
and i ate raw beef mixed with raw egg and sesame
and i tried to pay on my company, but they wouldnt let me
so yeah then i took them to my bar mad max
and spent like $100 on guiness and hogged the juke box for a few hours
and me and the buyer agreed to 1000 year spoken word contract between our companies
signed in guiness
we worked out the deal using beer bottles to represent our companies and the other guitar OEMs they do work for
so its good i went to the bar after work so many time to learn how to work the korean jukebox

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i wanted to go to do-over bbq today
too much jet lag tho

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back to sleep

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sk police raided google and stole stolen wifi data or something

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i wonder how close the bands for the other stereo channel and the meta info are
i wonder what those numbers in his kline mean
like, 0 channel messages, 1.6M private messages, 40 notices, heh

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highers highs coming through possibly
stereo butans is far
i dont want to get up

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but ivr dlrpt likr 200 hours
er slept like 200 hours
and its 10am if i wake up now i could be on like a normal schedule
but i could just sleep until tomorrow morning too i guess
heh factory boss listens to american armed forces radio

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