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dude real hardcore isnt that bad
happy hardcore is for candy kids and drunk college girls
jungle comes from hardcore, im not gonna disrespect my roots sir
happy hardcore is just house + mild distortion, if youre lucky
you use centers in the spindle to line them up
k gotta go bye

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i think it has to do with the ends of each spline or flute or whatever the fuck it is
like theyd be straight cut but theyd come to one edge at the ends
i know people who shift cars like that
like theyre motorcycles it pisses me off
like theyll come off the gas to slide the transmission out of gear
then you can rev match and just push it in
and i dunno if the syncros partially engage or not but you can get it in
but when you fuck it up makes awful noises
its kinda like double clutching
except retarded
you know how to double clutch?
i kinda like synchro whirr
i dont really understand how they work =\
oh shit its drum n bass tiem

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holy fuuuuuuaaaaagh
i just heard the difference between the version of code we were running when i got the job
and our production code
no wonder everyone was telling me nothing worked right on the guitar when i got there
dsp makes me feel dirty inside
straight cut gears ftw
so youre saying i shouldnt even try this game
company pc in asia, i gotta load some gamer juarez
zeeshan_: depends on the machine
like some you can jiggle and theyll engage enough that moving the level turns the shafts a bit
but i dunno if thats by designs or the machines gears are worn down

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almost done with complicated workaround to update obsoleted boards
blackmoon: did you see the crazy dsp guitar?
i need to learn pads =\
i have to become tekrads friend =\
no more making fun of him for being an ME
macegr: its goatse or what
no cant be
use centers
woooooo stolen guitar is up to date!

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till what

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did you get your seiko ram?
i never digikey ordered
im on a plane tomorrow night
plan is two weeks but id bet on 3 and 4 wouldnt surprise me
direct deposit is set up so middle of second week could get fun
i will have nights of and super digital guitars to beta test
surely they have rock n roll in korea
wanna get bant?

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timecop: everytime i plug this usb midi shit into a diff usb port, it wants to reload the driver
windows bullshit or driver dev bullshit
haha i know
im trying to get them all
i have usb-midi
our programming dongle (super high speed midi)
there will be flash cards going in and out
so it only has 4 ports im pretty sure itll get swapped around to all of them
oh cam usb thats gonna happen like 24/7

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so i go to see what COM the prolific chip showed up as
and there is this COM1 already there besides the COM5
and i look and holy shit this dell has a fucking physical serial port
(i never undocked it until like yesterday)
^mcp^: okay computerman
how come the prolific chip on my asus 4g is kicking more ass at programming high speed than the pc with hardware serial
fine software man you prob can actually answer then
like the guitar tech has my little 7" eee integrated into his doombench as a programming station and theyre having no issues with it
other than 800x480 resolution

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north bridge ram access is integrated on everything now i think?
cpu bus to ram controller is on the die
well the traces to the physical ram and any buffer/support circuits

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looks like desk drawers

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i have 3 dongles plugged into my dsp guitar =\
there is a prolific chip involved =\ =
\ =\

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gotta update the ui uC firmware
screwdriver time!
fuck yeah
the american builder did this one
MSRP ~$3500

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timecop: my new geetar has rj45
custom dsp firmware loaded by a program called monkeh
$1000 says it fails when i try with the dongle

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i ganked a beta unit
thats the super easy part tho
? @ wat

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longcat: sounds neat
tiem for werq

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thats more like a FET
50k doesnt really exist
49.9k does tho

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wtf @ 4.7uF debounce
oh to decouple ff clock
damn still wtf # 4.7uF
but mostly emitter current and Hfe

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