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it works
prob not
you might cook the pcb
few seconds
between 5 and 10 if your shit is setup okay

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urmom is gonna be a challenge to solder

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dub step is catchy =( turn you into a zombie

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timecop: dont get more badass than that

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1" = 25.4mm
1mm = .039"

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ID: 1.145" (+/-.005") OD: 1.300" (+/-.010) Length: .250"(+/-.010")
Qty: 5

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zeeshan: busy
if you come over and clean up my bedroom and make my bed and vacuum everything left ill draw it
dude ive waited months
this bike has been built over more than a year probably
yeah i think so because i think i bought rhettforks when i lived at my other place
fuck descriptions
well okay for the one spacer, sec

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gets stuck =\
just fall off a lathe cutter
sticks to everything
work, tool, flys up on the collet
why i hate using hss
finish is better when wearing down because it doesnt chip
but it gets soooo hot
i want a lathe

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go too fast with a cutoff and itll expand, get stuck, dig into the work, rip upwards and snap at your face
if just to clear the chips
those things heat up fast
wd is like machine lube stripper
that flavored shit is fucked up
yeah machining and finishing aluminum is like, opposite operations
you want to go high feed, high depth, low speed for roughing
keep heat down
and cutting time low
matters on an endmill

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its for chamfers
or grooves, whatever
same shit diff angle
yeah those you prob want hss
on a manual machine
yeah see a cutoff on a production part as a finish process is ugly
makes me sad
metal nipples ftl

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well yeah it wont fit
zeeshan: you have 6061 bar?
6061 rod, whatever
oh nice
i need a 1.25" ID spacer
just a big bushing basically
and kinda same thing but w/ a flange
if its hard machinable aluminum its fine
you need to drill before you bore anyway
cutoff tool
not like cutoff tools are expensive or hard to regrind
fuck lathes are so cool

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drills are cheap
jobber drills are named that for a reason
normal drill
theyre not cheap theyre just normal
well they can be cheap but jobber doesnt mean cheap quality necessarily
theyre drills you buy to do a job
like its not some shit youre going to end up putting away in your tool rack, its a consumable that you use up
if youre using predictable speeds and feeds, you can ballpark your tool use pretty close
useful when youre buying tooling and calculating unit costs
and small shit is so cheap it doesnt matter

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heh @ pitch on a 1 position header
(ino for stacking right, but whatever its funny)
my machine is too small for normal insert holders =(
because you should know that shit
yeah show me
for a mill
i dont think i would ever use HSS on a CNC
because it wear down and eventually it wont cut
carbide chips, itll usually still cut
less likely to fuck up the machine or throw the work

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er collets are fine for tool holding
in fact my favorite holders were ER holders in ISO cone holders
usually those are straight shank with key flats

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