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just a raw driver, its fine
in a system with a crossover, you prob just completely dropped out your crossover region
its like on the guitars at work
on one guitar, you can do the pickups backwards as long as you do them both backwards
same type of pickups
on the other guitar, if you do the humbucker pickup backwards, itll be out of phase with the single coil pickups
like if you did *all* the drivers in a speaker system backwards, youre fine
if you do the woofer backwards and the tweeters normal, it wont work
unless the crossover has an odd number of poles then its backwards on purpose
oh if you mean connecting to the jacks on the back of the speaker
and not from the crossover to the drivers
then no doesnt matter, even if you run a sub because it should have a polarity switch

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they think there are arduinos in laptops and industrial machines
it was hard explaining the difference between a microcontroller and an arduino
i wonder if anyone has used my asm code
like once you figure out the whole thing its really very simple!
think so
pretty sure it ended up there
sometimes it doesnt, but just by chance

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they were alot better in the other masters thesis
surely, but 100Hz update from color tab multipled by throb tab is more impressive than flashy blue and red
that girls pheremones all over my stuff
i still have the conforter we first got her pheremones on =\

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macegr: he is using them to spazz out in red and blue
shiftbrites been in masters thesis shows before

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mmmm humas + pita chips
tasty garbanzo bean and garlic stuff.

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you two in series and sprinkle some crack dust on it

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this mfkr is vacuumed

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neat, bike is out of the way

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that sounds far
also i just played warcraft 2 and thats it so i dont relate
i didnt has computar until 2001
before then there was only borred fallout[2] amd warcraft 2
i wouldnt mind playing through fo3 again
do the gamefaqs walkthrough, see all of dc, etc
dude all i remember about that game is zug zug and what you want me to kill
fallout was much better
fallout was about home
oh yeah i did that

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timecop is gonna make up for the rest of them
man my place is seriously depressing me
im totally gonna buy shelves and strap them to the roof of my car
i have the brackets up and everything
all my clearbins and test junk still stacked up on the floor

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i used to spin the crx around in parking lots behind grocery markets like that
on rainy days i could almost 720 it
k time for fake racing

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i really dont want to do laundry
not like the brakes dont work fine without assist
heh dork
haha way to fishtail
just stand on the pedal and hold on to the wheel both hands
prob be fine

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my fucking buldings laundry room has no hot water
i take long showes and waste power
i need to get timers for all my lights
yeah thats why i didnt link to it why are you
the mats are on hooks thats why they cant slide around
when those hooks break, it will

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hahah @ *all*
europe service techs were bitching abut the pedal assembly before all of the media stuff
timecop: http://www.allworldauto.com/tsbs/NHTSA__LEXUS_RX400H_technical_service_bulletin_299443.html
dont freeze teh car
they put connector boot

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i dont care if its funny its still fuckin annoying

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its just a better car
the mini is prob like 10k more, its slower, with worse gas mileage, prob worse cargo
dsg has a clutch, shrug
well, two, heh
whatever it handles it!

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wtf @ gti
get a TDI with DSG

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man i dont like how that worker just has jumpers throw on top of those cells
thats still alot of voltage

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auction or what

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okay guys time for mfkn laundry
bench supplies?
ha neat
they have switches for doing series/independent stuff?
thats cool

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i have a $90 samsung still kickin ass, thats impressive
so what i dont care
printers are fuckin goofy
you would think itd be standardized by now
every printer is like a new electromechanical adventure

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danielson: i know and then you shake it up and it goes a few hundred more!
then shake it again, few hundred more!
fuck sharp my cheap shit is samsung!
mine is like one of the first sub $100 b/w laser printers
maybe 4 years old, still works awesome
blackmoon: HP has been sued because theres problems so bad with their printers
no fucking idea
but like every one of them ive dealt with had problems
thats like a $400 machine tho

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mcmaster car has everything so they dont count
because a $4 unbranded T5 bit isnt an option on principle
and yeah T5 needs to be like hardened steel or its dumb to even bother
t10 and t15 strip out pretty easy
who the fuck owns color laser

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the only one ive really fucked around with was an atmel chip, was cheap as fuck and the docs were decent
dx^: arm is way cheaper
like $4 in nothing qty i think
and its 32b
and its like up to 5x faster
in the case of arm7

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14:39 < Andros> DX^, check out the avr32 dev board.
because avr32 is a joke
its almost vapor
arm is seriously like 1000 different chips
avr32 is one chip
arm is any chip
no its basically one architecture in diff number of io and flash/sram
arm is one core and like prob 100 semiconductor companies
you can get an arm stripped out with just some times and ram or you can get the thing with like precision high speed analog io and every comm spec imaginable
arm isnt the future
arm is right now
avr32 is one companies core and family of microcontroller
almost ever big semicorp who makes arms also has their own 32b microcontroller
even atmel makes ARM

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