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02:53 < `nico> with calipers, cut that in half and add one half of the width of the felt tip pen/marker you will use
i dont get that part, what marker
zeeshan: http://www.grainger.com/Grainger/DYKEM-Steel-Blue-Layout-Fluid-2C945?cm_mmc=Google%20Base-_-Machining-_-Machine%20Fluids-_-2C945
if you dont have that, use sharpie to cover your surface in black
then you just use the caliper tips to mark the stain, instead of scoring
if you have sharp calipers you can prob get lines under .005

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do some freakishly high speed thing

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tiny one

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The initial drills later this month will involve 20 U.S. and South Korean ships and submarines, as well as 200 aircraft, including the advanced F-22 fighter, which will be flying training missions in and around South Korea for the first time, according to a statement issued by the U.S. and South Korean militaries
looks like the us mil will proceed me by a couple days
precede, WHATEVER
man fuck audiotistic im going to sleep and put up shelves

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her nose looks to small in the probe pic to be her
hmm no i guess it is same girl she is just like turned sexier by holding giant HV probes
they need to give her rubber stockings or something =\

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yeah like, it said this maybe happens because of less sun spots
like maybe its a good thing it means its not all being blown away into outer space
whats she doing
shes rly cute

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omg in 43 years
how biblical fucking xtians STFU
i dunno it says xtian science but actually i think those guys are not so bad

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duh, hold on

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you can change to magnetic mode, and a relay like clicks over
and its a normal magnetic pickup guitar
with like, pickup selector switches, variable RC pickup load for tone control, 250K volume pot
and that goes to the standard 1/4" guitar connector
and then there is also a preamp in the guitar like on our guitar amplifiers
which goes into a dsp
to access that you have to plug into one of our effects products with an rj45 cable
guitar has ethernets
(not rly just the plug)

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so yeah, everything else is like, multiplexed leds and buttons, lcd displays
rotary encoders and vcc divider pots
ha @ pacificos
it has little piezo pickups in the string saddles on the bridge, and 6 independent inputs to the dsp
er, the guitar things = it
so thats how they can change the string tuning

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yeah they been doing it like 15 years now i guess
so now theyre are starting gen 2 of the dsp vintage guitar modeling stuff
hmm i think
they might be encoders but i think pocket pods is pots
well usually the setting is displayed on the screen as you adjust
well, yeah
i could prob check if its been a service issue
no, they sold it as a pack, i think with a case besides headphones
i tried to order it at like 60% discount but the packs were out of stock
dunno if thats just our inventory or everyones or what
anyway most of our stuff is multiple buffers at diff gain into codecs into dsp out to codecs into buffers to amp or output

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i need to find something to do during breaks
so im going to ask for some pocket pods for my trip
becayse i dont need an amp to test guitar output
so i can walk up to a guitar and plug into it and listen with headphones
no thats for factory work, but like i can use iton breaks to play bass or guitar or something
practice, fuck around
or i get a book or something
yeah its their second cheapest one
haha thats my company
we run the amp market i guess
like, 90% of our stuff is analog straight into dsp, then tweaked with vintage amp and guitar and speaker models
then dac to output
you know why where i work is fucking genius?
doing audio with 10K pots

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and last night i didnt smoke all day until i got to drum n bass at the bar
but like, if i just smoked 2 or 3 cigs with my 1 beer a week, thats a huge improvement over pack every 2 or 3 days
like almost #150/mo on smokes =(

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guys not smoking cigs is pretty wtf
really im just smoking way less, and it suuuuuuucks
haha dude that shit doesnt work
the gum or the patch
you just fiend for those and when you dont have those you want a real cig
well then it doesnt work for me
ya duh
i dont have any left now, tho
i even smoked that one i forgot in my desk drawer at work
but thats the only one ive smoked all day i think

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oh fucked
its like an accessory?
wtf is the harmonic balancer, balance stuff is usually shafts?
oh just for the belt drive system i guess?
haha @ belt lpf

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21:24 < `nico> because we tried to buy a car today with some financing, and we got approved for the loan but they couldn't give it to us until we had a non-hotel address
you broke your car?
where is sculptor

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velcro strips

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