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reza: yes

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yeah thats super good
guys i havent smoked cigs all day
will i die?
im going to go to a club and sit in the dark and smoke weed and listen to jungle
shit i need my earplugs
(earplugs = emcee killa, bass defenda)
dx^: o?
anyway bye

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not to mention the catchy sub title is in larger text than the name of the site in the logo
k ty
you should prob sound less like an ass about it tho
hahaha win
did she do that?

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fuck yeah that shit looks cheap
so she can kick ass at and interview and hold a job down wtf does that have to do with i look in the middle of the page and see this empty voide thats at least like ~20px wider than it should be
it looks like right justified no margin plain text in #d22
so it doesnt connect to the logo, even when you realize the connection
what do you mean what
its like you typed '...we weave it' in some header div in your them and put in the css text align right 0 margin color #d22

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so it flows

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well shes doing it wrong
dead center is white space
i would totally make the string part longer
actually i would do both, move the we weave it it shit in so it doesnt look like right justified no margin plain text in a header to your blog post box
and move the tangled /\ thing to the right and make the string longer or just stretch that part

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okay ive never done skype through a stereo system
my technics/fisher stereo thing turning into people i know = awkward
for some reason its not weird in a car
dx^: korea trip delayed again!
this time it was the factory, not me, same reason, ops manager is like WTF =(
too much gap fix it
or stretch tangled triangle graphic (not literally but make it wider)
between the graphic and the '...we weave it'
oh its one graphic
dude fix that

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