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haha @ ceramic/aluminum cones
The bass and mid drivers' nonmagnetic, cast-polymer chassis damps residual energy, and houses connections and the magnet structure in a single unit with no screws or loose parts, which, according to Monitor, improves consistency and reliability.
also plastic is probably cheaper
The RS tweeter is based on Monitor's 25mm C-CAM Gold Dome
ew @ metal tweeter
maybe its just gold plated plastic
prob expensive to replace =\

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anything with passive crossovers is crap
youre lucky if youre output plots even look close to what they were designing in the lab
least with active you have a chance
if they both went at the same time, its maybe the tweeters, but something prob fucked up in the amp
if you heard a pop its an easy check, just open it and look for blown up shit
haha its pretty awesome if both tweeters blew at once
means the systems are hella matched!

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registers are ram
you have at least 32B of ram
also there are peripherals
you can use some of those registers as general use

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that MUL one is awesome
mov r0,r0
wtf at google color filter for image search
image search for 'lpfk collar', brown color filter

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still working at the chinese food place?

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if this thing had a Z and was driving the drills, it would prob have one
dx^: i think its an uphill battle for them
dx^: when you got to china a lot of people speak english
few people have told me korea is kinda like japan they dont really like speaking english and a lot of them just dont like you
hi im not bringing any retard
and im like guest of the factory!
they need me else they have a pile of useless digital wood junk no one will buy from them
we got it, RS=cheap
how do i get one of those
what do i email

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i guess it works they sell a bunch of these
wtf is RS
i dont think i have that
1/8" straight shank is pretty standard
20K isnt that fast
it is for like a 1/2" cutter but for smaller stuff and light weight spindle, its not so nuts
its engraving loads, its pretty easy on everything except the very tips of the tools
collets are overkill

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its not rs274 is it?
has its own app to drive it
isnt that plotter language
so it doesnt really have a Z?
just up and down
and then the weight of the headstock is it?
im surprised that works for drills
have you tried .016 or .012 or silly shit like that on it?
whats the collar made of?
oh weird
does it have hard edges or its radiused where it hits the work?

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seriously unmod the other chan now
unmod the other channel
i installed spanish like 4 months
havent touched it since i checked it worked, heh
rab: you scored it at an auction?
hahah cool

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dude you population density is like 2 per 100 sq miles
no urmom got quiet
okay not rly it was inittabs mom

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heh its like that all the way to sacramento
then for like an hour north or something
that shit where the 5 is all up on stilts confuses me
yeah we kind of get that when we have a winter
we have brush laws, has to be cut back from houses certain distance
shit was all on fire by houses today, all the houses okay
that grass burns up and goes out so fast i guess like 30ft or whatever is enough
so like, 12 hours nonstop on an airplane
like, how do i not go nuts?
korean rednecks?

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and given that were talking about inittabs stereo
not a fucking space ship, who cares if it oxidizes in 10 years
inittab gonna have to land his camaro on the hudson
all standing on the hood waiting to get rescued
welcome to california?
well theyre dumbasses
dude walking on rocks sucks
anyway are those things illegal in your county?
they should be
for reasons abvious to you now
*obvious, whatever
even sparklers?
that prob looks neat
i would check even were okay with sparklers
inittab things catch on fire and people die
in fires

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next you will say only teflon insulation is acceptable
blackmoon: guitar tech broke down a bunch of test fixtures this week
the frames are made from machined fiberglass plates, like 1/2" FR4
its like, w t f
kapton is awesome
kynar is neat i found some raychem kynar heatshrink samples at work
yes and
maybe thats because its already shrunk
when its wire insulation
kapton insulation on what
the wires?
i wouldnt use it for that
flexpcb and voice coil formers
number fuckin one.
dude we had spools of it at work
we dont understand why you think its better to crimp tinned vs non tinned

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00:40 <@inittab> my plyers do not suck!
if you didnt pay >$200 for them, theyre total ass
well then youre totally doing it wrong
might as well just twist and electrical tape
for that yeah
butt connectors suck
small crimps prob wouldnt even work on tinned
like >26awg stuff
dont see how that matters
no but why is it better to crimp

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i dunno where the DHL hubs are
and thats prob LAX thats like 30mi away
i has to do dishes in a little bit
holy fuck its 9 already

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haha @ timecop learns multiplexing, month 3

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