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why not
you buy you make almost 10K more than me
i got a loan im not paying mfkr
haha i have 7k
and a CNC machine
yeah =\
dont fuck around with those!

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omg soooo much drama to get an mp3 on my phone as a ringer
no rumkin uploader thing for sprintphones
sprint will only let you use ringers you get from sprint store
it is i have deftones - root as my ringer now

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didnt do the dishes
put up the shelf brackets
for why

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1% is pretty good for a speaker
tested near field tho
and its usually worse at crossover points and at the edges of the audible spectrum
but i did some sweep swith an AP with a sampling mic like 1cm from the speakers
AP is usually something you would use for signal path and amp output testing
and the home speakers i was working on were around 1%, above and below at different points but pretty good
this is like sub 1w testing tho
for impedance plots, 1W would be considered way too much power usually, heh

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incubus: yeah basically any amp with acceptable distortion spec (<0.1%THD), people cant tell the difference

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what like make their own tubes?
besides the french hacker in that vid?

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`nico: hows trip?
dont forget to drink water
or youll die (truth)
the humidity down there fucks me up
gotta have strong lungs and shit
haha, yeah we had a/c and i opened the back window
and felt the air roll across my arms and lap and down my legs
i thought i was tripping, because we had those oatmeal kush cookies
but i lifted my arms and that shit broke out of the fucked up carolina air into the cool dry scion air

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do i know fruitbag or am i just thinking of flyback

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when moon says awesome he means bastard mfkr

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heh neat they are shooting at it

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eggsalad: mean
eggsalad: case or cayce?

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he does that
i wonder if its still the same brainfile as...
eggsalad: aids aids aids aids
it scares me when he doesnt respond for so long
ya, right

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eggsalad: mfkr chad
i taught him that
eggsalad: why wont paypal let my remove old phone numbers, adresses, cards, and bank accts?
eggsalad: why is my monies hostage
yeah hes right
i dont have a home phone
it says i have to
eggsalad: k
why is he taking so long

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only mexico uses real sugar

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hahah 17:20 he karaokes anarchy in the uk

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15m in
fucking high res people pixels
that shit at the beginning is nothing
they start doing like crazy pixel scenes

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