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okay that is totally wierd
like, new bass bridge adds sustain but also brings out fenderish harmonics
i was playing through headphones just kinda repeating a forest bassline, and it sounds like there are little fender ghosts singing along
its weird i thought i was like hearing something playing in the pc speakers or something
but its just the weird random tones that ring in the background
its kind of awesome (very subtle)
its like more jbass than jbass now

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theres eggs
you guys always forget the eggs
and ive never done it with apple juice
i always use egg n oinion matzo too
its basically scrambled eggs w/ more matzo than egg

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ya =\
brie yeah
with either lemon pepper or sugar
yeah cinnamon would work because i make it with onions
that seems weird
except if it was greek
connamon wouldnt work

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anyway you can make fideo chicken soup and put tons of sour cream in it
tastes awesome
same base as awesome red rice, just more water or broth or whatever
im like 1/8 polish or something
i need curly fries
i dunno about polish food because i am not knowing the white side of my family
pretty much every culture has some sort of awesome dumpling
i guess i should go get food
if i dont it means i didnt go outside all day
thats prob unhealthy or something
yeah kinda
asian stuff is usually more noddly
but not always
there is those bao dumplings
man good matzo ball is awesome
im a huuuuuge fan of fried matzo (matzo bree?)

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you missed the point of that whole tangent
if you ever come to this side of LA i can make one for you
well i prob make like 6 i give you the best one
you can do it in a night rab
rab: sometimes its because they put too much gooey stuff too
like they will put a son of sour cream or quac or salsa right on the milanesa
sometimes those are okay because the other side will still be crispy
yeah it fucks it up
do people like that?
i think normal average guy is into too much saucy stuff
anyway it makes the bread they use flat
prob best to ask for them dry and add sour cream and guac to taste
i guess but theres is tacos at 3am in hollywood that are badass
tonsofpcs: i like it with my food
i dont like it as a soup with some food in it
cottage cheese is better for fruit

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fuckin white castle retards
i want 1x1x2
on special occasions, 1x1x3
im not clicking
is it awesome?
i think i might go score some jack in the box
hmm thats not a good sign really
but sometimes its okay if the breadcrumbs are browned perfect
if the crumbs are unseasoned you got played homie
valley sucls past 9pm
hollywood and downtown are okay
but fuck driving 20miles for anything
macegr: okay our safeyway is vons, and yes they still have safeway 99% iso
rab: see
do you see why mexican places break my heart?
over and over and over
i wont let them do it to me anymore
i just get the little steak tacos now
srs wtf =\

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yeah this job didnt set it up
the reception desk girl runs around and drops everyones paycheck off
but i dunno ill ask bossguy
because yeah he knows
*everyone* else was like 3-5 weeks wat?
bossguy was like, yeah whatever ive been there for 6 weeks more than once

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im just like fuck this weirdo costco thing
old too
give it back to my mom (haha)
well i have 1/4" 3" screws
but i was going to drive them with a ratchet
i just need to drill
and i know the charged battery on the charger isnt really charged because its been there for a week
why not
they turn off
light turns green
the packs dont hold charge
well fine then its fucked because of that
but whatever i should be able to leave packs in a charger without it being fucked
hmm my place is like half clean
so this is fucked
if i stay longer in korea for some reason
i have to figure out how to get my paycheck into my bank acct so i can pay rent and not be fucked up broke

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stk500 isnt expensive
i need to get a new bit driver/drill thinger
rab: why are you still here
rab: FOODS
i dunno what to buy
the dewalts at exjob were awesome
but the torque settings were way inconsistent between models and over time
and the speed controllers would break
the pcbs would eventuall rip pads and stuff
fixable but lame
guitar tech has one
but yeah kinda need drill to right now
i have a coleman looks like it came from the dewalt factory
needs new batteries tho
but its slightly diff battery packs

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but if youre ever in southern california go to a fatburger
and tell them exactly what you want
and habit is the same
habit is flat grill and fatburger is flame grill
but yeah both places im like bacon cheeseburger plain w/ onions, well done
perfect every fucking time
i bet if you go well done and in and out theyd be like SORRY SIR WAT?!
wat that
has anybody tried that thing yet?
so no

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mexican food places are the least consistent
do you know how much i <3 milanesa torta?
<3 <3 <3
do you know how many ive ordered in my life?
do you know how many that i didn't make were awesome?
were talking like, way under 20 out of maybe a hundred or two hundred times
well i just get it with avacados and onions and sour cream
i dont like tons of lettuce and tomatoes and fuck jalapenos
breaded fried thin steak
you have to do it perfect fr the breading to brown right and the steak to be cooked awesome
also seasoning in the crumbs makes a big diff
usually eggs
maybe its different in texas
thats how we usually do it
and i know tons of places do it like that
because when they dont cook it long enough itll still be a tad bit eggy
not like uncooked but its like, scambled eggy and the breadcrumbs still soggy
anyway most mexican is the same way
its not the places its the cooks
honestly im kind of into baja fresh and sharkies
its kind of bland but its consistent

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rab: in and out is shit
people just think its the greatest because its better than mcdonalds
the frys taste like homefries
not enough heat or iunno
rab: anyway fatburger is prob best burger chain in southern cali, and habit is pretty close
in and out is trash
but in and out pays their employees well
and their the only fast food place has super fresh veggies
you need a fatburger
and a burrito means lots of different things here
i dont get mexican very much because its not super consistent
rab: sorry i come from a mexican family so i have standards
prob like 75% of my mex food experiences have sucked compared to some shit i could have made at home in 5min
thats real mexican
rab: no sir

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oh hmm maybe san antonio
i dont have a haircut
i have hairbands
damn viet lady about to be trolled

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tonsofpcs: its not the same its like 10% bigger or something
its like they scaled it up in solidworks, then fixed the connector openings
touchpad takes up more of the surface in front of the keyboard too
dont think so
it looks exactly the same tho
blackmoon: its so sticky and slippery
i watched chips slide down my z
but the oil still sticks
i thought you meant end stops oin your lathe i missed a line
i think it was austin that had the neat freeways

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oh shit
i wonder if there is enough of that stupid thick fiberglass stuff to do speaker boxes
or maybe there is too many holes in it already

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rab: i gave eee 4g to guitar tech to use as a firmware programming station
he has integrated it into his doom bench
i should take pics
damn i need to grab all the half inch fiberglass stuff from the fixtures he took apart
this shit is like 1/2" FR4 im like wtf
rab: he took a bunch of 1" male female standoffs
and did like, 3 then a ISP/ICP programmer thing, then 2 more and out multi io thinger, then few more and some other programmer pcb
like by corner, it was like balconies of prgrammers
`nico: yeah tons of that lying around
also this is by far the dinkiest of netbooks
original ee crap keyboard, its 5% smaller everything than 2nd gen eee, has a 7" screen and only 4gb ssd heh
before they made the shiny, looks like a tiny thinkpad
stuff like this almost all its good for
tho ive used eagle on it to do very small PCBs

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so get some clippers?
no one is allowed to cut my hair ever again
and only friendgirl is allowed to dread it
she did awesome the first time everyone says i had the best fuckin dreads
bassist for current band is metrosexual code for loser i think
this place is mfkrs
you need some old white dude

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`nico: into CA will suck
are you going to LA then up the 5/99?
you should 101 it like a hardcore mfkr
show your geeker lady the coast
thats gonna be boring/hot
well the other weay you go through mfkn wastelands
you dont want to go diagonal nico
panhandle sucks
south texas is pretty
abd wtf kansas
okay when i drove out of the panhandle i saw a storm on the distant horizon right
drove for a few hours at 90mph, friend drove for hours, 90mph
this storm there the whole time, lighting and blackness the whole fucking horizon
fuck the midwest
dude it was flat nothing
you could see like 500 miles
and there was nothing
except that fucking storm

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hahaha @ swarf
aluminim slaugher
death heat isnt for another month
its relative yo
yeah i dont have humidity i dunno what youre talking about
i got smog and drunk famous bitches
haha what
cold day i guess
yeah fuck humidity on the east coast
everything smells bad
i have two a/c
one is always on

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but yeah if youre shit isnt made out some super generic shit too bad
my frys is alice in wonderland
rhetts frys is space alien ufo crash
tekrads frys when he was here is tiki style
rab: ha
yeah thats how ours used to be
but mine has decent amount of semiconductors and basic ics, theyve gotten good at keeping proto supplies in stock
theyve actually become the source for american small tools
$80 hakko 936 at my frys
and we have idc and pin header connects
decent variety of hookup wire colors/gauges
texas frys sounds crappy
see why are you so negative
oil lathe first mfkr
rab: wat
i kinda want to get a bottle of wine...

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wtf is with all these people and local suppliers
i have frys
thats it
theres like 4 leds and a resistor pack left at radioshack
rab: woodland hills frys got a lot better in the last two years

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if you want to use a 317, just do like a 1:1 voltage divider and put the opamp at the bottom
if you want to get fancy you can do the opamp with -1.25V offset and still get the full range
but itll need a dual supply
that way itll actually regulate
prob want an opamp with badass psrr at least
nothing else prob matter very much, maybe offset if youre going for accurate and have a 1% 317
i think they make those
if you dunno wtf im talking about just hang out for a few years itll start to make sense

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yeah but im not sure its gonna get you the output you want
theyre prob not reail to rail
voltage follower will work

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well something like that will sink or source
the 317 thing wont regulate
it might kind of work but it wont work well
i would make a vground for the 317 divider
which would be an opamp, and you set the gain so the full range of the analog output will drive the 317 to its max voltage
jezus fuck yes

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well wtf do you mean by a current buffer
do you mean a current regulator?
okay so you want to take a small current analog voltage from your pc dongle
and turn it into the same voltage but more current
yeah use an opamp and if you have to make an B or AB output section for it
317 prob wont do 2A anyway
and if your particular one will, itll need a decent heatsink
anyway we have no idea what youre doing
you maybe just need a fat transistor

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i dont think thats gonna work
theres no feedback
try it

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and they really, really want to be able to use n korea as labor
even tho right now n koreans are more $$$ for lower productivity
and n korea needs the work bad
but yeah so i guess dudes whole family doesnt have to go to prison now
the UN actually saved someones life

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rab: less then 1 week until 1st weekend in korea
rab: did you see how n korea ambassador gets to go home a winner?
i dont care
if they get near my guitar factory i will fuck them up
i got no time for them
rab: okay so ambassador shows up to canadia UN summit like:
then like that week, n korea put like whole families of the people who fucked up the currency reorganization into prison
but yeah hahaha @ ambassador just showing up like, yo guys if you piss off my boss im dead
also i guess s korea pay rates are approaching big consumer countries

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wow you know
full understanding how dogs evolved
i never really contemplated how many dogs were killed to get nice dogs
it might just fry that pin
okay back to cleaning

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if it ate my baby i wouldnt care if it was wearing a hello kitty skirt and licking a kitten
and jezus fuck shotgun
i do not want to see a gif of that
shovel guy no doubt
uh yeah
how do you think dogs happened in the first place?
if youre proving youre not torturing it
and just trying to kill it for whatever reason
why wouldnt you vid it?
dogs = (werent afraid to go near humans for their trash) + (didnt do anything that pissed humans off, werent mean)
real life is disgusting
did you know a girls butthole is like 0.5" from her vagina?

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the estevez punker film?

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dont run straight, tho
turn sometimes
neat i found the flux pen i stole from macegr again
clean dust and flux from around the chip
prob wont do anything but it makes everything shiny

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its no diff than troubleshooting a pcb
a lot easier sometimes
they just look nuts
also first step in debuggin circuit is prob like, move wires around a bit see if anything changes

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hahah @ daughter perf
yeah maybe
like an opamp and a dozen passives

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thats fuckin awesome
most places ive been out of LA have shit water pressure

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ha fun
what is this electric vlsi
woah shit

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if the person didnt make notes in circuit schematic you cant be really held liable
razzi: there isnt enough work on irc, most likely
i mean if you trolled all of the internets
maybe you could get enough work to do the family thing
well yeah of course
doesnt mean they dont pay their employees

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rab: whatever i like pussy so the face and the ass have to be pretty awesome
this is why i dont think chinese hookers would do it for me
no one on irc is going to pay you to do that
blackmoon: theyre booked
well people will pay you to help them for parts or complete proto builds
so i mean youre prob not going to get more then a few hundred a project
if youre actually working for people with money
if youre doing work for people with no money i dunno what the fuck youre thinking
well unless youre just having fun and you like the person or something
oh and pcb layout is easy money
thats prob the best thing to do
someone else builds and debugs and designs the circuit
you just have to do the fun part
well, if you design the circuit yeah
if you just want to be the cad tech, you dont have to know a ton

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`nico: who cares girl up front looks not bad
eyes cannot focus on back thing long enough to make a distinction
i can ignore that look at the alternative
dude for being in the middle of a stupidface
that girl looks okay
haha yeah i really cant focus on the back thing, front girls hair and dress are kinda awesome
i hate 555s
i dont know why
dude you can get paid to do anything
you just have to find someone who will pay

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i found little jar of keef i made like 3 months ago
cleaning = win

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damn i got scammed
the hair ties i bought have metal bands
need to make shelves happen this weekend

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eh thats retarded
prohibition never works
drugs prohibition is in effect now
it already is is most circles

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they could all be 1s, it would be a fuckton of cash
and im sorry kevtris but black people learned how to do that shit from mexican people
mexicans were wearing stupid jewelry and fuckin up their cars for like 100 years
they didnt realize all those thugs on tv are using loan money and rented cars

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seriously why is my paypal shit still pending

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lots of people drive worse
lots of people drive the same
could prob say the same thing about driving and drinking cocacola
for anything
if being stoned makes you tired then you shouldnt drive
shouldnt ever drive too tired
heh depends on the judge!
mentos and diet coke

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and theyre cutting back hard on legit shops
so underground economy gonna pump up again
which isnt what the county wants, but theyre retardedso thats what theyre gonna get
um, just tell them its for cannabis, for sick people
no one cares about bars and beer being sold in convenience stores
if they keep weed legal im like 100% for the reinstatement of alcohol prohibition
drunk people are straight retarded
and you play arcade shit
i couldnt do the high speed oval track in ridge racer 5
because of 1/3 of a bottle of SoCO
and ridge racer might as well be driving a train on tracks
yet there is brit gov and CHP data that says lots of people drive better smoked out

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i dont even know where to find shitty weed
i would prob have to drive 30 miles
and i bet swag and mids is even hard to find downtown now
obviously you have to dry it
but theres a difference between drying it in forced air conditions vs drying it slow over a few weeks
thats what about half of the high end dank is
its strong as fuck but its maybe not flushed, sometimes its trimmed leafy, and its prob rarely cured
thats how a good deal of underground herb is
most herb is from warehouses for shops, tho
its prob flushed a bit and cured a couple weeks at least
competition is basically insane, you cant step in with crap harsh product and expect it to retail for more than $35
hell kush hybrids of excellent quality are let go for $40/.125oz
this aint the midwest
anyway ive heard the full legalization prob is prob going to die

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ac-130u: probably
pretty much
if youre growing it and you want yardsticks to measure your performance with
thats perfectly valid
if youre just smoking it its kinda pointless
if youre growing the same thing, over and over, in slightly different environments over time, its useful information to have
any information is useful information to have
journalists arent techs, theyre trying to make this shit make sense to people who potentially have no fucking clue what any of this means
so usually the way its reported is bullshit
they grow to get weight
they dry too quick
they almost never really cure

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Surprisingly, the unfiltered joint outperformed all devices except the vaporizers, with a ratio of about 1 part cannabinoids to 13 parts tar. This disturbingly poor ratio may be explained by the low potency of the NIDA-supplied marijuana used in the study, which was around 2.3%.
i think they make a solution in alc and mass spectrometer it
then read the results off the computer?
it will
because itll plot magnitude of multiple particles
percentage of everything that came out the end of the tube
yeah or percentage of the sum of all your target particles
no thats perfectly scientific
thats not bogus thats how you define a particular grow of a particular strain
its ratio of cannabinoids is a metric that makes sense
total THC is bullshit
because the top of the plant and the bottom of the plant are going to produce two totally different potencies
and its the same weed
with basically the same effect
its not stupid, it can be done wrong, but done in a lab with all information procided, its a perfectly valid way to measure herb potency

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anything flavored is like tobacco paper and cough syrup flavoring
like, you can take nice cigars and make blunts with those
and its okay
garcia y vega little cigars are tasty
but theyre always almost too dry
ice bong is super smooth but yeah i guess most the psychoactive vapors end up on the bong
well maybe not most
dunno about that
get a vap bros
or get the one d0gz got
like half price china stuff he said it was ceramic element
who is they and link to the white paper or it doesnt exist
well you didnt really explain what the study was about
anyway rice paper and clear cellulose joints are all ill smoke rolled
if its up to me
and rice paper is prob be far the best smoke
the cellulose has this weird sweet almost plastic flavor

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theres higher concentrations of non THC cannibinoids in other parts of the plant besides the buds
so even if theres THC, theres more of the othewr chemicals, and some of those actually block the high
sure thats one of them theres like 6 or 8 or something
8 blocks it?
well whatevers, smokeable herbs just have a way higher THC to everything else ragtio
industrial stuff has THC but it has way more of everything else
so you prob fall asleep or get a headache before you get any sort of buzz
and yeah stems kinda taste okay but theyre way harsh
its still prob better than tobacco
blunt wrap = nasty

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all those places are scams theyre loan distributors
might as well be paycheck advance without the paystubs
private education is bullshit until youre like way past 10K/yr =(
because cable news is a scam
normal cable news is practically paid advertising

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its prob driving the coils on the pump

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which means the caps need overhead on a lot of specs
a lot of chinese manufacturers dont really do a lot of testing
because maybe they got started just making something for someone else
who would do design and test
but now you got this big factory just sitting there doing nothing all night and between orders...
they dont have to copy anything
we give them designs
and eventually, they have enough designs
they give you designs
and you go WTF NO LIKE THIS
and now they win because they have two designs for two applications
its pretty silly, im glad they are making money tho
caps, change speeds, noise shielding
better mounting solution for you whatever

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'do china caps fail 5% of the time?' sometimes you get a bad batch, heh...
anyway chinese caps are probably overkill
because i bet they dont give fuck all about meeting esr or max ripple current @ hours @ temp spec
but you *know* they make sure their shit deals with 10-40% overvoltage, because enough people are using china caps at their max voltage
just ask or i gotta go
swish: yeah serious
because its not really about testing at all
you only test a couple caps like that, they might have even been semi-prototype or sample runs
then its 100% about maintaining manufacturing quality
which has a lot to do with design, but almost anything designed can be made
they usually do accelerated tests

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because you dont live in hong kong
if your main staples arent rice and fermented soy products, you dont have local access to parts
stockpile them
always buy more than you need
dude everything in the world is made from chinese caps
panasonic was prob made everywhere else except and i dont think theyre going to make caps anymore
because its not profitable im guessing
anyway 'are chinese caps generally always bad?' wtf of course not then they wouldnt sell any
'do chinese caps go bad more than japanese caps?' yeah probably
'do china caps fail 50% of the time?' wtf no

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dont think 47 is an e12 value
oh nm its an e6 value
youre just unlucky
theres 5 different manufacturers just at digikey
so order them online
yeah welcome to americas
you think i can drive down to the market and buy a 400V 470uF cap?
danielson: wat

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