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timecop: no i have his original kit though

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see how it overshoots or slews to slow if you fuck with the pot?
im going to laught because it was prob already pretty close just your layouts suck!
theyre usually close
the layout what
its not rising all the way
or dropping all the way

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hi wat
its 10uS
oh thats the big one
small stuff is going like 1MHz =D
you dont know how to compensate your probes?
jezus fuck
can you just put your daily scope into a box and ship it to me because you dont deserve it?
well does it have a little trimmer on it?
trim cap
maybe doesnt because probe is sup0rl33t and whatnot
okay you know that little test output on the scope?
jezus fuck you are so ass backwards
prob spent $1M on all this shit its like WAT HOW TO TIE MY SHOES HALP
yeah hook the probe onto that
turn the little trimmer until the wave squares out

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its hammond its prob $$$
oh not bad
i almost want like, thin slices of wide extrusion
with plates for the top and bottom
plates screw into like .5" slice of extrusion, pcb mounts to bottom plate
holes machined in the side of the extrusion for jacks
could do lexan plate instead of metal for see through sex
he adjusted his probes?
no cmon rly
guys no one told timecop what the little screwdriver in the probe pouch is for?

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this isnt for audio

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wtf i cannot subclick on categories on products page
yeah not on english section i guess
yeah those are the ones i want

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heh class-d is something you do because sales guys tell you too
although, big reason i like this guitar....
so light
UI and DSP stuff all in one cavity
the wine red ones are pretty
where do you get those?
they prob wont talk to me because im american
i want little things to fit 4xAAA and a little pcb on the side
o damn they do everything
its made in china or what
bitch i know you guys sold out all your factories no rly

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the little headphone amp i did at exjob with a NE5532 and four to92 NPN and some diodes and caps and shit
pretty much same THD numbers
impressive is .00x%
the gear we test with will measure out to like .0006% i think
looks homebrew for sure
pretty neat tho
its a dac amp or what?
no idea
looks class-d

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dunno if its even possible, shrug
timecop: D=
if the THD was .05%/6dB more, we wouldnt even accept it from china

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or i guess it would just be fuzzy on the outside if everything was lined up right
i think with small mirrors itll just fuckup because theyre impossible to line up
like it almost seems like a worse problem than just grinding a mirror, when they get small enough
but if theyre big mirrors, you can prob align them pretty quickly
i dont know hw but its doable
so youll have extreme clarity at the very center that falls off towards the outside
if it was into a very high res ccd you could prob fix it in software
or hmm
yeah yopuud have to unghost the shit

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theres #cars people in here
i think you might get like honeycomb focus
just guessing

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wow that diagram is confusing
i wouldnt have drawn it like that!
if it was rotated CW 90d

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but like we tell switchcraft theres an issue with samples, theyre like OMG WAT HOW CAN WE MAKE LOVE TO YOU TODAY
because were a big customer for their market, theyre just audio
and what did they say at first

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i bet you thats how its done in alot of units
dude i think its funny how on old stuff, seeing a mexican label meant crap
but like new high end parts are almost always stamped mexico
like pots and switches and big resistors
its still a new jersey company im assuming?
its hard to keep quality up
manufacturing like that
thats basically what ive been doing for the last two years
are you a big part of their market?
or like under 1% for that part
like, JST pretty much laughed at us when we wanted a custom part
they were like, um, ok sure you want 500,000 units, right?

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big low esr cap farm, copper probes
lower esr is lower!
series load to undo the infiniti current situation
some mexican low inductance dale heatsink resistor
er, resistors, plural

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pretty much just solder tinned wires onto the leads and heatshrink
i think the natsemi sensors are pretty high voltage
youre already muxing an ad597?
but a spot welder and just twist and spot weld thermocouple extension cable to do ambient air temps
boubt you can buy a faster response probe than that
because it doesnt need to be hardcore
dont need fiberglass insulation or a metal slab couple to a surface
ha prob for the price of two decent faster response probes, you can buy a little spot welder

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but maybe you want it to go that low i dunno
o, its +600mV(60C)
vground it?
oh haha
and read it off a rail i guess
oh hmm
which is about the cost of a to-92 temp sensor

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depends how much res you want
i would do a 4.096V reference and amplify like 115% of max operating condition voltage to 4.096V
wtf is diaspora
sounds like some sort of fungus or fern
4.096V/(47*10mV)=gain of amp
also, if you want even higher res, you can offset the voltage so you dont read down to 0C

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how hot?
use an LM60 or something
LM61 is 10mv/C, easy to read with a DMM for quick/dirty stuff or debug
not super accurate but good enough for most stuff
in practice, they were within a couple C of an IR thermometer when I used them for monitoring active subwoofer heatsinks

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