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hey neat it doesnt really boost anything
it cuts everything else

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ha im selling that $600 KRK room correction thinger
i go to change output from headphones to amp, and windows has room correction in the properties dialog
pretty sure the only decent mics i have a phantom powered id have to make a preamp =\
so like, not only is KRK selling something that comes with most home theater recievers
it also comes with windows, haha
also there is bass boost with selectable frequency and amplitude
omg up to 24dB!
windows 7 is in ur subwoofer, bottoming your voicecoil

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layout with sot23 amps is pretty neat
its mfkrs drinking overpriced burnt roast coffee in worldwide chain coffee houses

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i kind of want to buy some of the clear potting stuff
prob bad for anything except little LEDs
inittab: buy for me
k ty.
no man fuck guitars
this is bass.
did i do that?
okay youre just showing me
all your shit looks the same
oh hmm
you mostly kept the PSU
god that soic looks huge
i kinda wanna start doing sot23 and ssop amps in stuff

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timecop: you better be doing this with high density SMD LEDs
dpi ftw
order direct from chinapcb
timecop: its daisy chained you can seriously do as many as you want
you just have to be able to power them
and keep grounds at least locally in sync
youll probably be spending a lot of money on 18awg and zip ties

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do like 12x 24ch chips on pcb with one mcu and drive them all simultaneously with fpga
then just do frame buffers in the FPGA
why not
anything less will bring shame upon your name
a little but you have the money so no do it
well yeah thats just for 96x96 blocks
he just needs 88 of those 96x96 panels to make his 1024 768 panel

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prob hundreds?
and NPN constant-current sink drivers.

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timecop: seriously stfu
reboot the real pc
go into the real bios
turn your bus speed down, like divided by 100
boot to windows
hahah at two hand clicking/keying
look like some enraged fps player
set it on fire
brush it?
i should have said that first
pokey thing with handle
3d comb

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macegr: i dont think they play their own instruments
thats guys jazz bass is pretty neat tho
hahah wtf @ tortoise pickguard on metallic blue

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they use analog wtf
also yeah tekrad youre on crack
lets look at that facts
a) you dont like atmel docs
b) you dont like ti docs
c) youre an ME and you suck at electronics
obviously you are going for some sort of long term trolling

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pcb to dentist time?!
its not a joke so much
timecop: this is chinapcb or someplace else?
no i mean doing the assembly

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thats why you do small zones
no seriouslythat air has to go someplace
if you put the heat hot enough to melt solder, and the air low enough to now blow the leds away
itll melt them
usually what happens with low air speed
yeah in reality you dont
but some chick in china would do it with an iron
you just flood the bad led and pull it up with tweezers
whats the space/trace?

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whats the point of doing anything?!

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smd ones can prob be had on reels for like $.10, kingbright shit
but prob not from digikey
no i mean not for that price from digikey
they have china factories, so other china factories can get them cheap
i thought they were like in between 20 and 30
so now it is like a 300K project
before drivers and control
those are going to be more $$$ in bulk probably

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so stop feeding him
hes talking about electronics, you're just being an ass
there is irony in there almost
so like you do a controller that can update iunno 64 or 200 leds or whatever
then do some fpga or some shit as a front end just have all its io configured to talk to the controller simultaneously
buy them from macegr
if you have to ask that, buy them from macegr
mfkr i have triscuits you cannot fuckup my day
for like 1996 resolution

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like you can literally watch the new image scan in and eat the old one, maybe .2 sec iunno
for a fucking billboard?
realtime vid shit, you just need something fast on the front end
and tons of $$$ for controllers and latches
yeah i think that stuff is $$$
hell yeah
that shit is prob going to drive you nuts
prob best to do little zones
controller, latches/drivers/whatever, PSU
then you just run a bigass PSU to everything, star bussed
yeah like i said
when your example is something in vegas
well it proves all it takes is $$$

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i think its usually like 10-30hz
hes a fuckin troll
you asking is prob a big reason if not the reason
timecop: if cost isnt an option its not so hard
i dunno just do a controller per string of 64 who knows
timecop: its like, how do they do tv?
not if you use 3 chips
it works out perfect!
dude if youre doing something that big, if someone is waving enough money its not a big problem
ha youre doing a wall?
well most panels in the wild arent realtime vid
and a lot of them you can see update

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