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haha @ tc using firefox
your shit prob has 8gb wtf else are you doing?

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im so glad we kept timecop hes so helpful now
should be in the datasheets
link is panasonic.com or something

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you have to look for small print that say the rolerances for a XXmm dimension
wow bourns.com: ERROR
Service Unavailable
The requested service is unavailable.
Please try again later.
because thats prob pages from a larger catalog with that info hiding someplace else
panasonic is assholes like that
found it?
yeah its out of spec
inrush current
it looks bulged more than .5mm

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measures 31.4 on a dmm?
put it on AC see what it says
too see the ripply
the vreg is prob 5v for the digital stuff
usually works
on a linear supply ripple is at 60 or 120hz, so the dmm picks up on it really easy
yeah thats true rms is should work
get an idea at least

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turn it on see how hot those bridges get
also is that header melted?
the 14 pin thing

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its possible the cans are bulged before manufacturing
get the datasheet see what the tolerance is on the dimensions
its more likely they got to hot for some reason
yeah sorry im doing my own datasheet do yours
measure the bulge of the cap
like measure the middle and an edge right where the radius starts
if you dont have calipers give up
this is somewhat pointless but whatever
then see if the bulge is within spec
if not they prob would have rejected them before putting the cap together
dunno they look burnt honestly

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hmm and totally fucks up rendering the drawings page cutting off like 3/4 of the page area
future sucks

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j bass pots = 1 3/8 inch spacing
yay america
hey neat
file:.stuff is the same as filetype: on the google
i wonder how many decades behind i am on that discovery
bourns site failing hard
but google docs quick view pulls up the cached pdf in seconds
living in the future is awesome

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i dumped a BOM to cart which ate your line in the saved order, then the one iec plug that was 16A turned out to be the one that wasnt standard PC IEC connector
least i got all of ph2dmm parts okay
so yeah, like 80% fail
digikey at 3am = lose
oh i remembered the plastic pots for my jbass and the poly caps for rhett speaker xover
60% fail

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timecop: oh shit
i totally got the wrong bnc for the ph meter so ill get it when i get right one after i get paycheck on wed
i totally forgot about insurance and cable bill so im all close to broke
ha damn i think i was supposed to get that for you like 4 paychecks ago!
no i told you that was the thing i forgot
you dont pay attention
dude that order right
primarily i wanted t5o get that chip for you and that 15A iec connector for my friend

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oh shit
i should have asked him whats up with those chipamps i sent him
he was going to use them for powered speakers at work

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fuckin littler box is right in front of the cnc enclosure

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ha, no
i looked at them the other day tho!
i showed them to rhett when he came over
your amps are still working fine, tho?
iunno, they looked neat
i was mostly showing him stuff i has used the cnc for

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g_hoti: 30sec in LTspice
heh @ 500,000uF

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timecop: iunno, it might just be back inventory

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stuff before is pretty neat too
stop being angry
it spun it
neat, landed in daisies
yeah i kinda thought because theyre right on that cliff

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those are like 1A caps
call the preamp manufacturer on the telephone and tell them, they're maybe cool fix it or replace it
as new?
so go to the retailer first
if you havent had it long
theyre 105C 1A caps, they prob should be fine
im just saying theyre not bad caps
the manufacturer would prob want to know about that

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i usually got it from vons i think
and its spotty
most still have 91 at least
lots of drugs stores will have 91
thats the cap in the schematic?
or the cap on the board
for psu?
what in the preamap
seriously youre not using 1000uF for anything on a preamp except psu decoupling
tmx1: check max ripple current on the caps

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tekrad: yeah im not trying to pay $500 for a giant phone doesnt make phone calls
just to find out it cant use bookmarks in pdfs
unless i pay for some demo app
omfg puke i need 99% alc like naow

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ebook readers cant, also it wont do other adobe products because theyre bitches
so a pretty intelligent valid question
also support looks half assed, worse than xpdf

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omg dont be mean

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haha ive done eagle on my eee on the bus
goofy shit
damn my samsung phone has a bug
it reports last calls in the main history as today, no matter what day it is
i think
but if you check individual call history it has the right date

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i guess i am taking work laptop to korea
i should take the shit out of the doc i never have
its a dell could be awesome or useless shit
the old eee is useful for emergency/simple shit
its awesome for charging camera + extra storage
giant camera accessory
i think the eee has multitouch
actually i should bring that to work as a sysex output/firmware updater thing

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yeah for $100 its worth it

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there is lenovo and eee tablet
also fujitrsu
and archos stuff is so new newegg doesnt even have a picture?
the asus
its not really thick, its like 2x the thickness of a useless giant phone that doesnt make phone calls
also real kbd
thats neat
there isnt much software that is compatible with this device because of all the firmware modifications smartdevices has made
looks like a hobby

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should i buy shelves?
heh @ shelves on volvo roof with tie down straps
so is like $12 for a big 96 x 16 particle shelf
and like $8 for brackets
so like $30 per shelf
plus screws
its an eeee
ive never played with one in person i should go check
upgrade my eee
i have a 800x480 eeee =\
i did
i have the first one
wtf @ ipad clone get a real computer
tablet pc is like decade old tech
fuckin flash
you cant just link to newegg images now

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cryptic: dumbass
get eee tablet
or equiv
if you get a giant chinaphone im going to laugh and laugh
can ipad even do pdf?
And if there are clickable links in the PDF, such as in the Table of Contents, you cannot click on them. So, you.re stuck scrolling down potentially hundreds of pages to get to the location you want.
im just guessing that ipad is made in china

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wtf are you talking about
almost 4:20

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and prob cant even run windows
then youre fucking up because youre still here

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theyre a marketing company
that example only reinforces the point
theyre about pushing hype
which is obviously a great business model
because osx is bsd
intel is not microsoft intel makes lots of chips for more than PCs
its modded bsd look at all the config file headers and the core packages
in any case they make custom hardware (just like any company making laptops)
sell it for 2-4x what it should be sold at
have an annoying OS
do they sell pc with osx?
its prob illegal
so you put an apple syicker on a pc and its ok?
that sounds like some forum sprouted bullshit
anyway fuck all these details
apple is a shit value
no it really isnt
an insecure pc that cost 4x more than a normal one

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also their shit is function follows form
mighty mouse is a perfect example, also overheating PC built into monitors
windows 7 can im pretty sure
10:53 < THE_GFR|W> no they are a software company more then anything
they rebuilt BSD with a shit WM
i guess they did a shitty job too and its all kinda of exploitable
microsoft is a software company
as far as i know apple only makes software for apple hardware

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with one phone and one carrier
= joke
all carriers
all phone makers
apple is a marketing company
im not trying to give money to that
nice comeback
then why did you pay more?
id rather get a thinkpad
any apple product compared to a comparable product made by almost anyone else
so again you fit the bill
happy apple users are often people who got the apples for free
or for nothing, gifts or second hand
pc isnt necessarily microsoft
apple is bad because theyre a marketing company
more than anything else
that means less resources are used for design of hardware and software

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the_gfr|w: because you cant do real work on it
cant do games, cant do EDA, cant do CAD/CAM
you cant do real work on a mac if youre a tech
if youre a sales guy you can do work on a mac
because all you need is email and office apps and games
you could use linux if you wanted to
or bsd
oh wait you are using bsd
so anyway youre full of it
unless your job sucks you cant do real work on a mac
osx sucks because it runs on apple hardware
and apple hardware is usually a joke in some aspect
thank god
but you argued real work can be done on a mac
but this is untrue
it is unpossible.
also the UI is trash compared to explorer and average lunix wm
sculptor: ya
status symbols
arent they like $100 for internal now?
the_gfr|w: wrong
osx can get infected
in fact several security people have commented that it is regularly compromised at security conferences
it has low market share
and isnt a target
sorry man open unix systems have been getting pwnt since theyve existed
again, this is naive marketing trash

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got vacuum tables, you just throw wood on the low density board and the machine sucks the wood to it
ball bearing linear ways, so it kinda rumbles around at high speed
wtf 500
wtf 500
gears is easy, if the spring stuff is critical its bit harder to do but not impossible
its got a compressor inside?
or you have to hook it up to air
yeah its prob little air rams
yeah sounds like it

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exclusively small parts and low to medium precision
its heavy duty but its got cylindrical column
yeah that one looks nicer than other images you linked
its bad its a drill press
that machine is almost hardcore, except for that
if the column doesnt rotate around the Y axis then that Z assembly is just annoying with little benefit
my shit is about 6" by 12", flys through aluminum, can do steel
and its annoying because its not big enough
and not stable enough
and the spindle isnt fast enough
oh on that site the gantry?
did you ever see the machine i worked on at exexjob?
same deal but like 10 x 5 feet

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rumble pack
possible 'offset weight'
all you need is a motor and an off center weight
like, you slice up steel bars and drill off center, done
artists do
are you manual labor or an artist
how much?
site is a ripoff, should have bought a taig
or a sherline
or a max nc
or bought a high end X/Y table and CNC'd it himself
that machine is the only one worth getting and its not heavy duty
how much is that?
that shit is good if you are a watchmaker or something

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anyway those valves always leak if you dont close and backseat them right
not enough to fuck you up but itll waste your gas and eventually time
dude i mean the valve right on the tank
unless you took that off it probably has a standard valve
if you leave that open without backseating it, even with the dental valve whatever on the end it
yeah they leak
its not like a hazard thing, its just an annoying thing
anyway open it up all the way and when it gets to the end, kinda lightly twist till it stops, thats supposed to push some seal into place which stops that

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how big is the tank?
just kjeep it in the garage, get some sort of quick disconnect fitting
serauni2: ha sucks
this is a large part of what happens at work towards end of projects
we have our own faraday cage and some rf stuff to try and do as much compliance testing in house
that way when shit goes to the lab we got some idea whats going to fuckup
that way they can maybe change shit at the lab save more trips
dude how big is it
like to your knee or to your chest
if its little get a quick disconnect fitting and just have it in the room when you need it
you have a garage dont you?
doesnt leak enough maybe
well your office should have good ventillation anyway youre doing reflow and shit

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i think thats a sticker
morning timedork
wtf am i doing up i dont have to go to work today
its saturday
wait isnt it...
k yeah windows says so
not fired yet, theyre trying to pin down factory on dates so they can book my plane and room and stuff
did i tell you factory wanted me for a month? heh
doesnt your new house have decent ventilation?
just keep the blower on your ac/heater/whatever on

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