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go to school
art of electronics (book)
yes mfkr go to school take a fucking course in electronics
just two?
digital, analog, RF, at least
hell no
if rf is analog so is digital

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ftdi [part number here]

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pretty sure led vibes been done

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i can hear 17K
i roll off at around 16KHz but i can hear 17 way down
whats fucked is the people who have awesome hearing, like fuckers mastering records and shit
youre hurting them =(
lennynero says he like that
which sucks because he works in a big truck shop
naw thats kinda medium
i would try and get an even narrower horn, but yeah
heheh maybe i should get one of those

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yeahi almost dont have the space
i might link my buckets up and do one res
to make it easier
longcat: no i dont care about smell
i have a hepa filter on a 440cfm (unloaded) blower
6" filters and ducts
lucky guess?
no one is really supposed to know
i got one amp
i need to buy a rack chassis and throw some of my own amps in it
put this technics thinger in my room
thats like 44khz square waves or what
The first 3 tracks are ultra-sonic (17kHz, 18kHz, and 19kHz) and cannot be heard by most humans.

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i dunno about that man
i screw the thing into my faucet, twist an inline valve, and watch computer or music or something
also with two i can bolt them back to back and itll sit on the counter better

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im hopinh craigslist has RO water filters now that bunch of grows are shutting down
12" squirrel cage blower exhaust fan $100
Reverse Osmosis 100gpd pure water filter $100
aaaaw jeah
its the difference between 200-300 ppm tap water and 0--10 ppm water
this is science yo, i need to start with blank water, in terms of minerals and shit
i already have a 100gpd unit, just sucks to wait an hour for a bucket to fill
also my faucet leaks from back pressure, so i def have the pressure to run a bunch and with more it should leak a bit less
the wackiest

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just today
they need to do more drop shadow i cant even read the shit underneath the text box
rab: same
i think its maybe just today
to let people know
11:45 <@renesis> wtf link DO GOOGLE.COM GENIUS
stfu its staying?
but hey that sidebar thing i kind of neat
haha i can put schematics or block diagrams on it and like the screwwn will blend into my cubewall

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yeah old pc would have like a 3" speaker hahaha
heh @ midi drums while on hold
like all the drums hits kinda sound the same, ends up being like ninja footsteps from a NES game
nothing has crap music like that anymore now its all real crap music

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09:40 <@`nico> timecop, did the keygen come with a virus?
whatever get a keygen with a virus every other day
keygen with viris + midi music is gold
its always blaring at like full scale output too
like, pc speaker?
i dont even remember seeing PC speakers on either of my lian li cases
its prob one of those little black cans with the 2mm hole on one side

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