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holy shit
google maps on my phone has sat view

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macegr: yeah the interface software sucks =(

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ha just LTspice it
if youre just using a resistor the drain wont be linear

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macegr: ha LED guy is pretty okay
he sent diagram this morning, we talked for maybe 20min just now about it
looks like he just wants a schematic and firmware, and i guess they have a guy can do layout so i prob just do some stk500 breakout to test the led driver at speed and current

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my sprint samsung thinger does java google maps pretty well

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the one where the psu attacked the audio
i dont remember why i bitched about it but something was kinda fuckey about it
and i think me nico and moon all had our own way to do one shots
and you didnt do any of them =(
ha neat
oh i have to call that guy about buttons to led fet schema and code
thats kinda weird when someone emails like
[5 word sentence] CALL ME [phone number] THANKS
timecop: what do you mean
there is no tv at night?
wtf are you talking about
wtf stfu no wai
like is there some sort of basic tv
ha yeah

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what type of place?
yeah its prob fine like it was
i always try and keep the feedback node traces as tiny as possible
cant do analog without anal
damn that thing?
you had chipamps on the failboard i did
those are opamps

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$50 + ship
no china pcb
remember i am like 3000mi farther than you
yeah you can maybe get some proto special
no mask
how much was setup?
sounds about right
interitus: just star ground them with wires
what was unit cost?
bring them all to a single point with wires
oh wow cool
likw 10sqin or what?
so like 8ish
hey paste pics of the switcher layout
want to see what you ended up doing there
hes not a jew hes a black japanese eskimo
yay gl

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oh hha i did that board

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