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i submit 16 regularly, pretty sure ive done 12 tho
just send them gerbers with 12mil drills for quote
they usually respond within an hour when theyre awake
if they dont you can blow them up on msn
and they usually respond within a few minutes
pretty sure he uses korea now

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good luck tomorrow

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id be amazed you were bitching about that job like a year ago
man where is my mfkn clipboard
i go to respect next week or something
oh that sucks

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does he have some kind of spec?
strings of LEDs i guess
nm i ask if he mails
k dont f it up
do you still have that IT job?

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im go hang out at a bar, yo
damn i just flipped open my old phone and staed at darkness lcd like a pro
or possibly get some sleeps

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hmm whatever no wai this almost def turns into a support thing
well im not even worried about money im worried about just not wanting to do it
you have my gmail?
you have my gmail
is this guy poor?
did you give my email to a poor person?
he hangs out in bars yo
oh shit its thursday

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i have no time does he have $1000?
he popped out with a wicked block diagram?
what does he want
code and led hardware interface?
he does layout? assembly, debug, etc
starting like days ago or what
fuck then, then you look like a tard if the sub cant deliver
i can stk500 or 600 it
but i dont really want to debug fet timing issues
seriously how much $$$ does he have

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most cam apps dont even seem to have the option
anyway when you see misaligned holes on a pcb on just some of the holes
or everything is misaligned in different random directions, this is what backlash error does
the way you eliminate backlash on a cnc and on a manual mill is you always do measured movements in one direction
and when you return you overshoot the first cut or drill
that way when you change direction you engage the same surface of the screw as all your measured cuts and movements
if the machine is ridiculously loose, the ways and the screw, prob just helps little bit

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they can get sloppy about drill backlash too
you ever use a mill?
you know when you turn the wheel to go the other way
and the wheel will move a couple degrees or more before engaging the screw again?
yeah thats the nut on the table shifting surfaces on the leadscrew
unless you have linear and motor encoders you cant deal with it on a CNC
you cant just use linear because i guess it wigs out the servo drives they always oscillate, so everything has motor encoders at least
so you get it consistent and you program it into the CNC and it will move the screw a bit before continuing the path
or you code in a manner that eliminates backlash errors
its not intuitive, its slower than direct paths with reversals

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so like .008 space
i guess the academic answer is some shit like thats bad for reflow or i dunno
honestly i seen via drills pretty much right at pins a ton
oh right bga
thinking like qfp stuff

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pretty sure hes still doing retarded fine pitch stuff
damn need to see if my check cleared
haha i was supposed to buy some chip for him since a month ago, i overnighted some digikey shit for my friend and myself and forgot to put his 5 chips
some sieko shit they wont sell in jp
what are the drills you want?
hes gonna swim down their and stick his big kenyen cock in it or something
haha @ 20" diamater president cock
oh ive seen a bunch of those
weird shit

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i say ar oh eich es
i dont go SPIDIF either
23:49 <@`nico> attn ourpbc users
23:50 <@`nico> their minimum drill size is 21mil, looks like 4 mil annular ring
ive gone down to 12 im pretty sure
and i do 16 mil vias almost every pcb
dont care i quote they respond i get boards theyre correct
i havent really looked at their site in years
other than noticing they changed the styling
theyll do it i think
and theyll send them if theyre bad i bet
i think theyre absolute min spec is like 4 mil space/trace
that was their old stated spec
their is the possibility their higher end fab house closed down

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fuck no
do you say mu farad?
say microcontroller or microfarad or you ef or you see or whatever
no danielson i dont walk around at work sounding like a weirdo
well not when im talking about electronics at least

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dont use that pad that you drilled itll prob just come off
interitus: not at all if you have flux and a decent iron
also iso alc flux is so sticky
also orange pumice hand cleaner that flux too sticky
the only thing that stanton had over line 6 was there was orange hand cleaner in the bathroom
so i asked bossguy and he got us some and now newjob totally eclipses old job
remove it completely
tin the wire
solder it dead bug, through the perf, onto the mcu pin
i hate saying MCU thats what they say at work
uC is neater
youre freakin me out man

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you cant drill PCB
not through holes, and on connectors it almost definitely fucks your circuit
splits nets
wtf drill just get some sort of spike and ream the hole
if it has pads, peel that one off and solder the wire on the far side to adjacent pads
`nico: check url for trains
`nico: have not, always suspicious if it was even a real company
however, fuck expresspcb.com/4pcb/freedfm
(freedfm.com is kinda neat to double check gerbers, tho)

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fuckin hate cops
pulled over again, no ticket
need to take off work and go to DMV to get new sticker =(

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you need a job
youre here too much
i has a job
haha landscaping

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