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the trippy shit is it looks like there is a very big hole under the hole
ate a 3 story building

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ask that mofo where he gets his shades

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whatever they can blowup a guitar factory im pretty sure
its not like its a nuclear hardened guitar factory
everyone waiting on final schedule
PCBA in china is done, so theyre waiting on release firmware
im not mexican im californian
my passport is from america tho

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no way
ate the building
yeah thats weird

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sometimes lamp cord insulation is almost as fucked
man you know whats awesome?
that 2 wire conduit cable, with the thick rubber outer insulation and usually big paper cords for flexibility
the 3 conductor is way more common
and its white and black or white/black/green inside
yeah the releif is why its flexible
that shit is awesome, the best proaudio speaker cables are made from it
naw we usually bought home depot stuff at exjob
sometimes the outer insulation was bright fuckin yellow
i think its for underground install
its outdoor rated tho
yeah we used it to breakout our 50A service outlet
big yellow 12awg cable into metal 4 outlet boxes

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shit i need speaker cable
ones i have are all stupid short, not working
maybe just buy two colors of 14awg hookup wire and twist with power drill
i need hookup wire

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learn to photo editor

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urmom is:
tripod and timer etc.

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