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dx^: !
oh thats just auto rejoin

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i wonder what happens if someone calls while my phone is doing google maps
i bet the battery explodes

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k tiem for dnb
they were just making the uber 3r337 option available

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yes around

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so anyway
use batteries
honestly, i would get a 9VAC wallwart and run it through a full wave center tap voltage doubler
bgamari: sometimes, yeh
its harder to invert the rails
you need like a 24VDC wart and a virtual ground amp
which prob works fine but maybe spazzes out in random circumstances anyway i has to go pick up my bike cranks
yeah TI makes them
bit much for mass production but for small qty or persona, theyre like $2 i think?
less, to-92
bgamari: sec

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and you dont want to use an AC brick
and you dont want to use a dual supply right
less emissions
i think they might be worse about heat tho im not really sure
bgamari: get a 9VAC output wallwart
then do a voltage doubler,
then lots of caps and linear regs
thats hows tons of pro audio gear works
yeah if you have to use DC
thats with LDOs
if youre serious about clean rails you want vregs
because he needs better than pro audio
compred to unregulated rails?
dunno youre still in the realm of pro audio

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friend girl kept calling milk pus so this gallon of milk i bought sat in my fridge for like almost two months
so now i mostly drink soy milk
haha @ almond milk, that shit is crack
thats for the vegans that completely forgot about milk
the ingredients are like, water sugar almonds
it turns any cereal into kids sugar cereal
totally ruined the neutrality of my cornflakes
that girl is my project managers hero
toroidal or shielded transformer into linear voltage regulatoras
you maybe dont need a negatove rail

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i tried some of that super dark chocolate
82% or whatever
chocolate sucks
i ate 3 squares i think there are maybe almost 50
i dont like chocolate much except nestle quick
and really that prob has no chocolate in it
i check
thats right its been Nesquik since forever
that silk brand chocolate soy milk is pretty good

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interitu2: bust a dx and sand the pind down

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fuck that guy

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