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yeah shes all short, has fluffy hair =\
i dunno actually

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inittab: its a troll it says internets

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heh i cleaned my room enough for rovio to move around

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so yeah, decent reception (better than average at music festivals), new phone every year or so for almost free, cheap plan and pretty consistent discounts
sprint #1

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continuously for 6 years
on an unadvertised plan
+ $10 off because i bitched hard about a $5 fee they make me pay now
then every 6 months to a year they call me up and try and get me to switch plans but the new ones are obviously fail
so theyll give me another 10% off for 6mo
1000min + typical fluff for $45
like half of the automaic account management stuff online doesnt work because my acct is so old

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so sprint has two data plans right now
premier $10, data pack $15
even the girl on the phone didnt know the diff, the only one i saw in the small text was the $15 prohibits tethering
like explicitely, the $10 one doesnt mention it
so yeah obviously i got the $10 one but something seems bad

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u oi

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smells a bit like ammonia
i dont really like it but its better than a sponge
refills are $5

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its maybe same factories
dayton is parts express house brand, its typically the better import stuff
yeah alot of that stuff is off the shelf
its prob a lot of money to service too
likely tons of warranty replacement requests
just people burning them up
amps too
its gotta be a pain
CV sold operations of the mobile stuff, i think to diamond audio or something
dynaudio, some shit
so CV has final say on what products are sold
but mobile audio is run by another company

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softer caps will pop out by themselves its pretty funny to poke them
they pop back all slow
small cap or it was the whole cone?
the cones that are hard plastic, kinda bowl shaped
the whole front side of the cone is a dustcap
giant inverted dustcap all the way to the surround
yeah its almost the same thing, its pretty strong
they will injection mold the dustcap and cone and a piece to attached the voice coil former to in one piece now
on lower power speakers
fuck i wish i had an LCR i could make my own coils
it seems very strong, rigid too
tho unless you made it out of aluminum or CF or something crazy, you cant really dissipate power with it
and yeah eminance is really good shit
alot of other retail manufacturers just resell their stuff
the asian factory eminence

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yeah if its got a vented pole piece and theres not like a screen or something on the back plate covering it
it could be either
alot of times dust caps are pourus
actually dayton classic woofers have vented poles and pourus caps
so not the greatest, especially for sealed boxes
but probably cools well
yeah i think on those its just paper
really thick paper, cone material, and they crease when they get pushed in
when its little you can almost always pop it out with no issues
but yeah when its stomped in, those hard paper ones will crease, even popped out you can see it
still might work okay
anyway, if you go and can push them in pretty far, dont feel crashing or rubbing, and dont hear wires or something scratching, and they sound okay, theyre probably okay
yeah its definitely ghetto

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yeah enough that i can def hear difference between 160/192 mp3 and FLAC
ive replaces the mid and tweeter
i left whatever crossover stuff was in them, looks like 1 pole
i used a dayton 5.25" classic woofer and their 1" fabric dome
can fix that with some masking tape
the dust caps
you just get something stick and push it on, pull them out
yeah i mean they might be physically damaged but if thats it, you can always replace the dust cap with something similar if you cant fix it
also if the pole piece or voice coil isnt vented you can just take the dust cap off
prob help transient performance a bit
yeah no way to know until dust cap is off heh
on my fishers its just an aluminum sheet tube
no holes, solid pole piece

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well its almost the same thing, its not as bad but alighnment still has to be perfect
you can usually get recone kits, a lot of them comes with voice coils attaches to the cones already
if the suspension is bad the voice coil usually isnt okay
sometimes just a bit of enamel is rubbed
well they just wear out too
you would prob be able to hear it
but if a person is used to playing at a certain level
I ALWAYS PUT IT AT 11 YO or whatever
eventually the suspension wears and if anything happens unevenly, or it has slight manufacturing irregularities, thats when it shows
i have some old fishers
10" paper/foam cones, 1" voice coil, and looks like some sort of light rubber surround
these things are prob 20 years old or more they have the old address on lassen ave

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you go any smaller than typical and itll work awesome but itll suck to make in quantity and theyll fail earlier
well theyre long throw too
theyre made to be reliable
also when they get out of the gap they prob flop around less
because the transisition isnt such a change
they have tighter suspension
so to get the tuning you want you dont need as much spring from the box
yes they did
they were made over the hill from me
they had like, 5 building factory, engineers could like walk to the machine shop in a couple minutes
so they could hold tight tolerances
its not really possible anymore with current schedules and overseas manufacturing
a lot of the older ones use metal tweeters, im not so into them
yeah but reconing speakers is pretty hard if youre not doing it a lot
id usually suck at it until the 3 or 4th try

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i was ? at 'did you'
and yeah subs are pretty much all build the same way
the details are diff and there are a few that will stack the essembly with extra pieces
but its always back plate, magnets and pole piece, front plate, basket with a spacer element to glue the spider, then the front surround
pretty much everything 95% of the time, same shit, located axially by surround and spider
like, its hard to do that shit right
but thats why theyre all the same thing, gaps are always around the same size

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that XY table app they showed is goofy because one one side of the table the thing has all sorts of torque, on the other side prob has no holding power
whatever it looks way cool but its a nightmare to make reliable, they spec a 1/3 mm gap
its doable but you gotta make the assembly with zero slop and slide with almost no friction
the idea itself isnt useless but that solution is like something you make a precision solenoid out of
for control its worse than typical speakers

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and as long as the coil is inside the magnet tube, you get very linear response
either way is prone too crashing and failure
the more reliable you make it, the less powerful it will be
or just use step or servo drives on a coupler and maybe a gearbox
some sort of backlash compensation screw
if you dont need precision use air rams
or standard solenoid assemblies
if you need precesion use motors and screws
that voice coil shit will fail unless its in a pretty hardcore assembly with some tight tolerances

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but if you get to far out of the gap or youre going in the wrong direction with too much speeds its over
unless you have suspension
then controlling it is as fucked up as a speaker
looks cheap for a voice coil manufacturer to produce
its 4 ohms and about a mH, it basically is a speaker coil
way less even
what you want is a toroid magnet
that supported on the sides
one of their very short ones
then you want a long coil
so the coil is overhung, you get a very linear response with the same number of turns under the magnets control
alternatively, you can use a very long magnet tube, and a short section of coil

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thats not doing anything
you need to turn it into a servo
so youre basically making a shitty servo
yeah but its response wont be linear to current
and itll change a ton with different loads
whats the application?
by reversing current

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rab: http://jalopnik.com/5548584/how-new-york-got-screwed-by-formula-1?skyline=true&s=i
you stold the F1
tomatniy: its a speaker motor without suspension
The moving part needs to be supported by a mechanism supplied by the customer.
it probably wont be very linear
its not overhung or underhung its like, side hung

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guys dennis hopper is dead

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