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danielson: a lot of this stuff is like unmemorable numetal

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hahaha @ octave split guitars
wooo 80s
that ones neat, sounds bit like system of a down

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its usually 2 stage linear taper
to simulate log
but higher end pots will have actual log curves
im pretty sure this convention came from wire wound pots, prob hard to wind pots logarithmic
but easy to tell a machine wind this dense for 80% of the pot, wind another density for the rest
i think youve posted
ha its a waltz
3/4 time
haha yeah even when the song drops, thats pretty neat
danielson: dunno bit to clean, im not super into metal
but yeah they know how to drop in and kick back
sounds too clean, pls2moar punkrawk

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slacker_: yeah mostly
pots that dont do that are mil spec or studio audio application
that kind of starts at around $10
usually plastic or ceramic/metallic blend resistive material
naw i just got the terminal full screen
i want to get those mil spec plastic log pots for my guitar
but theyre a bitch to find in single qty
and theyre like $10 each and i need 3
and they have a straight shaft
kind of

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the middle of the country is seriously fucked up

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also electric bass is cool because before they did it magnetic, bass was fuckin huge
you had to be 6ft 250lb black dude to play it and move it around
all stuck to the floor
not having frets
we drove through shit like that in like, new mexico and panhandle/kansas/ohio places

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i kinda play bass but i dont practice, i dont consider myself a bass player
ive known a lot of guitar people, so like i know how to play some stuff, i kinda know how to do setup
i can usually figure out single string melodies by ear but im like eh wat chords wtf
so bass is neat, because its almost all sequencial single note melodies
also my hands dont work with guitars too well

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you have to undo the strings and pull the pickguard off to get at the electronics
that ones fine but i dont like les pauls, that shit is stupid heavy
the dsp board and UI are all in one cavity
its the lightest, i like the 5 way dual humbucker more than the dual single coil and humbucker on the 69
ui isnt all spread out all over the guitar
dx^: haha

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tomorrows goal can be shelves for electronics mess
kinda just want to sleep tho
hey did you see what my project at work is?
dsp guitars
no models other guitars and does alternate tuning
with piezo pickups on the bridge like the old ones
but new one has parallel magnetic pickup system and li-ion battery
like when this one dies, a relay clicks over and its a normal guitar, standard pickup selector, volume, tone circuit
i hate this one

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i wish i have to do dishes

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~jlewis@c-98-249-9-47.hsd1.va.comcast.net (EFNet)
who is this guy?
says hes banned on his home connection
22:23 -!- 2 - #electronics: ban *!~*@*comcast.net [by tenjitsu!inittab@hacked.org, 4608626 secs ago]
aw damn
lets see if i remember the bot pass
pls ty

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maybe he just found something to do that doesnt piss him off so much

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omg lazy

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pfft i wish
danielson: this band was posted in another chan i thought they were neat
also its live and he guitared the vocals

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well thats because youre a douchebag
ha 2022
internet will be on mars and shit
sounds 1000% apple to me

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danielson: as soon as the page loaded and i saw the onion i knew it wasnt real
then it took like 3min for the vid to load

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urmom is:
wow really
so mt st helens blew like 4 day before my birthday?
no shhh
its not that anymore it changed
danielson: oh haha i only read the last half of the url

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