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_psi_: at the school i went to we had tons
maybe not that exact model, but same feature set
anyway theyre good scopes, the UI is simple enough to figure out just messing with it
think the display is CRT

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use hot melt

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fuck KV's
except like 300pF kV
that shit is kinda fun

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mmm sleeep
must clean...

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is it locked?
you can prob get them to send a new lock/key set
is it old?
blackmoon: i think that was initterus, or whatever

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0.831 Klitzings
you are like the worst speller
youre worse than rab
fuck im tired
i gotta clean stuff
call the manufacturer
if they still exist its prob expensive even those its prob some generic part

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timecop_: wat
fuck its cold
still reading
middle of the left column
RL is load resistor value
yeah wat

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