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i dunno i have to troubleshoot the kernel ubuntu throws a vid driver error now
but i still get 1280x1024 res at full color so i dunno maybe tripping
its beat everything on the wiki latency table
it never goes over 6000ns jitter
kk cool

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sleep i think
yeah fuck that i need to get to bed earlier
try and get in to work like an hour earlier
like what
oh, neat
one what machine
haha cute
least it looks like its decent weight
no fuckin X tho
yeah mastercam is neat, good setup
oh that atom d510

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blackmoon: you can get the detents in any position tho
so they could just make one that clicks
thats just a pot

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the ones with swirches on one end usually have a detent

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ledsupply is where i been buying my crees
dunno if they have 5mm, think so

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i got my samsung for $70
$30 if i do the mail in rebate but im lazy i prob forget
my shit is so new google doesnt have pics hardly
maybe i can just hit the back button

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okay but with the backlight and display times set to min, this phone has been on for like 5 days, maybe like an hour or two of talk time
still has 2/5 of the battery bars
plus it slides open and theres a full qwerty kbd
samsung m350 (seek)
i guess its new
they have one i think its an android like this, but this had better battery plans and i dont want to spend $20 for data
er better battery times
standby and talk

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thats whats im telling them
dispute is being opened
man its complicated to hang up my touch screen phone i gotta turn the display back on, slide gesture the UI alive, slide gesture to end call

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now she is like i had good credit at the time so no deposit was made and it doesnt matter because if it was made it would have been returned to the acct after a year
im like hahaha yeah i would remember not having to pay my bill for 5 months

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they have to check the old db for my deposit
so i have to hold for 2 or 3 minutes
mikedev: we dont know what you mean
make more sense
i thing the sleeve side ring is mic
i dunno what chan will make thatfor you
try radioshack, dealextreme

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so theyll give up and just give me 10% off for 6mo

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wtf sprint misplaced a $250 deposit i made in 2004
they hung up on me
okay well thats neat
so they charge spending limit accounts $5 a month
i shouldnt have that fee because i put down $250 cash
so theyre giving me a discount for two years, $10/month
and they were going to transfer me to billing to see where my deposit went
it does with sprint
so i never got a deposit back
i have a two year contract
they gave me $10 for the duration basically
so that fee + $5
because i guess they sent a notice letter in december about the fee
if they give me the deposit back im willing to let them give me $5 a month to have a spending limit
they call and try and get me to switch plans once a year or so
and all the plans suck compared to mine, because mine is 6 years old and was never advertised

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should i go buy new tuning hardware?
its $80 =\
i need to go get groceries
and my mow you probably mean illuminate

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yeah fuck all that i just want to make that shit
and eventually have this incredibly offensive overkill sound system

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they can do it all in software or have it copy them macro style
then they can just watch the mixing board mix stuff by itself =\
no i mean the software on the mixing board
theres usually a built in computer =\
anal0g: im kinda lucky because where i live theres more of that stuff than anywhere else
but mostly its gone compared to like 20 years ago, so when i lost last job this new place was like only local job left

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that way get more usable post threads and they cant wobble and then i do a big fat block to hold the strings, with slots so i dont have to pull the strings off the tuners to work under the pickguard
im kinda learning
ive had a bass for a long time can play bunch of stuff
yeah i dont practice enough but i do more now because work is like guitars guitars guitars
i have a guitar tech who helps me but i gotta learn a lot of stuff
haha never thought hanging around guitar people would help with my job
well, no.. pro audio/music industry engineering stuff
like product engineering not like, knob twisting in studio engineering
yeah seriously

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i think i am going to machine a big fat 6061 bridge for my jbass
because i always have it setup high on the saddle posts
i even got ones like 1/16" longer and im still way high on the A string
so i can make the flat part sits againsty the body like .125" vs their like .0625, then do tiny grooves for the posts to slide in, maybe .02 deep

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haha @ sod80 lookin big on this PCB

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0-1.4V output
kinda, electrically it is
typical pH scale is 0-14, 7 is neutral, lower is acidic
no idea really
i need to take chemistry
shit im going to enroll now...
my priority enroll date for fall was 10 days ago i fucked up
fuck lsd
im not
whatever shrooms isnt such a big deal
and you just have to be super clean when you grow them
haha people say its pretty fun
im done with school for now

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maybe i can move it all back
with copper off
ph probe reader

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very top is battery gauge, lower top is vground, analog junk on the bottom
still have to do BNC connector
damn actually i have to redo almost all that through hole shit except the screw clamps and 3mm LEDs

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i wish windows would let you label instances of programs in taskbar
took me an hour, its not done, its maybe 50 0603 and 6 SOT23
well, an hour as in all night a few nights ago
its just such a n00b fuckup i remember doing this years and years ago

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guyz i totally edited the schematic
then moved components
with copper layers off
and trashed my sexy layout
so now like, so i update the saved okay layout
or do it try and fix the trash one

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