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timecop_: why would i have to go to korea for baggin groceries?
fuckin stoner
heh world bagging championship

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oh you dont know?
i defected to the enemy, i work same job at line 6
more resourced, small corp is real, not fakin it
also its 80% musicians so the vibe is even weird than the pro audio peoples at stanton
actually since the techs and the engineers are two diff departments, besides the couple guys doing this like 20 years, im one of the higher level types
two people in the lab are going to the same program for electronics i was doing like 5 years ago
haha on of them has old man demartin

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yeah mines been like that forever
i need to buy win7 64b
didnt you pay for yours?
ive fallen asleep in the middle of buy digikey like 3 nights in a row
newjob=hardcore + 30min drive
all i have to do tonight is triple check then hit buy

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last link looks ready to smoke

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hahaha @ 6 hours of hulahoop

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rf black hole will eat you ^

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i just dunno how long ill be gone for and i dunno how ghetto this is going to be
in isolate shields from signal and power grounds, try and bring them back to system/star ground directly
so thats prob the opposite of what he needs at this stage

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oh nothing so much its the nature of the trip
so ive learned, in pro audio, when someone visits for pilot and production builds, 2 weeks becomes 4 to 6
rab: yeah they paid me to run around and get my passport
i had to get diff birth cert and go to dmv for i dont remember and it took all day
like a week after i got there
friend girl and mom are going to care of cat
i think i was only gone like a week last time i took vacation
rab: also im going to a place prob set up to solder wires to guitar pots and our shit is high density smd
yeah korea itself is neat

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what is it
does it still work?
he found that shit like a year or two ago
rab: i think im getting punted to korea for guitar hax in a month =\ =\
oh shit he like automated it

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there is this ulp called BOM
and you click it into VALUE mode, and it makes a real bom
WTF HOW LONG HAS THIS BEEN AROUND how come no one told me =(

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