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they dont know theyre that small
some types dont care
they all seem to kind of give up once you get them completely wet
that cat doesnt care

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hahaha cat has a plan
damn look at his tail, tabby is pissed
yeah they hate that

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they have well paid employees and relativelt fresh vegatables
their fries suck, taste like home frys
they dont have bacon, no reason to go there
fatburger and habit are better

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mother fuck yeah

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heh neat filecopy dialog has speeds now
so not fast at all but fast enough for storage
rhettss: want cranks!
oh i need to sort that seat post shit out
rhettss: what bike shop are you going to?
mine kinda seemed sucky
also max daddy are .1" wider than holy roller and barely fit the rear of the frame =\
i need to upgrade brakes first
i was putting tension on the springs and the little mount for the adjust screw looked like it was flexing =\

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im doing it tonight tho just had to add resistors to bomthing

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eggsalad: hi
haha you ruin everything!
rhettss: thats okay i still havent ordered phmeter stuff!

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i get compass and protractor confused =\

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so my phone is basically illegal to drive with in california
for what
okay guys you know what
ive been using google sidebar clickers all day i think without noticing
right so maybe these guys are smart
damn my shit is so new there isnt even pics of it except at sprint and samsung
i guess they announced that shit last week
i can prob make that
how many?

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special button just for fun
samsung firmware is always a bit goofy
well on my phones my cam firmware is like +++
but i only end up using 5% of it and it works well for that
the only think that really pissed me off about this phone is that i have to open it, hit a soft key, and select speakerphone from a menu
or just remember the number shortcut for the speakerphone in menu
like, wat

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Plans include a maximum of 5GB of data usage. If you are on a plan with a specific limit of less than 5 GB (e.g., the 50 MB connection card plan), your plan's specific data limitation and associated overage rates continue to apply.
so thats cool, i pay $5 for texts i get all of the interweb for free
for 5gb prob at 5KB/s
itll be like when it would take me two days to download a 130mb game demo that sucked
ive irc'd from it
tmobile might be unlimited for real
but i guess only on the 3g part of their network or some shit and i guess reception sucks or i dunno
doesnt matter this phone is just to phone + kbd for texts
is like, samsung phone #4 or #5 or who knows

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so now i have ancient $45 unadvertised plan, $5 phone insurance, and $5 for 300 texts
i thought dude was an old lady for the first couple minutes
oh and myspace
i can do all three
both i think
uuuh weird
along with my 300 texts i get unlimited sprint data
so that much be really really slow

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least two, maybe three
i bet thee third is linear with a voltage rail divider for some digital shit
its ganged
you know why my newcompany is genius?
when you do everything with dsp, you can buy linear single channel pots
like, normal pots
fuckin stereo audio taper pot bullshit
if they werent like $10 and 50 min order, id totally buy these mil spec log taper plastic pots for my guitar
oh wtf 10:15?
rly 10:15?
my new phone doesnt have 3g but has twitter and facebook apps
those mfkrs are charging $20 for unlimited text messaging now

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looks like i get to go in like month and a half or something =\
guys is like 2 weeks
ive learned in pro audio when they send you to another country for two weeks its usually like 4 to 6 weeks
is where they make the guitars and install the china electronics
aw dayum
but yeah its prob not bad to know a korea PCB place
they do PCBA?
macegr is going to korea?
i thought they pay him so they dont have to come here
fuck digikey needs an addtobom button
those pots are really expensive, prob japanese
bet that shit is like $40

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Stackpole Electronics Inc
these are new cheapest resistor at digikey
do they detonate or what
well whatever im tripling up the 0603 to drive the leds
man im still laughing at project manager wanting to respond 'hahaha' at the korea factories issue

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oh ha
kevtris: i guess one of our products has a sid emulator hiding in the flash

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okay right
you source with one pin
and then hiz is off and hi is on

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i think i still have my little charlieplexer array
its a hack using hiz in addition to 1/0 states
its like (n-1)*n max array
so like 6x7, 11x10
id have to see a schematic to make it make sense again

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is that what it is?
can you set two rules?
havent you been kicked by it?
like i dunno 10 in 6 seconds and 20 in 20 seconds
do you have seperate repeat shit?
then do 20 in 60 but 60 is retarded
do 3 in 3 seconds
the bot prob crash
ya tru

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well everyone knows
if you need a new fixture or tool you better have a reason
for the stuff we do shit is like $2k-$20k
this is like 400% of machining
CNC or manual
shit that big its usually the tool and the work
less than it is now
how many line is it
im an op it wont do me?

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kinda neat working in audio, i have piercings and longer hair, bright green shoes, theyre like whatever
'engineering technician'
which in pro audio means you support a very light engineering staff
so you do a lot of everything
fix samples, develop assembly, rework and QA procedures, a lot of doc control, sometimes design
audio isnt made in america
im working on guitars
and were doing small run and to order american made guitars
the rest is china electronics, guitars made in korea
i want to do tech work for a few years
then go finish school, BSEE stuff
designing shit is easy, making shit manufacturable is way harder
you add a minute to assembly time and youre making fucking yourself over
either extra time in the factory for your run or theyre going to rush and fuck it all up

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thats what i make about
ts for an ME job or a tech job?
yeah thats decent money for a tech
oh thats neat
its full CNC?
or lots of manual machinery
very cool, 1000 times safer
haha watch out for the robots!
are the mobile?
or the stuck there
big arms haha
inittab: omfg turn down the flood time
yeah it sucks

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last three interviews i basically interviewed while walking around
because anything thats shop/lab related, you need to see their facility
if you need tools and gear to do you job, you need to be able to see what they have, at least at a later interview
if they dont show you, ask
its neither
its just what they do
policy is kinda made on the assumption that they want to hire the interviewee
so theyre trying to impress you because they dunno maybe youre doing three interviews this week
you shouldnt regret being honest so much
it means they can pay you way less
if anything that question prob has more to do with how much theyll offer

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needjob: between 1 and 2 weeks
hell no
theyre either interveiwing more people, or they want you to think that
so you dont think theyre desperate and fuck them for more money
also they have job shit to do they prob dont want to do this
yeah but they prob dont do shit by themselves
need to contact your interviewer/managers/references
thats pretty normal
sure just introducing you to people
maybe they talk later, what everyone thinks

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he prob wants money?
i think my friend might lose her expensive vegan resteraunt job
crazy lady prob gonna shut the place down, didnt tell anyone
tekrad: ME at work maybe gonna hire ME from exjob got laid off with me
asked me about him today, said hes on the short list
heheh he was like the hard worker, sat in his cube and did most the solidworks for the company
never made noise really, was always friendly

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im trying to remember who has the other one
maybe helmut
so yeah i wanna do rail rail opamps and i dunno what for output
oh cmon
did they post an address?
yeh dunno
i almost walked in to newjob before i got a callback
glad i didnt

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timecop: did you see how i bought win7 and i opened it up and looked at the cd and it says like 32b
because i took it out the cart then threw it back in last second
im going to craigslist it i guess
i just rebuilt this sempron 2GHz thing for my mom
but itll just go slow
so build it or we dont give a fuck
yeah probably
yeah but time money job etc
i didnt like the design
because of the filter caps
rhett has his i dunno how much he still uses it
really im dumb i should just stick a resistor on the bass eq to bias it a bit boosted on the low end

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its just for clean look
yeah no idea
prob some devboard they didnt need half off
the headphone amp has a dac?
ubuntu isnt dead
*bsd yeah maybe
in a commercial environment where the cables are 20x as much $$$ and people are paid to maintain them
oh cmedia hmm

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and we all laughed because irl that shit would be so awesome
the look, lots of jack, feature set (lots of switches and a knob)
and balls (pricing it at $1600)
its prob a commodity opamp and some transistors
psu caps right by the input TRS?
no just a headphone amp
prob the little daughterpcb on the right
then everything else is just to run the fucking switches and jack
timecop: i guess thats an upgrade
but yeah seperate box
thats how you do it, really
if you want uncompromised audio

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vortran: theyre too jumpy or theyre latent/slow
heh, use two and a ton of diodes
have one do a peak indicator with decay (RC through a diode)
the other do the high speed bar graph
omg hahaha
so were in a meeting reviewing some contract manufacturers pilot run report
and they got lists of problems and pics in a pdf
and were marking up the pdf with notes about how to respond, deal with language barrier, trying to figure out wtf theyre talking about
and for one project manager guy goes HOW ABOUT WE JUST RESPOND LIKE THIS FOR THIS ISSUE and writes '(response) hahahaha'

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vortran: thats pretty much how i did it for exjob
whatever matching to92 pnp/npn we had in the lab as output for ne5532
two 4148 diodes and a resistor for bias, bases driven directly through coupling caps, ne5532 output to the center of the diodes
dont remember exactly but i think THD was like .04% or .004% at 100mW, whole spectrum

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vortran: what type?
actual amp or just an opamp
almost everything just uses a tl072 =\
keep missin dx
yeah like how volvo lasted two days after its alt belt fell off =\

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