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danielson: both
a relay
no comon 60Hz relay

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kevtris: haha
so there is a device i worked on which i cannot mention right
the backlight had 4 leds directly in parallel
(and was driving by a transistor waaaay over its SOA but whatever)
so yeah alot of those units are B stock because of dim LCD backlights
and another device
that has descrete leds, has three directly in parallel
so yeah, really expensive speaker, you buy two and the led logo backlights dont match

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yeah if its logic level youll know
because they have to convince you to pay the extra 30%

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haha @ 4.5V logic fet
almost-logic fet
and yeah digikey does lie
but its because some manufacturers will spec shit worst case one place then show real performance in a graph
or opposite
and then sometimes its just wrong

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its an atmega
you can do 1 or 2mA directly from the io

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hehe these caps are non stock but they have 2M of them

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1uF 0603 is the same price as .47uF
i should prob just get the 1uF
tdk is like 1uF, no big deal
remember like 5 years ago we would have been like waaat and it would have been like $1

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wat does your app look great mean
you can spell

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aaaaw jeah
no rly http://www.solarbotics.com/assets/images/d1/d1_pl.jpg
was an okay song
ending was good

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just use a 1n914

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Vbe multipliers instead of dividersfor bias is pretty neat
blackmoon: so added all up i think its under 700uA
with lithium AAA it maybe go 1000 hours or something dumb
assuming the vgnd works right
i put windows 7 task bar into smallicon mode
uskerine: with a resistor and the wall

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and its rolled off at 33Hz
its like a 1MHz unity amp or something
this is the $.23 microchip sot23 one
if it doesnt work i throw in the ti one im using in the ph amps
the one i perf boarded with opa2134 (higher end jfet input audio) worked fine except when it got wet
but it would drift
china pots
and china 1% resistors
the ph amps are like 30uV/C or something
input offset drift
and my first amp is low gain and second amp is unity
the bourns pot is 100ppm, the vref for the section is like 30ppm or something

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but wtf how were we injecting FM modulated audio into the preamp
and getting the endoded audio out
okay so youre saying the preamp is good at am and fm demod is a byproduct
well thats not really good either
yeah but this is chinese pcb layout
they use like, web from lsd spider grounding
anyway i just seen v followers with no resistors or caps or filters
as vgrounds
but those werent necessarily good designs, but they worked
its not very high gain
1.333 to 2.0
that was audio, this is almost dc

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wtf is wrong with black on white!
and whats wrong with vee!
yeah so is vcc
okay i know those are cmos amps its not a big deal!
yeah thats why, if it gets connected to non floating ground the battery - wont be ground
on the signal part they all do
on the psu part they go across the supply, battery or dc input
yeah kinda confusing, all the notes about voltage in the signal part ref the vground
like, im kinda paranoid about the ground
yeah i might but leakage might be an issue
but ill prob put it on the pcb
they were demodulating fm
like am i totally get
it almost demods itself

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haha @ Note that high speed is totaly non discriptive and varys from manufacture to manufacturer
it might have been labled high speed 30 years ago
kept in stock who see a diode with a part number in a schematic and go I NEED THIS MOAR THIS
^ for those
u r
blackmoon: are you scanning schematic for massive fail

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oooh i guess you mean pics of it asploding the neighborhood
prob not for a month or two sry

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wtf pics i just put ^
no pcb yet
i need to get the parts the keystone battery holder drawing is like, not enough information
but the led, the trim pots, the jacks, the connectors, power switch are going to be through hole, on top, to one side of the battery holder
then electronics on bottom

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blackmoon: http://darkertechnologies.com/image/ph2dmm_20100508.png
k look for fail
`nico: also pls ^
or anyone else
n00bs: thats how schematic things are supposed to look
wtf flapjack is streaming some drum n bass micheal jackson shit
fuckin brits
okay now its not even drum n bass this is just a micheal jackson record
i think that .23 sot23-5 as opamp vgnd is going to asplode the whole neighborhood
little sot23 mushroom cloud

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heh theres some drum n bass remix of some emo song about some dude bitching hes not over some girl (surprise)
but its gota some pretty hard rock drums and this goofy synth fake organ
so i cant help liking it
haha nice someone in the dnbradio chan skipped it \o/
i tried to change to pandora radio but then the song dropped and the synth bullshit happened and i got stuck
no fuck elmo
fucking hard house bullshit
fuck girls on E in neon pajamas with pacifiers sexually abusing stuffed elmos

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theres prob more japanese there, no?
used to be
yeah maybe
the japanese have been there so long theyve prob faded into the rest of the population
slightly brown white people

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blackmoon: you dont want to be a white person in mexico right now heh
theyre shooting everything up
prob mostly over weed and coke
canadia is like 51st state to every other country in the world
ha i liked quebec a lot
reminded me a lot of home
but yeah theyre mean sometimes
i said thank you in english to the cashier girl in a french market
anbd she looked at me like, you mfkr YOU LEAVE NAOW
and my friend said it was because its rude to say thank you in english if you know they speak french

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right he beat you up etc
guys im turning the music up maybe they will let me break my lease because im loud
maybe cops will come
this is LA
most the cops barely speak english
tekrad: no its fine i just want to move into commercial space
but its over in aug/sep
so i just save money
tekrad: also i pay $1k, but its $1450 discounted for the duration of the lease
wkr4k2r: like tons of kids grey up in LA, black, grey, khaki, etc
seriously i look like an NPC from fallout
blue and red are patriotic colors
fuck the government
yeah so
add one more color and its like flag waving rednecks
naw its cool i save money
that way when i get a place i can set it up how i want

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heh @ closer
blackmoon: looking for newplace?
i thought you picked one
its retarded
flapjack live set ^ (donaow)
when the head of the sherrif in your state says its a shit, ill spirited law, you fucked up
this is AZ head sherrif
this man am a mfkr, you know it

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yeah it kinda worked out that time
no i havent been in that bot in weeks
pretty neat
hey i should put the kill-a-watt on that little atom pc
intel d510 board
has a big stupid antec 550W modular psu tho, so prob not super efficient at lower power

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2n4401 is big!
you think were made of money!
inittab: FIX THAT
oh wait

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oh man spice schematics?
ceramic caps dont count? wtf
oh yeah 100uF thats not significant or anything
gpf you just said the filter and the filter
i guess there is a timing RC
i guess because its an LC
sculptor: eheheh
yeah sounds like every simple buck ever
damn no input cap? not even a tiny one?

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470 wat
i was like OMG NINJA PNP?
80uA was too much!
chopped that shit down to 20uA
thats just for one divider guys not the whole thing =\
but its going to 4xAAA, im going to use 1000mAH lithium
and i think total draw should be like under 700uA
if you do it right, definitely
buck converters have been seen to exist in the wild
haha @ clean, dc converters are awesome like linear psu
just put more caps on the output!
that fissit
then its not really a buck converter
unless theres a battery involved
look at what i just got here

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this just seems like laziness
(i guess so you can do your own plastics for the DC jack hole in your device

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