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macegr: can you group them tighter?
but yeah looks neat

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u u

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timecop: put a green 0603 at 500uA and tell me if you can see it
yeah duh
im not asking you to hook up a resistor with specific epoxy coating and check your vision
timecop: thats not pics of leds yo
fuck i need a bench supply already

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timecop: why do you care about recaro sport buckets?
maybe the passenger seat
no if he uses the racing seat
instead of the sport seat
the passenger seat in that pic is prob lighter
timecop: really recaros belong in a golf
they sold GTIs in the 80s or 90s with recaros
iunno im not that into them

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also since these caps are usually installed on every stage in an effort to eliminate ultrasonic noise, you have to be careful you dont create multiple pole filters with ripple before rolloff
if you fuck it up and the filters stack just wrong, you can get huge *gain* in noise before rolloff
when everyone was throwing one shot circuits at you and your friend mentioned poles and zeros, thats what hes talking about
but yeah low noise/distortion production audio, that cap is always there, and theyll limit high end response
that shit is so old werent we blown away by this like 2 or 4 years ago?
theres like a competitive market of cd demagnetizers now?
what makes one better
looks cool and costs more i guess

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thats a HPF right there
then the opamps probably have a cap parallel with the feedback attenuator
if you do those too close to an amps open loop gain rolloff, you can phase fuck the system and create oscillation
but its done anyway in audio, usually tuned below 100KHz
open loop gain unity bandwidth on typical audio amps (tl072, ne5532, opa2134, etc) is above 1MHz so typically the circuit is tuned above 20KHz but below about 100KHz

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yeah so
its prob analog freq response
its likely going to have input coupling caps and input resistors to set impedance

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esd_: aluminum extrusion chassis means it sounds awesome
+200hp right there

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nice work
09:02 <+TekniQue> You can't spell METH WHORE without MOTHER!
neat ^
| _"#ga#9!01___"#01__40,_"4Lj#!_4#g_________"01_ | 143 Rolloffle Avenue
| ________"#,___*`__-N#____`___-!^_____________ | Tarzana, California 91356
bitches, there aint no 143 in tarzana
that shit is like 10mi from downtown

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fuckin tewbs

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