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because any unused cpu is a waste timecop
thats a philisophical matter

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no idea light em up and tell us

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prob be dim

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yeah i dunno
if you just want to make pipes and engrave plastic and wood
tell him to troll cnc forums looking for a taig/maxnc/sherline system to buy
no i dont use lighting
theyre like .001 machines when you tune them right
no my monitor has backlights
it hurts my eyes to go outside
dunno maybe 20w

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also itll wear out
like half of my machine is anodized aluminum
the other half is like iron square tubes
welded to angle iron
and my machine is tiny
that thing weighs like 20lbs
it cant machine, it looks like it has to much backlash to do pcb and engraving will maybe be okay
i bet it can fuckup block of wood tho
but even then i bet you have to be pretty careful about speeds and feeds
else you just bend the machine
one you crash this thing hard once, its prob over
loosed up some of those bolt holes holding the gantry bits to the linear ways
if it was $500 and it has drivers too, id say yeah fuckit

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and a xylotex 4ch
and the psu in an old print server case
no steppers
does come with spindle motors and a pretty versatile collete
no tool changing
itll end up being like $1500 before tooling
its expensive
i told you my advice for a usable CNC for $100 is a used taig, sherline, or maxnc
it means it has couplers for steppers
and a higher torque spindle motor
because yeah when you cant feel the weak ass machine fucking up, you need it to have more power so it doesnt lock up
i like your friend!
look it says 6061 but that machine will not do 6061
i thought it was like main material for productivity or something chinese

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$999, stepper motor couplers, er16 spindle
its too much
it performs like a well used taig/sherline/maxnc class mill
like i can tune my mill in maybe 30 minutes and itll make that shit look stupid
i got mine turnkey for $2k shipped
maybe bit less
so 2019ER (when er spindle was a $$$ option), three nema23 steppers, those used pac sci X Y motors are hella impressive
or hmm no nm i bought that later

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its got backlash
theyre retarded they could have coded to eliminate that
looks like maybe 7 or 9 mils on both axis
but yeah looks like setup error too
by those connectors on the right
pcb-gcode doesnt do backlash resistant coding
how much is that thing?
if its like $500 turnkey its maybe worth it
the diycnc thing
no fool thats a taig

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managing layer views sucks
like it has board layers then doc layers but the board layers have all the parts data that you can mask and unmask
but yeah have to go to a menu and confront this big 12x40 color squares and checkbox matrix just to toggle layer visibility

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you couldnt just make a module and modprobe
i miss being a linux tard
rab: have to learn pads for work
seems pretty okay
it says im supposed to learn it to use it as a debug tool
like troubleshoot pcb and crossref with schematics and whatever
but i figured that out in the first 20 min
and this is like my objective for the whole year, besides learning the stupid database that holds everything
so im like fuckit i just do the whole thing, it has bunch of tutorials

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something that takes work you can wrap your arms around, you want a tought machine, a mill with a real column and table
i consider my shit incredibly light duty, its like made for fairies, 80lbs
where did you go!?
i been working im gone i dunno whats going on
oh damn
glad you made it back
hey is suburbs there all fucked like boarded up squatter wasteland?
or what
timecop: yeah sorry
so i consider my shit light duty, that thing is like a toy
*maybe* pcb
but it prob suck at routing out the pcb
i seen video or like chicago and detroid suburbs like, 2/3 neighborhood abandoned
ha those places weird me out to stop in

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it doesnt mention spindle speed
the china shit
it doesnt mention any real machine tolerances
get a used sherline, max nc, or taig
thats my advice
you can prob get a turnkey setup plus a bit of tooling for $1k
wtf is er11
is that made up?
i thought i had the smallest er spindle
wats too easy
i did!
but people got smaller ones i guess
3. DC Miller MDC48 - 48mm Diameter DC with ER11 Chunk
heh @ miller
its a router
so those things are awesome when theyre 15 feet long, for wood

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fuck i have to do that digikey order tonight
deposited paycheck and figured out those resistors and shit
the price for the 2018 computer ready is 999.00 and is called 2018CRERspecial2
NOTE: The Computer Ready model includes the Upgraded 1/4hp motor and motor couplers for each axis
The special includes a FREE set of ER16 collets ( 1/16, 1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8 )
spring collets, theyll fit metric bullshit
then you prob get the steppers on ebay for $100
i dunno drivers maybe $200-300
what the computer talks to to drive the stepper
expect to pay as much as you did on the machine on tooling
well, no i get uncoated carbide from some ebay dude
its like $5 or something
yeah should be

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yeah its small
6061 my ass
maybe anodized Al?
anyway that thing is for engraving it might be good for pcb
haha yeah it kinda looks like it
maybe its just bad paint
i dunno maybe the little taig and cnc it himself
all you do is buy steppers and drivers

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yeah itll be fine
12v the resistor drops a lot of voltage, so it decreases error
changes in Vf dont make a big difference compared to if the resistor was just dropping 2 or 3 volts
same with supply voltage

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if the brightness with 150 is acceptable and you dont mind the ghetto rework looking array, or are willing to wait for diff resistors, def go with the lower current
if you have them wired up, measure the voltage across the resistor and divide it by the resistance to get the real current
also measure the voltage of several LED if theyre all above 3V just use the 100R resistor
its stupid to spec a max and typical voltage it should be typical and min if youre only going to spec one
yeah you said before, thats good

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so thats like worst case
most likely typical is really somewhere in between 2.8 and 3.6, in which case youre fine assuming 20mA is okay
jombo ask in the channel
and i said you were cheating because you say its 5v out but there is a 5v voltage source there so like, the 5v is already there
in any case if you want long term reliability more than you want brightness, use 150 ohms
so put two 100R in parallel and then put that in series with another 100R
test it both ways

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oh he doesnt say the value
for 5v?
so yeah depends on the Vf
at typical Vf its slightly over current
they might be
personally i would use 2.5V
because it doesnt spec a min
and you dont have 2.8 typical and 3.6 max without getting some low
so youre running 25mA at 5V, at 5.3V its almost 30mA

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okay then yeah 5.3V should be fine
if youre testing the psu unloaded, the 5.3 might drop a bit with the leds
theyre resistors for 5v?
okay well theres two possibilities
they designed the arrays so that there is maybe 25-100% headroom on the current
in which case youre fine
or theyre assholes and they calculated the resistors for absolute max current
in which case the increase might be bad, but really even at 5V thats not a sane design
well the guy who sent you those resistors designed the array basically
oh youre fine
well lemme check but that guy is cool

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youre scaring us
and we dont know how to answer without seeming like assholes
jombo: yeah but you cheated
if it burns up with 5.3V the guys who designed your arrays are assholes
you but 5V battery
can you define array better?
its a bunch of resistors or a chip or potted module or whats going on
well theyre not directly in parallel theres something else
if theyre directly in parallel and not part of the same led package, thats a bad design
but dont worry there is $5000 speakers with the same exact problem

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i dont have sidebar
after you search...
yeah dont have it
if i click show options i get normal sidebar

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amber amps?
i want to get amber things for my ears
have to get the holes installed

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sebs89: whats the input impedance of your amp?
anyway i have to go by
learn opamps

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