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aw they dont have the d shaft one

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guys check out that sexypot

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oh switcher
yeah thats prob pretty easy
their design app prob spits out a whole circuit for you

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why not buy a supply

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1gb one is $450 free ship
thats really why i loved the original eee
er love
its like a little thinkpad
conservative styling, matte black

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i think im just going to get a tiny thinkpad next time
looks neat

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you see it when you deal with the ram or the minipci or whatever they have now
fuck eee
i love mine but its not all shiny and retarded with soft edges
i have the first gen ones =\
the ones after mine look exactly the same but theyre like 10% bigger
yeah i just dont like glossy

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like you probably need to tune the broad spectrum for each type of plant and possibly different phases of a plants life
danielson: UFO is a joke
its 80W, possibly 80W draw
and its $600
and it has fans
and it has little LEDs that cant go far
what i think is going to change the market is a manufacturer coming out with multiple die power LEDs with tuned spectrums
because the breaking up of the color sources can be a problem too

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danielson: no
HID kills LED, always has, any claims otherwise are bullshit
so you have thermal dissipation benefits, however the dispersed dissipation comes at the drawback of light penetration
because as you distribute the light over more space its ability to penetrate will be decreased
also straight red/blue setups are failing to produce satisfactory results for flowing phases of plant growth
660nm red does better, however common 660nm chemical composition is less efficient than the better LED
so it basically sucks against HID
so yeah its going to be a lot closer then marketing people will have you believe
i think 50% power use for the same results would be amazing, at this point

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its bad

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but youll prob need a beefy heatsink to keep it from shutting down
unless you reverse bias the vreg you prob wont kill the circuit, even then i think they usually burn up open like a fuse
but that might be dependent on them blowing themselves apart enough
if its just too much current or it gets to hot those vregs will just shut down
yeah thats what im talking about
the reason its better to use a vreg over some vref on a transistor base is the protection circuitry

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ya, national.com
i think the circuit is in the datasheet, if not its prob in an app note linked off the product pages for the 78xx vregs
anyway if youre just making one, it doesnt have to be reliable (youre just fucking around), and you have extra, you can try it

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if you have them already, i think the natsemi datasheet or a related app note has a parallel vreg circuit
you need a decent heatsink too
how do you wind it you just run without feedback and test the secondary voltage at a fixed current
or what
you get it that close?
i meant to like tune it
oh neat
so you saturated a bit after your max spec current or wat
ha we just called moxie like, we want this many volts at this current we are switching this fast k talk to you in a week

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kevtris: how big is the die cluster?
like .75x.75"?
yeah i seen that one before
workbench: prob not consistently no
i think they have current limiting besides the thermel limiting

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sculptor: persians are white people from iran
arabians are pretty much the same white people except not from iran
i dont know who that is
i saw that once like 6 years ago
nature yay!
(but i didnt want to close the tab without sharing)

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