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my last place had a park they did carnivals maybe 2 or 4 times a year
i always tripped when i saw the machines, like, joellama fixed that

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dx^: tell her fuck god
that will make her want anal sex?

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neat cat
k guys wish me luck preseason exibition fakerace about to start
its me in the mini 1310 vs other people who dont matter we are like fuck them
except the really fast gtc cars i got no beef with them

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test its short circuit protection

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rab: neat @ maplin oval package
in the crackhead schematic

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yeah theyre just big hinges usually
and lifting it off the floor might not feel right
but you could maybe do a little box to the side
but then that can get smashed
i totally need food bbl
rab: i just looked at that schematic
rab: =(
heh PMW
that has to be a troll

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those switches lasted through years of street fighter level abuse
i reall dont think kick drum is as big a deal as youre making it
obviously dont sense at the part going 200mph...
yeah but you put the switch someplace it wont get any of that
and the actuator is only moved maybe 4 or 5 mm
if you take apartmost stomp pedals, its almost always tactile switches
theyre usually isolated with a spring and a rubber pad
and the pedal structure has stops that keep it from getting smashed
you just have to be towards the pivot so forces arent huge
repeatability becomes an issue with the springs
but those limit switches are made to be repeatable

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if you want reliable/easy use optical
you do two optical and you can do velocity pretty easy
the only other thing that can be super reliable is piezo
but you prob need an amp
that should be enough
you need an led, then photo diode and transistor or two
using it to drive a relay would make integration easy
i still think a limit switch towards the base of the kick pedal where movement is attenuated would be simplest/quickest thing

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use a limit switch
yeah sec looking
stuff like that usually isnt very delicate, you can get ones for machine limit switches prob more reliable than anything else purely mechanical
theyre cheap buy spares =)
but im sure if you set it up so it didnt get smashed, it would last
you think a rubber tube would last longer?
not true!
those limit switches are made to just snap in
same stuff on arcade buttons

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ha yeah theyre on too much
man im all fucked up feels like 6pm
gonna get foods then its all about return of the mini 1310

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but yeah seriously, guitar schematics are weird
like the pickups arent consistently loaded by the vol pot, and the tone circuit isnt like an RC LPF
its like a series RC with pot like a rheostat and it just loads down the pickups/vol circuit diff
seriously wtf
like i think i wired my jazz bass wrong because i wired it sane
itll look right if you just log scale it and dB slice it

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like, wat
what i go like DROP SHIELDS or wat
okay now?!
damn im already doing something else

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want me to ask here or email you or what
about buying stuff

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comrade: ya
inittab: STOPPIT CAT
the download link is buried in this funny site kinda like a forum
haha +g

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like they should have put a diffuser under the clear class tentacle things
i wish i had the new cam then, the videos on the ancient kodak are annoying
user super it does like everything
*use super

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hey where are my shiftbrights
oh damn i guess in a box inside little ceramic/glass blobs
i wish the glass parts didnt end up frosted

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and if something breaks the max value, you reset the counter, if counter drains, you replace max value with current value
and your VU or spectrum analyzer will look way more pimp
no i need money for other stuff
ham stuff leads to you selling all your electronic stuff in a parking lot

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because like youll almost always have an led on solid
also makes it a more useful meter
also are you going to do the accelerometer in the foamy block?
youre doing board games or what
okay what i did was like, test this bit
if this bit is high, make that led on
6dB divisions ftw
we needed a meter with range
not that much more time
but yeah you need to keep a register with the max value attached to a counter

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yeah thats neat so its not so bouncy/fire style
i did that with a gain stage for the one at work, but without the parallel RC thing
just did a LPF tuned out of audio and averaged in software
the fast response was okay because it had peak hold
damn i think i left that code at exjob
macegr: you should do peak hold with adjustable decay, looks good on LEDs

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typically you just do a few tl072 and a machined aluminum rack mount thing
with some analog meters and cool buttons/switches/lights
haha high efficiency heater
you just put one on top
shining down, hide it in the plate somehow
most of the coil is usually hidden anyway
ha they are using tubes at work from exexexjob
i remember rolling the enamel labels onto thousands of those things, green stamping the white boxes

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is that a joke or what
why dont you make good audio shit

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haha @ shiftbrite in a ball
theyre not pink the whole time!
ive almost rescued CNC from technical messpile
finding all sorts of cool shit in there
like being at a ham swap meet but everything is mine

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wtf game are you guys talking about
for like two weeks now

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damn the alarm clock in my bedroom said like, 6pm or something
im all disoriented

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