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okay making sure i didnt tab complete your nick
the bots dont like me anymore i guess
inittab: fix!
oh shit
dont forget to kick muffin
i wasnt sure because it kept completing your nick when i tried to kick
k back to cnc
mfkr made me get up and walk 6ft

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macegr: just raw lenses or what
oh so these snap on?
like a lens cover or something

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so everything comes out dark, so when i edit them i up brightness and contrast
super crisp images tho, it has image stabilization too
both i think
gas two stabilization methods
but yeah would be neat to have macro lens slr thing

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i think mine is 12mpx?
its not so noisy, i was pretty surprised
even zoomed way in when i edit the color from one pixel to the next is really even
samsung, sec ill look
takes 720p vid, has a decent mic
has a manual mode where i can set shutter time on a -2 to +2 scale, and fakey iso modes
and then do manual focus

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hahaha wat
taliban gonna get the makers

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ha @ conductive epoxy

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why me youre the one who does it
im not walking around flapping sheets of metal thats dangerous

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but that whup sound happens all at once
yeah i think its just the air getting sucked around the sheet and then it oscillating a bit
they prob just want the personal info

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ha like i bet what youre hearing is the air rushing around the metal
because you make a high pressure pocket in front of it and a low pressure pocket behind it
so the air rushes past it and then the sheet prob vibrates at its resonant freq
like the tone of the whup sound
different air speeds and different damping from how you are holding it i guess
like it could just be where you are located in a room too, comb filtering moving the dominant frequencies around
because yeah that noise isnt bass
like, sub bass stuff
yeah its all the air rushing around the sheet
then the sheet prob unloads
unwarps a bit and it oscillates
so now you have air noise, weird shaking sheet noises
well if youre swining it
its like at a fixed radius from your head
kinda, not exactly but close
but you can hear doppler stuff
when youre swinging shit around

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no its just because its a big warped motor structure
so it makes funy noises when you shake it
its basically a speaker with heroic levels of cone distortion
oh and the pressure wave is directly related to the surface area

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or chuck taylors
i dont think i could wear those anymore anyway
theres some symbiotic thing where like, after owning themfor a month, your feet break a bit and the shoe breaks a bit and they eventually feel right
addidas are usually like too wide/stompy
like skate shoes

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heh neat
look on their normal site
wtf at sizes
i guess im 42
yeah those are nice
no 9.5 to like 10.5
totally depends on shoe company
like i prob dont fit into nike 9.5

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i paid $140 for win7 pro
i got 32b =(
so iunno i sell on the CL
because it was for the cnc
so i was never going to run windows so i bought anything, jetway nvidia sempron thing
theyre $70 but they last at least a year
like worn everyday
i had a pair or replicats
its like speedcat but not fire resistant
you need hi tops?

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secondary ide (which doesnt physically exist), keyboard controller, nic drivers
im going to reset the bios
oh but its all the nvidia chipset thing
maybe i should put service pack 3 before i put drivers
can be if they drivers were made after it and are particularly retarded
like it asked me to reboot i clicks fine whatever
but it was one of those multiple driver rollups
and i think maybe it wasnt done
device manager is all like /!\

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so this is fucked i realized ive never put xp on this sempron thing
drivers did not go in all happy
the shit says not enough resources?
its 2010
how does that happen

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