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hahaha it has a button
thats some advanced sensor technology
prob shocks anything
i doubt it has any sort of shock selectivity circuitry

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thats the joke you just did
sounds like every other meeting/presentation/lecture ever
hahaha funneh
wtf @ guys hanging out
you prob pay $2M for the house and it has crack dealers?

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english guys ftw
his bios got goatsed?
macegr: and then
no and then wtf
okay two penguins are in a bathtub
one says get out
the other says no

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ide cables are stupid
thats not audiophile voodoo
it doesnt look right unless you do it on a log scale
and then

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that shit was pimp, but it was all dangled off stk500 and i got laid off before it got built into box
no not in awhile i cant even remember who =\
oh now i remember
oh damn i have to ask buddy about the his friends gf's sister
she used algorithm in a sentence without sounding stupid

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macegr: fool the dots are supposed to mean something
for the one at work i did 6dB and did it like +6dB down to whatever for 8b
then overclocked the adc and ran it 8b to sample at like 40KHz or something
anyway its super easy like that because you just have to test bits
and i did a peak hold
so i had a realtime 40KHz+ VU, updated every sample, with adjustable decay peak hold

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holy shit the $40 ones are gone
puma is so cruel
someone prob liked those colors
i got those
my formal/usps pumas
im going to try not to wear those so much
hmm not working right i dont think
stupid web2
k those i got today
those are my postal pumas

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yeah i ordered two pair
thats kinda neat...
but thats my shoe type for last year plus
wat i cant find them

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rhettss: too late i went to frys and bought 25' cat6
also two 3ft in matching orange for the linksys and pc
i got my otherpumas!

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k so atom thing is still alive, xfce ftw
but my efforts are halted because all my ethernets are too short
urmom is:
3 day weekend

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