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haha opa2134 says its like, 10teraohms

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sot23-5, no drift no offset!
cmon even you can respect that
hahaha @ R*C
fuck input resistance 8M
that might not be enough =(

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gotta go bye

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well we just want 1
they do sell them
back ordered

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are they $.50?
rab: hi
longcat: hi
sculptor: hi
avrphreaq: u
its like $2 tho isnt it
shit like that begs to be used like a dozen at a time
ha qty available 0 0 0 0
someone got a bit too popular
thats what comes up on octopart
sot23 avr officially vaporous
yeah i use them for everyone else

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guys this is shaan he pays lots of money for apple products even tho he is poor with a child name scghyuoilerk

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