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haha @ i have interests in electronics

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dx^: not sure right now thinking

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03:21 <@Blackmoon> I see a red door I just WANT TO PAINT IT BLACKK!!
best rolling stoned song
(i mostly think they suck)
wow that shit at the end of my block is still for lease
cmon you can think of something more interesting
like how to atomize it all at once then ignite it
get rid of it in a few seconds

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oh hmm maybe not i dont remember the 9* and 8V thing

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did you do the maths?
if you didnt do any math just put footprints for lots of output caps
page 11, most of that math is pretty general to any boost/buck/inv dc converters

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there is a broken chuck with a bent drill in it to remind everyone of the student named crasher
er it = school haas lathe
rab: i cleaned but now everything is messy again =(
learn ltspice
its also very close to low level spice
so shit you learn to get the spice side working will apply to almost any sim
yeah you should be using lots of paper if youre doing digital
timing diagram drawings should extend onto your desk and clipboards
if you dont have clipboards you need to get moar
laying them out is the fucked part
using them is fun

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dx^: yay bday
its got funky people in gas masks and some shit scrawled on it looks like ww2 headlines
i dunno if im into it or not
there is some stepper mill at work, very big bench top mill, the cnc looks homebrew
anyone who knows about it is prob laid off
why kansas
cant we buy a 5 axis for 40k instead?
rabs house is the middle
kansas might as well be georgia to me
rab: me and dx are going to keep a CNC at your place
academic machines always get fucked

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make people work for shredder points

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like, transistorized in 1957
i wonder how available they were then

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psych teacher said that from some powerpoint
and i tripped like WAT!?
and everyone looked at me funny and im like thats a lot!
but its not normal is it?
that seems massive, like to be going on continous duty all over your brain
yeah thats seems kinda more sane, like burning energy but not releasing the magic smoke
like, irl?
how old is he?
oh damn like 75
no 85
haha cool at 'my product keeps me alive'
Bakken found a circuit diagram for a metronome in Popular Electronics, and four weeks later, Bakken delivered a battery-powered transistorized pacemaker about the size of a few decks of cards to Dr. Lillihei. After successfully testing the hand-made device in the laboratory, Bakken returned to create a refined model for patients. However, much to Bakken's astonishment, when he came in the next day, he found the pacemaker already in use on a patient (Th

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tube stuff worked it was just stupid and huge
and by stupid i mean huge
least dude had range, batteries like that
well, hopefully
not if it was heated tube stuff =\
`nico: hey are brain signals up to 50mV?

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then wtf are those BJT if that schema is from 1948
yeah they have fet gate looking input
so now im just confused, maybe rectifiers, iunno
he probably has too, but the tube input might be a good idea
well sucks youre not going to build a tube eeg?! =(

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schema is prob jacked from an american the label is in english
weird i opened two diff 5676 datasheets and theyre diff tubes

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hahaha @ richard grieco

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and im not sure i even blacked out
just always at some point i wake up mostly sober
with no sense of how much time has passed
only being able to remember feeling like shit and wanting to die
so im never sure
if i just was like that for like 30min
and blacked out for 3 hours
or i was just like that for 3 hours but since it was the same shit over and over i just remember it as 30 minutes
like i never remember waking up really i just remember having a realization that i dont feel sick anymore
and not feeling like what i remember fills the time i was in there
do you have an angry bad guys meter?

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wtf is that L shit
haha wrapped around the tube maybe
oh maybe thats the heater
i was like why did they tie the heater to one of the screens
which is ethanol
if its not the one that comes in beer or tequila, no
and ive only blacked out on beer in the shower by myself
that seems like a retarded statement
okay fine yeah ive blacked out in the shower by myself
besides that, no i dont think so

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no u
pdf stuck at 50%
firefox locked up completely
firefox has been totally lame lately
dude ive tried to use IE i just cant its like a horrible collection of all the features other browsers have
but implimented shitty
firefox pops up stupid dialogs then locks up until you click on them but they wont move to font so they get stuck behind firefox?

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someone make this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9XAC-BvUyo |/ 420. |/ DX^s bday |/ avrfreak spotted: http://lolwat.net/i/48/48b837a9805a6ab97a6a1705982a8fa7.jpg
damn fail
youre lame
like it matters that much
other than looking ugly
it gets functionally stupid when a via happens next to a trace going through a pour or something
and you only have like one part of the thermal or just part of one part connected to the pour

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i want an AP

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and then
is there a part where he looks the epic fool or is this just an excellent rendition of hardware guy rails on the software guy he is held hostage by

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the most helpless i ever felt was my first day in the system, waking up then standing in the doorway of an intake room with nothing but a steel frame bed and steel mesh across windows
freaking out and yelling down the hall for 10min like YO CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WTF IS GOING ON WHERE THE FUCK AM I
while a dude at the nurses desk on the phone ignored me
then 5 people rush me, throw me onto the floor, pull my pants down and stick a needle in my butt
no idea if i slept for 3 hours or 3 days
all those psych drugs blacked me out at first
and i didnt break any laws for that to happen
so fuck the gov, that shit is their fault, if i feel like a law is stupid its my right and responsibility as a california to break it
but yeah i really should have gone to court instead of going to school and taking that test...
naw fuck that this my gov they gotta fix that shit
america got everyone else to copy its retarded bullshit
so its pretty pointless to move

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and i was supposed to be there for one night (even my release paperwork date reflects this)
and i ended up in medical because i said i was on psychotropes like 5 years previous
and spent like 3 extra nights in jail
so when they took away my roommate i was locked in a little room by myself and i freaked
haha lots of funny details to this story im skipping
but yeah i dont know if i faked it or if it was real
and i taught him about class-d amps and he said i prob shouldnt ever be on prescription psychotropes
then the sheriff in charge was like WHY YOU TRIPPING IT SAYS RELEASE STATUS RIGHT HERE
and i was like ITS PROB SAID THAT FOR 3 DAYS and hes like EH OSHI
and i was out of there and in the line to go home in about 5min

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and i consider it forced dosing, they say its volountary but if you refused meds, they would say youre not following your program and kick you out of the facility and that was never a good thing
its a very good one
in terms of effectiveness and side effects
and no cases of lung cancer have been linked to it and theres no reason you couldnt just vaporize and ingest it exclusively to eliminate that risk
its 4 20 mfkr
why are you not talking about weed
oh shit dx and hitler have the same bday?
dx^: happy bday mofo
zeeshan: the only hardcore anxiety attack ive ever had was when i went to jail over a failure to appear for a gram of herb

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xanax is a hardcore drug
i wouldnt wish it on anyone
pretty much all psychotropes can give you junkie shakes
and they backlash when you stop them, your behavior will tend to reflect exactly the condition that the drug is used to treat
often giving psych drs post diagnosis 'proof' of your condition, and that their treatment is the right course of action, if only your ass would take the drugs like your supposed to and stfu
weed works, it doesnt hurt me, i dont get junkie shakes, it helps me sleep
and it doesnt affect my short term mem or ability to focus even close to like what psychotropes did
my liver is still possibly fucked from the psychotropes

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in general im the same
i have bottles of vicodin and valium somewhere, sitting there for years
but in my case, prescribed psychotropes make me nuts, sober i cant sleep well and i have major 'anxiety' issues
stoned, i seem to function fine
my IQ is verified as being the same as its always tested, ive completed several academic programs, and never failed a job interview
i like sleeping, i not like having to deal with anxiety relating to things i cant control and wont ever change
also yeah sometimes it's lots of fun but i think my level of use kind of surpasses 'recreational' status
and CNC and electronics and music are still fun

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also we prob were only like 50M people then, so 100K is far from insignificant
because i have faulty programming at a level that wont ever change, and because i refuse to ignore a lot of bullshit and sometimes it bums me out, i dunno how many reasons do you want
also marijuana has by far the most mild side effects of any of the psychotropic medication i was prescribed
and on prescribed medication i was borderline vegatable
stoned, ive proven to be capable of learning and being a productive successful human person
of course its sad
whole lot of shit about how i grew up and how i was treated by the gov is sad
its a valid opinion, but not terribly universal

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my whole life, everyone except law enforcement thinks criminality of marijuana is ridiculous
even people who consider it a drug like everything else usually dont agree with a lot of the penalties
if course its unreasonable
its illegal because anslinger needed to justify his precursor DEA departments budget after prohibition ended and depression started
he needed to pay his workers
thats it
there is no other reason
hemp was grown on a huge scale, even during both world wars, ww2 being after marijuana prohibition
its a waste because there is no practical reason for it to be illegal
anslinger couldnt bust alcohol rings anymore because it wasnt illegal
so he used a mexican street term for a common medicinal herb, took that to congress, who obvious werent up on mexican street slang
and got one of those most widely used medicinal herbs banned to justify his departmens budget
obviously it worked
he needed something big
compared to known heroin addicts its huge

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and i was running 1/3 my legal capacity according to the state attorney general and the county DA
anyway ive gone to great lengths to explain to people that we didnt lose the civil war
and that its federally illegal
but yeah, the first wave of activist growers have gone down
and its been years since then
so my opinion on activism is you let the crazy hardcore mufuckers go out first, get fucked, make statements doing so
and when the shit chills out you do your part
so i feel like shit has chilled out, and if the fed or even local were to give me shit, I have a chance and an opportunity to correct something
not so much
dude i had a medical note 10 years ago, almost
it hasnt gone fast it took a decade since voters approved the law for it to become reasonable
no i dont think so
maybe the media
but in general people have always been like this

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but initially, just the diff ratio of cannabinoids is enough to do me in
im pretty sure
thats maybe 4 bowls?
im pretty sure
when i was slinging regular, i was smoking prob 1/4 every 3 days
i was moving like a quarter lb a week tho
i once put 200mi on the crx in under 2 days, never left the valley (10x10 miles, approx.)
yes of dank
or regs, because yeah thats pretty much all there was
regs and kush
and swag was something we remembered from like high school
i think this grow is going to end up being around a qp
hi im not breaking the laq
i have medical papers
they wouldnt care

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rab: blackmoon: any experience with SMD fuses blowing open into resistors anywhere between 100R and 1M?
i don, much
well, i dont like beer
ill drink a wehole bottle of wine to my dome in a night tho
dude stfu i dont care about your beer snobbery
really good beer is okay
when something in a category is only okay, in general the category sucks
it is snobbery
it is real beer
because theres more bud light then guinness or sierra nevada or whatever
it is
ive both owned and smoked it
not really
swag is mex brick or similar quiality
non-sensi herb isnt always swag
if you get non sensi dank, its mids
if you get sensi swag, its mids
there is no market for mids, so its always a deal
somewhat sought after, just rare
but claiming one weed is real while the majority of it wasnt would be retarded
anyway i maybe want to start brewing me own mead
honey ale ftmfw
swag will put you in a couch
a stoner like me, kind all the time, smokes swag itll get me more fucked up than a bowl of dank
it wont last even a whole day like this

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unless you get a letter saying otherwise, yeah
its how you log into the irs site to check your status
the fed refund amount
i did taxact.com
that shit was easy
thats all the info youre going to get from taxact
now you have to check the irs site to see status
its how i knew my shit got all fucked up

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104 is 0.1uF
and yeah in a lot of cases its better
tolerances are the same but youll prob get less temp drift because its effectively a larger package
but that depends too because if ambient is the same for all of them, its not some local heat source, maybe doesnt matter
aw tc has changed

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oh shit
or i just dont know the words
a divider
there is it more clear now?
its someone that isnt already something else, which is only backed up by your going WTF IS THAT
damn you guys getting all picky

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at first i thought it was going to be atari engine noises from a little speaker in the dongle
then it does that shit through the stereo i was like hahahahahaha
someones gotta make a truck sound like a turbo honda
timecop just wants to be special

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shit i just practically did the whole thing you could just paste my IRC to a VC and get some investor ching
make them for bicycles too
yeah on the lighter
the dropouts from ignition
its goofy tho i laughed hard
its a pretty old way to track revs
joke fool
i bet that could be fun for a whole week
way more ads

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i dont have time
but the way i figure it, you take two samples at known rpm
one at idle and one at rev
no i had to wash the dishes
i didnt
but i really needed to
i was going to not do laundry which i accomplished with skill and style
so two samples at known rpm, use that rpm to chop up the sample into a 2 revolution period
get a good full cycle of rev and idle
then you put the wavetab in a small microcontroller, run dds two the two wavetabs, spi to a dac
you mix the idle and rev sounds between a rev window, varying mix as a function of your position in that window
stick this in a little fm transmitter gadget
and now your car is awesome on the inside no matter what car
anyway i dont have time
someone else do it

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but yeah now its starting to get big and bulky that a digital solution and some more wires sounds better but youll want thick wire is those are power LEDs
*if those
if you do it analog you can only do what you linked
you can also do an 8 pin controller, a sensor, and an LED
which makes it really simple, but less electronics hax0r awesome
(actually really if someone was paying me, thats prob how id do it for them)
in that case i would run a common wire to all the uC so you could turn them all on
so your system would have devices bussed on 3 lines, power, ground, and override, and you would have two switch to control it, power and override

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you can set it up like one pot for sensitivity and another for hysteresis adjust to set turn off delay
oh i thought this was a motion thing, prob just big carbon buttons and some rubber with holes to stand the contacts off
well i would do a sensor per led
and itll just work as the person moves up
one sensor and timing makes the user have to learn it and do stairs at a certain speed
itll suck on longdAys when you fall behind the led timing
youll feel like a total looser
if you want it to just do what you linked, you can do it with a sensor, one, two, or three comparators (depending how you want it to react to level changes)
and a transistor, BJT or logic fet, anything with enough power handling really
with a really big fet you can use slow turnon/off to fade them
put an rc on the gate
maybe with a diode you can get diff fade on/off

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you can common one side and run wires to each and thats prob the least number of lines
naw i would put the sensors on the leds
or local
and just have a switch driven by the sensor running ogg the power line
else you need minimum n-1*2 lines
you need parenthesis in that but whatever
you do a little board, or perf or deadbug it, with a sensor that drives a transistor switching the leds
throwing some comparators on there can do some pretty cool stuff, you dont really need any digital stuff
if you just want it to do that, and in that case you just run power and common lines
so yeah i just killed your original issue too
itll just happen as the person walks by the sensors

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longcat: what do you mean mirror raids cant boot!? (was going to do mirror with the 500tb drives i bought from d0gzpaw)
10:53 <@longcat> you can boot zfs mirrors fine, not raidz
oh zfs cant
i think
yeah im pretty sure i get it now
not to use
i dunno anything about licensing or coding for it
that shit never failed me tho
im pretty sure it is
have to run wires

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yeah reading
lunix had this before it was called something else
oh i guess this is the filesystem too
i havent hung with lunix types in like 5 years
well i still hang with those swedes but i mostly idle because im mostly like f linux except for the CNC
so youre putting zfs across multiple raids or what
heh booting soft raid was an adventure
hardware raid1 has issues booting?
soft raid1 didnt, i could boot off both after initializing or just boot off one of the mirrors

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is prob why its ok
he said cylinder
liquid comes in jars or something?
insulated jar
this says reflow with nitrogen is hard because of uneven heating
Less oxidation also improves the wetting on NiAu and bare copper solder lands.
thats neat
wtf is zfs

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that cant be true
like if it is thats the kind of person it would be true for
but its prob timecop
in new oven?
guess so
same as in welding i thought
like how you solder will turn krey as soon as it cools
ROHS boards never have that
well, over a long period i guess its less corrosion
thats just an assumption tho, and its not like clean solder had a big issue with that that ive seen
yeah but to keep out the o2
when hes not freezing random shit and taking vids for us
heh but dig arc is a lot more heat than reflow

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