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fuck man i ate all the triple peanut cookies
2160 calories in 24 hours
trader joes is so bad for you

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and write down the amplitudes
yeah well if you want to test over a large range of freq youll want too
dude the Y scale do whatever you want
dB it or absolute it whatever
but if you want the roll off freq, you want the -3db point of a -6db/oct circuit
and the graphs usually come out looking nicer in dB scale
no for voltages
youre measuring voltage
not with a scope youre not
the voltage is related to the impedance, if you want to make it easy get a current meter in there
well then i dunno
your homework is becoming less and less interesting
i have laundry to not do
and dishes i have to do
and all sorts of mess to be overwhelmed by
also i have to practice the bass guitar thinger

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i guess he means testing the imedance the electrodes themselves, or the circuits in series with them
using saline solution as a connector because i guess its consistent
try and find out why youre using saline
but my guess is consistent connection impedance
that kind of electrode
okay makes sense now
i pictures these big battery terminal things
put a scope probe in the saline
and use a log scale, or just do like 1 2 5 10 20 50 100 etc

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its to measure the resistance between the electrodes
its just desribing an ohm meter
well, maybe
it might be the inverse of the sum of the inverse of the impedances
in many cases its the sum of impedance and the inverse of the sum of the inverse of impedance
which may be dependent on frequency
23:48 < quazimodo> 'the test is to determine the magnitude of the impedance between the electrodes'
23:48 < quazimodo> what the fuck do we mean
i means we set the fluke to ohms and it puts the probe on the DUT

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dandruff snow ftw

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alley sheedy was so hot in that

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timecop: because i want to build a custom box when i get the new drivers
like a 2u or 3u thing with the pc and step drivers integrated
and start building some aux circuits, like motor relays and limit switches, put those in
i really like that squat lian li thing with the standard PSU tho

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felix: dont forget random EMI issues
haha awesome @ pins through bag into steel table
im buying a d510 this week to test for CNC
might not buy a case
but damn at least im going to put it on aluminum standoffs first

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that old mosfet never did anything useful...
pls2link instead of paste

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