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add a fuse
on the input
what chip is that why is there no label
well make it with >NAME and >VALUE
that thing doesnt have any current feedback/protection
well, doesnt mention it
and def not in the block diagram
anyway i gotta go before it gets too late

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timecop: awesome

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dcya kinda
also hes an idiot to assume sci/tech channels on efnet have the same IQ cross section as real life
its retarded enough that it kinda proves high IQ can be really useless
like my IQ says im top 1% mensa shit i could write books about the stupid shit ive done
quadruple trilogy and shit
i did and then the gov sent me a letter like 'HI YOUR A GENIUS APPEAL DENIED GET A JOB YOU OWE US $3K'

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macegr: done it
well, i didnt drink it
but ive picked up alc and almost drank it

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i love that one

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dx^: wat
okay new strings on the bass after like 3 or 5 years makes a huge diff
flatwound ftmfw \o/

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its too little
its prob from a phone
but were talking about tablet pc

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timecop: wat
thats in the game or some intro fluff or what
yeah obviously
its it supposed to be the future
yeah i dunno about movies
haha @ top
i miss the lunix =\
and tell us how much is sucks?
hehe prob two giant resistors
for that price i guess if it lasted a few months that would be cool
its 3"
stop trolling we dont want a phone touchscreen

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wtf touchscreen pc tablets have been available for like better part of a decade?
1gb with toom for 2, real kbd if you want it, usb, wifi, audio
not even interesting
its just an eee pc tablet
i wiped someone pc tablet like 4 years ago

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best ^

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