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no he mean lightweight lumber for spanning large distances
engineers are too expensive

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yeah because everyone lost money last market crash was a retard
people losing money

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its like half a screwdriver

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heh curve tracer
that sucks
heh @ 40MHz microcontroller and 10MHz scopes
i did
toolchain pissed me off tho
just fucking around
me and twingy wrote functions to work most of the peripherals on a sam7
and get initialization and interrupt prioritization up right
docs kinda suck
blackmoon: it would have been pretty easy to do but life did something else and i reinstalled and its hard to get motivated to get the tool chain working again

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you need a scope anyway
digital stuff needs power supplies
power supplies are analog as fuck
wait why did that pop up in a search for your scope
eh didnt do that to me
are those cheap logic analyzers ever bidirectional?
like can you send encoded serial to shit?

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if shit is working fine enough for a logic analyser you prob dont need one
hell yes it will
when logic doesnt work right a lot of time its analog junk on your digital levels
yeah thats neat

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if you can afford like 500 for a scope you can shop for DSO
but having an analog is pretty useful
if youve never fucked with a scope, buy an analog first
else youll suck at using the digital one
then get a DSO
you want to be able to see waves
because if the analyzer is freaking out you cant find out why
30 day money back gaunrantee
thats digital and analog

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yay keyboard works again
avrstudio ftmfw
is like jtag type stuff over your ISP connector
yeah but if you have an isp connect, you have a connector to reset
avrstudio sim saves a lot of time debugging tho
usually by the time im flashing code over and over, ive already squashed most the stupid bugs

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keyboard dead
this sucks
getng new battry bbl on screen kbd is ass

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we take shit quite literally here
u watever

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it probably sucks tho
hahaha @ rectangular text copy
so run screen(1)
it has copy and paste
yeah thats what i do irl
but for a limited terminal you always at least have the min capabilities of screen
damn are you rich or something
your simple terminal with its touch screen dayum

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hahaha those are funny
but def cooler than the twistick erection
also perfect if you have only one testicle for some reason
what is the reservoir in his gut?
omg its pressurized?
how do you refuel? =\
maybe no harder than when you have a real erection, shrug

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whats your native language?
nipponese or eskimoan?
wow so you speak at least three languages, not counting net kiddie
youre like 3x the language expert i am

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yeah i tried to google but it looks like youre fucked although i could prob write that program so for you it should take 40 seconds
are you done yet?
which was kinda my point in the beginning but you failed to understand
you want to print out checks but youre too lazy to buy/steal accting software or what
relative to someone like that you are

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<furan> are you saying cuz packets are flying in plaintext
<furan> or because a bot is updating a blog
<furan> there's a difference between the two
thats debatable
i got a job dickhead
i should put ads on my notblog
it gets 100 visits a day i havent updated it in maybe over a year
people all registering to find out comments are turned off
because ita dumb
and prob accounting software

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