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what package?
i think its the same thing
deadbug it
then hot glue it
proto engineering is ghetto get over it
guys its raining
what do i do
do i get in the doorway, wat
i dont think we ever did
i think it went someplace else usually

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coal powered steam server

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wtf youd weight the pcb assembly or a hyandful of them on a precision scale
bunch of drama queens
heh the solder fot the sot23 prob weighs as much as the package

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same deal
comes with a mattress pad
nw it takes days
no its foam factory smell
yeah i have two theyre both diff
both are way better than any spring mattress ive used
like i actually sleep
yeah the one i had was like $800 or something
firm, was okay at first
sucked after a few years
and i never really slept okay
like, i sleep like a brick now

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i forgot how loud and pointy and fucked up they are
fuck sleeping on metal
its a slab of foam
mostly you shop for density
the more dense, the more mem foamy it feels
and yeah that thing with our back aching, its after we sleep like bricks for at least 6 hours
its not like, back hurts i cant sleep im moving around all night
you can get some overstock.com stuff
for under $500
if you like it get quality shit
like thats 2 layers of higher density foam on a lower density foam slab

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i actually have two, stacked
first one was lighter density foam, more stiff less squish
prob better for me
new one is a triple layer thing, top 5" is super squishy
but my friend has one
well, sleeps on one
she loves it too, but we both get the same issue
like you wake up in the same exact position you fell asleep in and you back hurts just because its stiff because it hasnt moved at all
like soon as i get out of bed and move around it goes away
its not like before when sleeping on the spring bed just fucked me up all day
i was doing pc work at my moms and i threw myself onto her spring bed
and it was horrible

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rab: heh
rab: i know i was thinking it and the news radio was thinking it

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i need to find some girl i can pay in weed to do my laundry and dishes
as much drama as exexgf was, at least she was like a tasmanian devil with the cleaning products

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but yeah maybe doesnt matter as far as system latency
hahaha @ bike parts
if i didnt want to get that bike built for a long time id be all pissed i didnt buy new cnc step drivers instead
rhett is giving me redline cranks tho so i saved like $100 on that \o/
there is this awesome trail by work with a bigass incline before winding around the tops of the hills
want to kill myself trying to get up that

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ha @ psu
im about to do that fan mod to a $70 lian li mini itx case
side, sec
new cnc pc
intel mobo atom 330 is at the top of the linuxcnc wiki latency table
for max jitter latency test
so im being guinnea pid
not at the same time but i have the cnc in an enclosure
i have an old chieftan/alienware style case with like no bay covers
like basically a 6" square hole in the front, never had issues
but yeah this a newer atom dual core
and it has dual chan memory

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current mirror?
shrug, its a good design
simple limiters have issues
not that you cant get them to work but its really easy to get them adjusted in a way that they flip out dealing with certain speed shit
like works fine at a couple test frequencies but you use it and it motorboats or breathes or something annoying

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this is a quad amp
i dont know how fast you can make it, its pretty neat tho trying to find it
he did examples and has all the design maths/procedure
oh those are nice pots
he uses a current mirror to buffer the detector circuit from the jfet bias circuit
says it eliminates any kind of overshoot into the bias amp
or something, read it maybe 4 or 5 months ago
what compared to a codec chip and a dsp?

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what are you going to use at work?
rab: yeah but theres resistance in parallel with the wiper to ground
rab: window comparator driving discrete junk to make a jfet happen
its feed forward though, i think
rab: yeah but he can put some resistors in parallel with the one internal to the opamp to make a really good fake log
but it might end up loading the pc too much
is buddies
tho we would both gank another design now
we showed up to work like OMG I FOUND A BETTER ONE and like both found the same one, its some edu white paper
uses a jfet but mixes in signal voltage to keep the bias voltage on the fet a consistent offset from the signal through the fet
and its a feed back circuit so it doesnt have breathy issues

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its not horrible but if you need fixed impedance for something driving it, maybe just to match low end through coupling caps, whatever
but thats why theyre there
i think i was using 3K or something
but drivingfrom an preamp stage
not an external input
mrtube: your input impedance is prob around 5K or something then
tho if it works id leave it the extra current is maybe better for the signal coming out of the pc
haha they maybe fucked up the fake log
oh because you have impedance after the pot
off the wiper, i guess
it changes the curve
oh okay
the PA has 25k INTERNALLY
er sry capslock
just build some little sealed things
with like Qtc=0.9, prob sound pretty good down to 100hz

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thats cool
you should build a little 7915/7815 regulator board and build the headphone amp part of the preamp pcb
everything else youre on your own, never tested
that limiter circuit will work much better as a compressor
yeah i think i put both resistors on there so you could adust it
it should be pretty easy to measure
oh these things have built in input resistors
but the tolerance is pretty bad
so you can use a low value for the external input resistors, and make the poor tolerance on the internal ones pretty insignificant

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hahah cool
two attenuators?
like dual monoblock or you hacked on tone control
sweet chassis tho
omfg sleepy

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