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so yeah i did the .3mile hike to the trail that branches off and goes 4mi to who knows
i was going to newegg new cnc pc parts
but i got sleepy and took a nap

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rhettardo: work is super awesome
im tired
mmm chocolate milk
rhettardo: there is neat trails by work
the park people put signs about like, spanish commander was here
and this is the valley of little water and oak trees
no i have to do it tomorrow at work
they make you call in the order if you want to build wheels because i guess you cant order spokes online
my guess is inventory tracking spokes sucks

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it was early stealth
it wasnt very good at it
but the paint and some of the materials used in some surfaces were for lower radar signature
oh you pasted that
i need to read all the scroll

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how is it a hack to do timing how tons of clocks do timing

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no idea
it could do either things, and be diff on diff days

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if that shit is grounded and uncorroded and uncoated it might be a good shield
try cat6?
or installing it is a bitch?
the pipes are prob grounded somewhere
but theyre like big random antennas
cat6 is shielded
i dont remember if cat5e is
it might not even be the pipes it might just be the long runs

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macegr: subwoofer butt ftw
behind a big door
that has a giant X embossed in it
for i dunno why they do that but its neat
eggsalad: algorithm.
ok guys time to spend paycheck moneys
thats the updater tool at work
we dont know what you mean by conduit
mostly its unshielded aside from running next to an earth wire?
sometimes theres foil
what like that flexible metal link tube?

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