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Up to $200 early termination fee/line applies.
haha damn

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which is like, why do i want to pay $250 for a blackberry if i cant get work mail
i wonder if sprint blackberry is all like that
boost uses sprints network
sprint is unlimited in 4g networks, and i guess LA doesnt have that
3g is like 5gb/mo
im not paying $100 for an unlimited plan thats 5gb max
i know
haha japan is fucked too?
they promised rain and it never happened
theyre sucking at weather this year
yeah always
limits were higher before tho
when they first rolled shit out

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real tablets have been available for like 7 years?
damn my friend was getting all pissed because im like 'boost mobile prob isnt unlimited data'
Example of Prohibited Uses, of our data services include but not limited to use thereof (1) with server devices or host computer applications, or other systems that drive continuous heavy traffic or data sessions, including, but not limited to, disproportionate Web camera posts or broadcasts, automatic data feeds, automated machine-to-machine connections, peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing applications broadcast to multiple servers or recipients such that
(5) for tethering your device to a personal computer or other hardware;
hahaha wtf is 'automatic data feeds'
no idea
but you pay $250 for a blackberry and cant use BES

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they keep saying 'TOO WATCH MOVIES AND READ PDF'
it doesnt do flash
i wonder if it does pdf
the youtubes
i guess silverlight works on it
i pretty sure its capable of doing most PDF
but i dunno maybe apple has a stick up their ass about adobe

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hahaha sucker, nice
anyway, rovio
has weird movement settings sliders
haha and a msg window lights up
so yeah the ratios between speed settings seem to have a lot to do with a strafe performance
it has issues keeping straight when doing right/left strafes
not so much
i doubt its doing any sort of realtime feedback stuff
so its pretty typical motor tuning stuff
like setting the speeds for rotating is nice because when youre driving around you want to go fast but want to be able to turn with precision
place is messy

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but it doesnt care it saw it so its trying to get around it so it ends up around it but now its farther from home
you turn ir radar off, it just looks up at the sky for its beacon thing and lines up and drives into its dock
no issues
no i bought it because it was cheaper and looked neat and im not an idiot i can usually get shit working
its working as advertised
youre the audiophool
who is like, expert status but doesnt really get dB
which honestly doesnt disqualify you from working in pro audio
and shit it prob helps to not get it for home audio
hahahah life
dont think there will be much time for that with newjob!
okay you have 20 seconds to be amusing

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need to make a controller
IR Radar = bad for rovio
geths to confused trying to get around stuff to realize its supposed to be going hom

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rovio is still working

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should i get that instead of bike parts
all i have is the 7" eee
damn this lenovo doesnt have a clit

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yeah thats like mid fail
he kinda knows
but everything is going fast and its still kinda awesome
that little bike about to stomp him out =(
how is that fail
he made the goat hold on
thats win
some crazy martial arts shit is about to go down

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stoled robinson patriot = light, long gearing
long cranks
in parking lots it was euphoric
haha at cranks hitting pavement and lifting the rear wheel
all of a sudden you are sitting on the floor and bike is like spinning in front of you
yeah im not trying to break it =\
i like going places!
also this a big person size bmx not the kid size things
exgf bought a 20" mongoose im like COOL BIKE BUT WTF YOU CANT COMMUTE ON THAT
so yeah she gave up got some 26" multispeed thing
old, shopped

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and i got these carbon fiber forks from rhett
so like, parts and wheels come out to around $600 =\
rab: im rebuilding the robinson patriot yo
i need that shit again
fuck that steel haro
that thing was work
yeah fine i could jump it off a 3 story building and die without fucking the bike up
these are not soft
thats pretty fuckin rigid
i got all sealed bearing parts tho
pedals too, i could have saved like $100 getting open bearing shit

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cat is alternating between staring down and ignoring the rovio
all those quarters count huh
k time to order bike parts
er i guess not
i have to call them about spokes and building the wheels
that in phillipines part i dunno about
24" bmx cruiser
i bought a 6061 aluminum frame

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rab: prob most of the time?
i didnt click
rab: if its at the edge of spec, maybe not, but you can calibrate them
my cat is checkin out the rovio

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i want an AES membership

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wtf where have you been for like 3 weeks
im sure this has been done at least 3 times
have you seen new terminator with extra scenes and stuff?
er new terminator 2
its got audio too
you can drive this up to people and be like HEY, [STUFF]
no it has moar

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it like crashed into it
then strafes a bit
gets frustrated
tries to go over it
gets at a weird angles and aborts, goes backwards
also it doesnt like the little narrow alley before its dock it like reverses in at a funny angle
and misses
and then its battery dies
hahaha one time it looked up and made this buzzy alarm sound
it has enough battery to do like one mission
no this one doesnt sweep
its like, wifi webcam unidirectional wheels robot
it finds its way home by itself!

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its trying to go home
through my logitech df pro
neat it seems to have some sort of oh no im gonna flip algorythm

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i think my rovio just had a dream

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it died i think
have to let it charge up

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already happened
its stuck on a rail under my bed
well not stuck stuck it just cant get under it
but it can go halfway
im playing with it!
haha i heard it crash into bedfram in the other room
,least it can climb over a pair of my boxers

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it rushed at my bong
then left strafed into my couch
then right strafed into the big tv touring case coffee table
almost took off its head
then it backed up into its hom

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stfu nothing happened go back to work
im put all the speed settingd to max

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this thing needs ports forwarded
gonna download movies and shit...

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yeah i think needs battery tho
i have heresy lasagna in the oven
tofu cheese and fakemeat pasta sauce
with fake meat italian sausage on top
+ secret ingredients
ginger + fresh sage ftmfw

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rovio headlight
its lighting up my puma
neads secondary battery and a big LED
needs to be recharged
sucks no usb driver for win7
but i did it with the eee and it worked fine

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i got rovio

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k going to pickup my rovio

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