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ive only heard bad things about the food

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picks are lame

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no bass guitar stuff yet =(

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damn i forgot to have boss sign my request for ultra discounted effects pod and 8" dsp bass amp
for a week now
so like i been there a week and they sent me on get passport mission and two manager guys are like hey you like traveling!? every been to korea!?
only they dont seem to be half joking like at last job
im going to have to learn to play stuff on guitar again so i dont have to sound like a lame when i gotta test stuff

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i pick it up tomorrow after work
yeah i was getting my passport/birth cert when the fedex guy called
welcome to life, bad shit happens
sometimes you dont have to die

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insert codes are confusing

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prob depends on the bulb, fets
blackmoon: what every happened to motor on bike
thats what i was joking about before
thats the best way to control a bridge but you cant mess up
itll kill it or blow fuses
blackmoon: haha
poor thing is all sad!
all rejected

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that circuit will blow itself up or blow fuses
blackmoon: hahaha you just have to send both high with the arduino outs
like, its not the circuits fault it works fine
lots have circuits to make them less killable!
that might not work!
part train!
those fets are prob expensive!
i have other habits!
im about to spend like $600 on bike parts =\

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but yeah, as long as you do *better* than 32C/W you're okay, you get close and it starts to get iffy
like itll work fine until you have a hot day
or something else in the chassis is running hot for some reason
also 32C/W isnt very hard
blackmoon: hehe ive seen transistors in AB amps at like ~105C for like all day
silicon is neat!
aptamer: are you going to be switching fast?
i dont think so
depends on how you drive the fets and gate capacitance
but typically 1KHz-100KHz can be fast
depending how getting the drivers are
the longer it takes the transistor to switch compared to on and off times, the hotter they get
the more headroom you need to give thermal stuff

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you didnt give us enough information
oh nm you did
you dont ever start at 0C
start at 25C to 50C
depending on application
oh you said delta c
well good you know your shit it looks fine
no you prob understood i said it wrong
anyway if the device is fine to 125C, thats fine
dont dont design your thermal solution to be 32C/W
yeah i kinda remember
so neat you can learn

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i played that

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computers dont care so much
damn im talking to scroll

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i dont see how that changes it

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urmom is hello
heh, spent half the day running around getting birth certificate and passport
on the clock, \o/
going to get reimbursed for the rush passport too
and yeah fedex called me today, i told him to leave it at the hub
but he just a driver prob a junkie i call them up make sure
pick up the rovio tomorrow after work

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i dunno where the 4th goes
you cant avoid touching dick
and ive seen dp with girl doggy and on her back where balls werent touching
its was pretty impressive, like there werent even rubbin legs or anything
and yeah same hole dp and double bj can be goofy in terms of guys reactions
most of the time i think theyre gay tho
like when theyre dicks rubbin on another dick and they look bored about it

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19:30 <@rhettardo> thats a homoerotic statement bro
19:31 <@inittab> nuh uh
it most definitely is
just because you were to young at the time to realize pokemon was completely homosexual
doesnt mean its ok
same with power rangers

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