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hmm neat

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fakeracing status = server freakout

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i just discoed from fakerace #1
9 laps until warmup before fakerace #2
hey someone won F1 today
i should check that out

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okay home depot time
and by home depot i rly mean lowes
kk bye

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remember that 80s cartoon that was like redubbed anime
and this kid had a hovercraft that installed into this giant mechs head
and there was a robot for his chick
and the girl robor had missile breasts
and have the eps they would be missing because she used them up
girls are paying attention to him
maybe its some sort of genius trick
i dont think itll work

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theres prob dozens in some warehouse within a coulke miles from me
maybe in darpa labs

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Any speed is available for up-down slide movement
(free level between 90 and 180 / min)
they says any speed but then they give you a limited range

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autoplace crimp stuff is cheap
i gotta go buy volvobulb

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blackmoon: i bet welding shops is still only place local that will have it
due to the sad state of local electronics shops
im about to score an atom board for cnc and give mom the current cnc pc
didnt you have an army of 80mm fans before
haha loud
inittab: welding shop prob still has it, you dont want speaker wire the insulation is a joke
and the copper always oxidizes
like i doubt they have 4awg at frys
actually okay not always my home speaker wire isnt oxidized

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haha muffin
inittab: if you want 0awg go to welding supply

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