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furniture layout is complete
now i just gotta sort a 4x6x1' pile of electromechanical debris
i has work surfaces and open space and vacuumed carpet tho
its dense man it was all over the apartmenrt
i puts it in one spot
i use a big sheet of unclad fr4 as a rake

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Health care premiums shot up more than 90% between 2000 and 2007, while the profits of the 10 largest insurers increased 428 percent over the same period. Without real reform, there will be a 94% increase in health insurance premiums by 2020. Harvard researchers say 62% of all personal bankruptcies in the US were caused by health problems.and 78% of those filers had insurance. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, despite having the most expensive per
fuck republicans

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i has it
yeah the gobama all bighead now

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jezus fuck i has the sneezes
ive never seen a naruto that wasnt lame
sounds like dbz
do they all intermarry by the last season?

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i can think of several applications!

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i think i sucked up my F10 key with the vacuum
its got a little rubber pad tho i can just poke it

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the radio just turned horrible
like its neat that everything has jungle/dnb bass now, but when the dnb show turns into some guy singing over slow breaks im like fuck this life isnt far
man now the dj is talking to the guy singing and there is like no music w t f
oh nice
when hes not listening/playing dnb and dub step, hes listening to house
wow that was like 10min of awkward/lame

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that thing sounds like you just change frequency with amplitude or something
funky math no one wants to do for cheater included

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your analog anharmonic oscillator thinger
well stop smoking so much pot maybe you could remember what we were talking about
it sounds like something you can do with dsp
to a given tolerance
and really when you filter it it maybe brings harmonic content back
so if you dont want to filter it you just gotta sample out really fast
how were you going to test for harmonic content?
that last question was a really important one tho...

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it was the definition of perfect down as far as THD and crossover bode profiles
to accomplish that in analog youd need tons of MATCHED ganged pots, lots of matched caps and resistors, and your prob not going to save a lot of money on opamps and the layout is gonna be way critical
like in reality it doesnt happen perfectly, it happens close enough for good audio
the dsp shit looked so good it looked fake
thats fine but like why are you asking us you already know a bunch of reasons why its gonna suck
designing and debugging it to make it useful

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some mfkr just shit that thing out while drunk on the church wine
or just create the wave in a data array
spit it out a dac
8th order filter
youre never going to do it for real with analog
analog oscillators suck
youre going to get 1% capacitors?
if you pay that much for 1% caps, its only going to be 1% good
thats pretty shitty!
you sound like you want something more ultramega than that
8b controller at 20mhz w/ external dac could prob do this at like 100KHz no problems
cheater2: yes and its only one issue
look i was kinda weirded out by dsp stuff too
but the dsp xover i was in love with at exjob tested like it was audio made by god himself to voodoo spec

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an anharmonic oscillator in analog
cmon you know that thing that oscillates anharmonically
time for coffee
an harmon
well you prob mix alot of shit together that isnt those frequencies
so you prob need some crazy equation or design procedure that we sure as fuck dont know
you pick frequencies that are harmonic at frequencies that arent what youre looking
if they mix and become those frequencies, oh well learn dsp
you just convinced us its not practical
stop trollin
so make a piano
because you know, it was easy to design a piano

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i use more papers for setting the Z on my cnc than smoking

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i should buy a rake to move my electronics debris around
at the end i have a pike of documents to file or shred
and a pile of electronics and tooling and random to sort
but i should have like 300% more open space

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