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The man, a 61-year-old former UW employee, had lit himself on fire,
wasnt a student
His motive, at press time, was unknown.
sometimes journalists are just dumb
Obviously a troubled individual took his own life, and we have to be sensitive to that,. he said. .But I think [the student response] is a terrific story to tell . I just think you.re an amazing generation, and it doesn.t surprise me.

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if youve never seen the early 80s first of the north star, youve never really experienced anime
also vampire hunter d
if you havent seen that and you were into any of the castlevanias games you are officially total epic fail until you see it

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haha so the samurai is like, yeah i trained under this master, but i just attended his school i wasnt like his daniel larusso or anything
but they found out he was a teacher at the school
jezus fuck
irl samurai movies > anime
you has the netflix?
The Twilight Samurai
(Tasogare seibei)
90% of it is shit and makes me embarassed to admit im really into that 2% that is awesome

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the little girl says the girl never went back to samurai dads place
that samurai fucked up

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damn fuck this samurai
hes like, hey i like this chick and her doing all the sewing and farming and looking after the kids and the senile mom and shit
and its cool that you were joking about letting her marry me and she thought you were serious and said yes and got all red
but like, i got a 50 koku life and shes from a 400 kuku family and itll work at first
but then shes realize that 50 koku is forever and regret it
aw man

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bbl, samurai movie

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a power source can control voltage based on current feedback
so effectively youre controlling current through a device, regardless of load
unless it can control the load, no
the same led can
dont control current through leds with voltage
use a current reg of some kind even if its just a resistor

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the porsches broked

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hey i kinda get it now
gui api
like theres tools to generate the gui resources and then its kinda like normal event based programming
i didnt mean qt
i just mean shit that will pop out all the shit to setup menus and buttons and dialog clickers
yeah and theres a few free ones they only seem a little buggy
looks like it take a month to kinda learn
but like, hardcore month

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tekrad: should be an off week
i took lots of shit apart
and i made a synth with a 300 in 1 kit with some pencil lead as the VCO input divider
this was the most amazing thing ever
then i dunno i did drugs and stuff for the next 15 years
i wonder if im allergic to kush
i prob just have a cold

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gt/prototype stuff is pretty neat
i wonder how soon after f1 the races get posted to torrents

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dunno look in keybindings

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almond butter and honey on toasted potato bread ftmfw
/w milk, tall glass
i backwards that, anyway this shit is good

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23:17 < danielson> I had a teacher who seemed to think all her students could produce pdfs by printing to them
thats how i did all my reports at work

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hey i like that book
also that shit is old it was in the topic prob 5 years ago

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i lost my F10 key =(
heh i could go steal it from the Frys floor unit

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yay i has interwebs again \o/
room is like half rearranged half all fucked up
but when im done my placement will have like 100% higher density

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this is like the sexiest thing theyve done since the 928
a 911 with proper porportions
its not like FROGJUMP
its the profile view
in person they look better
like from above
like it just doesnt make sense from the side
but yeah thats the kind of car i think they could have been making like 20 years ago if they were not stuck on stupid about 911s
drs pet!
like, porsches 40 year flagship has back seats
thats kinda lame

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theyre like $10k
for a nice one
even shitty ones are like $5k
prob more now those are prices from a few years ago
not really
not proper
not if you value your time
a decent frame is $3000
more really but lets say you are lucky
then you gotta tear it all down, prob end up being $100 in random hardware bullshit
then you gotta weld in rocker panel and quarter panel reinforcements
thats prob like $500 in parts
er, $1000 in random hardware bullshit
so now you have to repaint it
or itll just rust again
so thats like $1k if you know people
so already its like maybe $6k?
and you havent even done anything to the interior, the suspension
and theres still that whole engine thing
if you dont want it to be your way of life you just buy a restored one
if you buy a $10k 914 its prob like $25k worth of work, minimum
i dont like them
the new spyder is okay i like they top
cayman is win

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turbo diesel, like 50mpg
between 25 and 50mpg
lite beer ftl
like american cars arent china and mexican steel
not really
not until you put a flat 6 into it
and paint it apple green
until then its just a nice looking bug
a 914 is better
if youre talking flat-4
550 > 914 > karmann ghia > 911 > 356

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its lubricating
they prob run way better on leaded fuel heh
guys i want a tdi
k that will be my selfish gift when everyone else is doing xmas

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whatever youre just shorting out neurons
your brain can adjust
you just have to be unweak
yes we know
i love how the only example people can bring up is workers from 200 years ago
who practically bathed in it
for their whole life
metal poisoning is bad but its gradual
and its survivable
your body deals with it
youre full of fucked up shit thats not supposed to be there
radioactive shit fucking up your dna
thats what you should be worried about

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when i was in the WA area there was tons of old american cars
was pretty neat

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yeah thats the shitty part
actually i dont know anyone who reccomends wd40
most people know to stay the fuck away from it
itll destroy machine parts
LPS1 is like wd40 that doesnt suck

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