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timecop: heh, maybe you just have to compare after a few months
timecop: i think so?
hmm dunno tho i havent seen that profile manager thingy in like 100 versions

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thats neat
oh shit
i should buy the atom mobo
or two
maybe i wait for next unemployment check so my bank acct is furth recharged

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EVGA 512-P3-N871-AR GeForce 9800 GTX+ 512MB 256-bit DDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card - Retail
10/28/2008 11:59:41 PM
kickass investment

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Help protect data on your PC and portable storage devices against loss or theft with BitLocker.
Work in the language of your choice and switch between any of 35 languages.
thats it?
thats from ms.com
well fuck that for $30
i think mine is 5.8
7.1 7.1 6.9 6.9 5.9
it says my gf9800gtx pwns ur thinger
iunno maybe $120 like almost 2 years ago?

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thats not so bad
they dont have ultramega at newegg at oem costs
or home or pro
where link
check anandtech and tomshardware
and at least 3 OC douchebag reviews
seriously i dunno shit about computers until two weeks before i have to build one
shits not worth relearning every 2 months
240 is under $100?
i wonder if my shit turned ancient yet
its about that time
hmm neat

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im guessing its prob rebewting in safe mode or some equiv, killing a proc, killing reg entries, deleting some binaries, hiding the update
did you desktop shits go away
msg link
oh damn you
thats why it worked so fast
sellout mfkr
but hey i kinda like this windows i could maybe even pay for it like i did for xp 100 years ago
its exactly like 2k to xp
like it feels the same and most the changes are sane
w/ gui upgrade
hey its not so bad
i dunno wtf was up with vista
i really like the mouse gesture for maximize/minimize and minimize all others

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doesnt ask a lot of the same mind blowingly retarded questions twice
not in here that i know of
so in any case, on a personal level yeah hes prob some sort of desperate japanese alaskan pedo-fantasizer
but in terms of sci/tech chans, he makes shit and hes not a complete retard about being a n00b
this is a lot more than a lot of people in here
mine too =\
its an update
anyway, when stu and charles were around, them and teknique acted more trollish than timecop the majority of the time i was around
was pretty amusing
you didnt update?
theres an update, its not labeled obviously anymore
theres multiple instructions to deal with it
but i dont know if those instructions are valid anymore they didnt seem to do shit except send up keys not found errors
uninstalling the update doesnt fix the popup or the desktop advertisement

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and seriously i dont have issues coding in c as much as i have issues with related tool chains and people wasting tons of time on c related issues instead of hardware related issues
you could say that about him because it is heavily documented in logs and on the interwebs
in the event that these are untrue and just attempts at humor, fuckem
troll gets what troll gets
he pays promptly and i like routing PCB
also consider how much of a known troll timecop is, he is rather well behaved in here
and hes kind of a model n00b, like he either learns or writes shit down

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*bit much
unless you call your compiler your bitch

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so basically youre hoping the compiler does your code inline
that its smart enough to realize that your extra funtion is used once
and include is like its a macro
if its not doing that, you prob just wasted mem and time
yeah thats weird
but replacing like 10 returns with 10 gotos, having one block of cleanup code, then a return
thats smrt
because doing 'cleanup_function_for_functionxxxxxx()' before every return is going to take extra time to find in terms of coding and prob take extra time and mem to execute
unless compiler really is smart enough to turn it into a macro, alternatively you could use macros to save execution time but then youre def wasting mem
so yeah i guess youre praying the compiler makes goto statements and a single return point for you, whoch honestly seems like asking a bitch much

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he doesnt know ashit about c code, that fuckin n00b
so now its me, dx, kernel doc nerds, and the father of all lunix
vs tekrad and beginning c teachers
like, in c almost all jump statements are handled automatically by conditional statements
note its *almost*, to do some conditional patterns in asm as c code, you need goto jumps
if you trust the compiler

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the usage me and dx stated is quoted often in gpl/gnu style shits
now youre really being a tard
like i said goto is outlawed by teachers to keep n00bs from using it instead of learning proper conditionals
just because n00bs fuck it up doesnt make it useless
anyway, youre a bighead and an idiot, confirmed
yet two people with c code experience and like, most ereet GPL/GNU coding dorks disagree with you
you logic is spoon fed to you by teachers for n00bs
right still waitying for a comback with any sort of substance
kernel style doc is where the example comes from
so you dont have to edit code in tons of different places
if you fuckup and jump out of a loop you destroy your stack
n00b move

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like i said outlaw of goto by teachers is because of poor usage
like you dont bust conditionals with a ton of gotos
all a goto is is a jump to an address label
if you use it to make intelligent jumps so the code is simpler and easier to maintain, youre a winner
dude youre a tard
im not talking about asm at all
in c in embedded, its almost literal asm anyway
like i said
but tekrad says im an idiot retard asm programmer
tekrad: fail
you write the code once
you wouldnt know
so now youre just talking out your ass
also, the fact that you mention writing code out a bunch of times over and over seems retarded because you would just write it once
if its not function specific cleanup, you should prob make it its own function
but making a function to use only once in another function is kinda retarded

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you have a funtion that breaks down into multiple different tasks, so you could have multiple return points
but instead of return, you can do a goto down to the end, and have a single set of exit/cleanup code
obvious use of gotos
goto in c is outlawed by c teachers because of bad habits
theres nothing incorrect about it
youre an idiot
and a big head
no she isnt
then id be a jew
like i said, cleanup code without a function call

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My only real concern is the 5 gig data cap.
omg 5gb a day?
youll burn through the 1/8" plate and ruin it
maybe you can get away with almost puddling the 1/2"
and then sticking the 1/8"
but if its a long weld that wont work
or a weird setup
<3 aluminum

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i want to do an I6
cars = cheap shit
seriously think about how much shit you are getting for the $$$
you know theyre marking it up too
sealed ones that can handle that load for 100K miles?
those plain bearings are pennies
prob literally under $1
the cost in the block and head is prob grinding time
zeeshan: highly doubt it
theyre popping out thousands at a time
so you make 1000 and bin them
chinasteel killed fadal

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timecop: # Unique coffee cup shape conveniently fits today's auto/boat/truck cup holders
timecop: no

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on 3/18/2010, you successfully wooted. \o/
no rly i bought 1
he paid money for 0.5pF

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You want 3 WowWee Rovio WiFi Video and Audio Streaming Robot(s).

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this pdf is fucking up my browser
thats nice danielson ill just read pdf with a fucking text editor from now on
fuck this im getting food
i cant because my firefox is stuck
technology sucks

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2 hours
omg are you new?
you call hawaii some other us state?
thats weird, dude

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well that sounds pretty boring
i dont think that thing flips well
you could upgrade it
some blasters
a sound system
wow that really sad if it cant move on carpet
thats kinda neat
buy it already
okay i gotta go get pizza
U301 USB Device Sprint 3G/4G Mobile Broadband
Online price $0.00

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i work on the other side of the santa monica mountains from the beach
i am scary people walking around at the beach at 10pm, macegr
neat because you can play in the cave at leo carillo at low tide
haha wtf giigle
have you been doing this all day
haha you have thats funny
its 22 hours later just get it
thats even weirder
youre like ashamed!
wtf else is it for

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like gonna break your metabolism or something
if i want to lose weight i either get a girl person or actually go outside when i have free time
girl people can get really confusing/annoying, outside is so much effort
yeah totally
so i maybe get bb curve and do some sort of usb tether modem thing w/ netbook
because beach
i will almost be there every single day
i guess not
but i dont care so much
need to check about other phones
but supposedly curves have really good standby time
macegr: itll be like, every night
beach during the day isnt an option
i dont work at the beach

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hmm i need to go get pizza
newjob pizza yay
well im not a responsible person
so its okay for me
thats maybe 3 bites
i dont think you can have a crust too, tho
yeah no pizza for you
i had coffee
a pound being what 7K calories
least youre eating like a sane person again
wtf how is it 3500 now they decided a lb is half as much energy
thats pretty sane youre just dumb if youre eating it way late

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urmom is
basically we will have a generation of timecops
from a philisophical standpoint?
or on a specific chip doing specific things specifically
or wat

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wtf brownouts...
i started out on embedded systems
wonder how many arduino users would be baffled by a resistor
thats so fucking awesome it never ever occured to me

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i hate it when sounds in the dnb sound like my phone ringer
thats my ringy noise, yo!
they stoles it

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though most likely this shit go straight to OTC
hey so neat
i have newjob, i never told my mom i was unemployed
so according to voodoos and gods and all those important mfkrs, i was never unemployed

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i wouldnt bring it up
i wouldnt tell them if i was wacked out on prozac or xanax either
that shit makes people non functioning blacked out lunatics
perfectly legal tho
unless you were operating heavy machinery, you could prob sue for getting fired over it
i have my papers
well, for 3 more days i need to take car of that tomorrow
in any case if it were legal for a dr to prescribe it for someone, i have more than enough history/documentation to make my case

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what were they gonna do to me, test me again!?
i wasnt probation, they couldnt send me to juvie, i was too chill to get rid of because the kid who replaced me almost certainly be more work
you just use other pee
i can get clean, ever
people like me done just rinse out, it doesnt happen
well, maybe ever is a stupid word but if it was 6mo to a year i wouldnt even be surprised
no i just dont take pee tests
im getting employment agreement tomorrow morning so i find out

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long as it isnt a loaded spindle or hauling ass
^ related
im sure they always did macegr
having bleach isnt illegal

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hmm no not in weeks or almost two months or something
dude is all musicians
if they tried that, 80% of company, gone
longcat: yeah rly
in placement i always did the bleach drop

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snipe that shit
its the only fair way to go

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over 4 pins it wont matter, and they have plenty of standard unit parts

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i hated china 100 pitch connectors
they didnt latch well so they just glued them all
so youd try and pull off the connectors and the whole header housing slides off

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if you want to you can remove the housing for the header
the little plastic box
andf then its pretty much just a .1" pitch header
then your choice of connectors opens up
if you got some PC cases around, the connectors for the front panel stuff is a good source

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looks like mta-100, but it might be china stuff, similar but not compatible

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fucking POS phone
someone calls me from FL, might be HR from oldjob, my phone does UPDATING SETTINGS FROM NETWORK!
and doesnt let me answer
i disco battery and turn it back on and the number isnt in my call list
no do i look like a fucking retarded idiot made out of money?
i actually do like, phone calls with my phone
its not in the list

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like two days old

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multiple person mecha ftl
need the coffee

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mosfet pizza cooker
teknique: so drive the fet with some fets

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i only want to know like two, and probably not really
hahah @ crate of fleshlights
jfur thinks i should do that with all my weed medicine bottles
you abviously want to load them with translucent fleshlights
im like meh, i want to fill her voss bottle with glass beeds and shine a 3deg 5W led through it

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nope, but she and the manager both said they want me working there she just cant get ahold of one of my references (im like rly?)
k, but they wont want to talk to you
vs this guy
haha ty
there was a guy in placement had a fifi business
pretty funny when the fif factory was in full production
haha like 15 fifis laying on dudes bed
his other jobs were dog groomer and sub zero from mortal combat

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13:45 <@Blackmoon> though I will murder you in your sleep if you ask me to metric thread the inside of a blind hole
CNC turning center ftw
meh @ big 7segs
haha cool
hopefully HR lady gets back to me today

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