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no, pink eraser
yay friend girl coming over

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rocket didnt go

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timecop: name one attractive person
anything, make link and paste fool
its prob going to be like your taste in cars
ya this way old
15 years ago
timecop: link, waiting

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natalie portman when she was hardcore
rab: which?
its goofy trainwreck in the style of arnold
pls2ref kindergarten cop and twins
when i was 14 i wanted to do 14 year old natalie portman so bad
same with the ricci girl
and then they got big and got tits!
what, no
tho i dont mind little pointy ones
but the little pointy ones i hung out with got big like ricci and portman

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richard simmons?
kk, charlize theron
i didnt link to anyone
charlize theron isnt meh shes like 60 years old now shes still pretty ok
okay so tc doesnt like the translucent white girls
i know
i bet this is his type
tall girl with big butt
because they had to work out the details to gank $3000 from me
timecop: yeah kinda but she seems fun
aaaaw yeah

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name one hot girl timecop
timecop: milla jovovich, hot? y/n/wtf

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What r u waiting 4? Start IMing now!

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21:41 < avrPhreaq> jump?

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just the whipped cream

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omg panera @ 2p
thats where we always go =\
service sucks
but the food is consistently awesome
and toffee nut cookie dominates all cookies
no i usually get chiken ceasar on asiago demi
or one of the two bacon turkey things
ya pretty much
or i do the 2 for whatever and get mac n cheese and half sandwich
or sometimes black bean soup
hey the place where my friend works makes this cashew whipped cream
for their cheesecake, it has bacon aftertaste
they dont know because they forgot about bacon!
but yeah i gotta figure that shit out

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b) i want to megasquirt a big stupid chevy
well, a small block big stupid chevy
not so much
well kinda everything just gets laggier about it
and it has a diff noise and i feel like im losing slightest bit of torque
i need to go get some potatoes so i can do hashbrowns w/ heresy chili
hey thats funny i hate the shrimp
but i love how pineapple fried rice tastes
but if i order it without the shrimp it doesnt taste right
nice keys

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omg it saved my life like 3 times and i didnt even have to destroy other peoples cars!
tell them yes but prob in a good way
then blow their mind by telling them traces have little resistors inside
rab: i was thinking about keeping it for later and then doing like stupid american v8 project with it
but then i decided using a c4 chassis would be more fun
because its a fucking corvette
and not much more $$$
but i prob keep this car as backup for another year or three if i get newcar
so yeah maybe just get another transmission and see how long this goes
because itll run kinda funny sometimes and i know its the ATF
but i put like a half qt in and its totally fine
it is because:
a) early c4 has awesome digital gauge cluster

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little junk
wtf is a bozak
yeah i know but itll prob still be $200
disks and pads
i dunno transmission prob $300?
prob new o2 sensor, $100
wtf where
and squeeky pads?
*everyone* says the cheap pads squeek like a mofo
like 4 or 5 diff places
'oh, yeah we dont recommend the cheap ones they will squeek'
do they last as long?
and damn
well i prob use my brakes harder too
i really like volvo suspension, i might buy it new shocks
i think i fucked one driving over the center median drain grates on topanga
well then fuck all that
dont care about the rears being loose
if i keep it i might start buying it falken zeix
they prob would only last 10k miles if that but theyre sticky, and i kinda dig how well it stops and turns already

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thats not nice =(
im thinking fucking up the oil pan gasket is better than the crank bearings
yeah i kinda get that feeling but im pretty good at fucking things sometimes
haha ghetto id rather jack it up
i maybe just down payment on a golf TDI
and check ATF level everyday
that was my transmission rab
hey ascii hands in the air is as ambiguous as 'dude'
but yeah its gonna need front discs ground or replaced soon
and transmission
and like, need to go through and fix redundant tail lights

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rab: do you think getting volvo transmission rebuilt is a good idea?
its either that, newcar down payment, or another hoopty
auto =(
im not thinking stick is an easy option
but yeah its maybe 10 miles on the freeway
and traffic will be flowing 70 to 90mph
then maybe they have cheap rebuilt ones in sun valley somewhere
(thats where they keep all the junk yards)
no the volvo is fine
the engine doesnt use or leak any oil ever
it prob needs new o2 sensor
yeah well transmission is a bitch i dont have space to work and i cant be without a car
i can maybe do it in my friends garage tho
he has engine crane too, i could swap the motor mounts
how do i jack the engine up by the oil pan?

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avrfreak is just mad because he shorted a PA amp and either got fired or demoted to lighting slave
meanwhile when im at work, that shit is like part of the job description
yeah like drinking 4 2-liter bottles of diet coke a day

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`nico: manager and HR lady both say they want me in the position, theyre waiting for a call back from one of my managers at exjob
i figure if they were going to do any sort of deep background check, theyd have done that already its been a week and a half

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neat line6 person called back like HALP WHY CANT WE GET A HOLD OF THISE GUY
heh, they need to email hes a crackberry addict

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i dont like them
and yeah if all isnt open at 9a i fucked up
bunch of slackers prob not open til 11a...
Open Monday thru Friday 9 AM to 6:30 PM.
mean well ftw
so ive decided it doesn meant like, 'we know we suck but we mean well'
its like, 'this one deep mean well of power, mfkr'

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fucking back feels shitty
best chair i own is in my volvo i think =\

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no i dont
in audio its more common to use opamp based inductor simulators
because your factory will have tons of opamps and caps
precision coils, haha wat
not even one
yeah a lot of inductors are prob still hand wound
ok the_gfr|w is def trolling i think hahaha
dude if they made it O, tho...
we would so bitch about how it always looks like a 0

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m (e-3), u (e-6), n (e-9), p (e-12)
anything less, mostly just go WTF? and move on
seriously learn that shit, you dont want to be the fuckhead who hands me active filter values in the hundreds of uF
and not have it be a typo because i will never respect your ass again
blackmoon: list of 6 caps for salen key opamp filter
like, 470uF, 100uF, 220uF
theyre 0603
yeah saying uH out loud kinda sucks
its like, hey man can i get 22 little henries?

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oh i fucked that up
yeah srs who does nanohenries...
1 / (2 * pi * sqrt(6.2e-9 * 0.1e-12)) = 6.39181633 × 109
the last part is x10^9
its 0.1pF at 6GHz
yeah its just silly
because nH is ridiculous
like down to 100nH is sane i guess but 5nH cmon
timecop: to do it for real it prob to use striplines and pcb inductors/caps
seriously its not even worth buying parts
then check their layout for weird paranoid shit
have you done a spin for this already?
or this is first time
the_gfr|w: 1,000,000,000 nH = 1H
its a billionth

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or ceramic yeah
yeah heh
thats what im saying, they prob just make 1000 then bin them into diff 20% values or whatever
fuck i need to get xp powercalc working
i have to use the google now
1 / (2 * pi * sqrt(6.2e-6 * 100e-12)) = 6 391 816.33
thats 100pF
1 / (2 * pi * sqrt(6.2e-6 * 1e-12)) = 63 918 163.3

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you actually paid for a cap full of nothing
no that makes sense
if you read the datasheet
yeah thats more like it
like, you went ouy and bought a 100Gohm resistor
and told us they cost you $4 each
because you saw it at the end of a trace in a schematic
its just kinda ridiculous
but its like the inductor equiv of pF
its basically your lowest realistic range of values
nice coil dude
blackmoon: see pics? eheheh
you know they just have one china girl wrapping them and another measuring and binning them

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its a typo and timecop is slamming his rf shit with 500pF caps
just, wow
how do they even measure that!
danielson: yeah one time for 1ms
dont use the diode
theyre protection devices theyre not fucking extra circuit components
put an external schottky
or something
0.5pF isnt real
not once you get out of parasitic capacitance for part specs, 0.5pF is like, noise
and if your shit has 0.5pf parasitic capacitiance
it just doesnt have parasitic capacitance as far as im concerned wtf
no dude
you bought a 0.5pF cap
you got trolled and were still like =O =O =O

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50g isnt even two oz
you use that joke a lot huh
0.5pF are you kidding?
fuck 1" traces like 1/4" apart is prob 0.5pF
its two wire stuck up in the air with some epoxy on the end timecop
dont pay for that shit and question anything that needs it
ya really
you just paid for an empty cap
NPO empty cap
precision empty cap
wtf did you ever use them for
i bet its in the schematic to represent parasitic trace capacitance
and either timecop or china didnt get it
and now some company is *actually* selling the 0.5pF caps

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theyre prob just trying to dump inventory
which is kinda scary
guys what do we do if digikey and mouser both go out of business
gawd i hate that shit
newark will be $3 cheaper
but then you get fucked like $20 because of some shipping/handling bullshit becauyse its really farnell
timecop: why what did they fuckup?
mouser is better for passives just the search sucks
dude the whole industry is hurting which basically means theyre fucked
like eventually factories get turned back on and they restock but prob be more $$$, less parts
jpw much to jp
10:16 <@renesis> big.

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