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heh sam kinison documentary

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they has these little folded horns
12" or 15", iunno
they put them on their sides and stacked them two high
was neat
k bedtime

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kill it all
damn my medical card expires in a week

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techsmurf: search torrents for office 2003 portable, its a quick download, ive used a few diff ones with no issues

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it evaporates completely
which is what you want

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use windex
70% is just going to leave dirt residue on everything

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just get 91% or 99%

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i think to make a difference, yeah
because you would have to cool a significant area of the condenser
well the condenser side of the coils
maybe but i kinda doubt it
buy a wrt54gl?
wasnt joking...

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youre gonna heat your pool with your fridge?
im still way lost haha
itll prob fuckup the response of the fridge
throw its own feedback off

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so whats up guys
wtf is going on here

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naw youll hurt your brain
well sucks to be like HMM IS THIS NUMBER PRIME OR CAN I DIVIDE all the time
...im pretty sure the number existed before YOU FUCKING COLUMBUS MFKRS

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is the next 1/32 down
would be the next 64 down
1/2 is the next 1/8 up
whatever random numbers are better
#8, #10
look i did it in my head in 5 sec not know any special algorithm
jezus fuck i thought you were a brain person sit on your ass with your brain job doing brain things
california > *
whatever mils is my default unit
that would be
have dual labels
standard and 64ths

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