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he doesnt know wtf youre talking about

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both ends, 10 to 220 ohms, keeps the output stage from being loaded by nF range capacitance which could freak some opamps out
and usually theres a cap after the input resistor to do a LPF for RF junk
in audio shit at least
opamps, and its a paranoia thing
if its digital shit, you see RC at inputs alot
after cable links
sielded cable is like ~100pf/ft

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its to isolate io from capacitance in the lines

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so heirarchial stuff is broken or what?
well if you have to name the subnets, thats fail
thats fail
you have to rename the nets in the sub-block?
yes or no
okay if you make two of the same blocks
are the subnets connected
so i dont get what the problem ids

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haha what ^
tekrad: http://www.grandprix.com/f12010/races.html

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i wouldnt be surprised
fuck is it?
think so
havent qualed yet
least its not posted on grandprix.com
oh its prob not til sunday
or later tomorrow night probablt
sundat at 4am
i know that time slot soooo well
dunno i dont have tv anymore
that was my moms half of the bill, heh
i dont even know the rules yet
im glad they dropped the weekend fuel load shit

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the mfkn orange show
timecop_: probably, maybe just name it COM tho

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give up

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jezus fuck timecop
itd the break freq of those two reactances

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because if it uses relative jumps it prob doesnt have top use another prom location to store an address
absolute jumps usually have more range but need twice as much prom
or some shit, pretty typical on lots of platforms

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hmm sweet
i have money im getting a vendetta subscription
still got 757259 credits \o/

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timecop_: did she get her pic n place up?

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i dont think she did 7 seg in preamp envelopes
and this was just supposed to be one i dont think i can source very many of the tubes i got

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damn guys
why didnt i even finish that, that shit looks cool!
i dunno its in a tab somewhere
urmom is:
opera, damn

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sometimes its because of how they do the package
ST has mirrored parts because on different power versions they will actually flip the chip
with the bottom pad facing up and the leads formed upside down
so the pinout is the same but mirrored in the datasheet pin one is top right
youre just mad they rotated it?
damn picky

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jezus fuck man get a calculator
dioxide: if i want a phone like that i can just keep my awesomeplan
im prob going to do that
samsung phone #4

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my phone only plan is 1000min free nights and weekends $45
they never had a plan this awesome this was shit a friends exboss did for me
can i just go to verizon i dont want to go to walmart
dude fuck that im not to ragebreak my phone
oh dude
because its shit phones
its like phone i have now, its data 3 years ago style
timecop_: yeah i <3 my phone calls plan
but i try to pic blackberry its like HAHAHA NOT WITH YOUR PLAN MFKR
imlike ok i add data to my plan NO MFKR YOURE OUR BITCH WE THOUGHT OF THAT
dude like 3 times
im paying $150 w/ $100 mail in rebate
for a $400 blackberry
but i have to change plans
they got my by the balls
i can get a freephone and keep my plan
but i know the blackberries got really good standby time

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this would like double my phone bill
and that sucks
for $70 i can get 450 minutes, free nights and weekends
Any Mobile, Anytime: Unlimited domestic calls from the Sprint network to and from ANY U.S. mobile phone regardless of carrier. Any network, any time.
dude who has land lines?!
i get 450min for land line service
no roaming charges
free nights and weekends starting at 7p
i know =(
do you mean to landlines or from a landline
i dont go to walmart
including datastuff?

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unlimited everything data plans are $99
end up being like $115 after fees and taxes i bet
yes a month
sorry i live in america we got fucked
well, except the phone
phones are almost free
i really like their network
at festivals when everyone elses shit is crapping out my shit works fine

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fuckin sprint
wont let me add data to my 1000 minute plan
because its ancient
data plans didnt really exist when i got this
its 1000min for $45
free nights/weekends
ive had this shit since like 2005

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k guys im getting a blackberry
it does it?

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is this your new favorite word?

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i wish eagle did that
i guess i should pay cable and electric bills with all my new found wealth
timecop_: yup

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lead vaporizes at way above 1000F im pretty sure
going to go to the store and buy some meat and pasta sauce and do like 4 day pasta supply
yeah im pretty sure that insignificant compared to when its boiling
good point tho

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srs how is omg all our pedals for years are broke, sorry
what story
no but shitty laggy ecu would
and they have an ecu problem with the brakes in their flagship car
dude hit the brakes and no assist happens for a second, thats a major, major fuckup
this isnt window motor switches
this is like, essential safety gear
k laters

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every car manufacurer didnt fuck up all their gas pedals for the last 8 years
or is hiding major ecu issues
haha funny shit
my friend has a new camry
few months after he got it, he says he floors it to pass a truck
after a few seconds the engine just starts giving out
says it was like if he pulled off the throttle
operator was flooring it
in a modern ecu car it shouldnt give up
whats your point genius
so what
why should it just crap out
this was at street speeds
it shouldnt matter timecop
every car ive ever owned, carb or EFI, would do that fine
no it really doesnt
the car shouldnt accerate
then crap out and lose speed
if you dont understand that obviously you have little skill regarding physics and cars
thats my point fool
they seem to have a prob with lemons
ok mr minivan
if its enough of a problem for insurance companies to send up flags, and the prob really is pedal assemblies wearing themselves out
how do they not have a lemon problem

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as dx^ said, this is 2010
and its fucking pedals
and this is one of the biggest companies in the world
sold on quality engineering and attention to safety
if its electronic, well fuck them they fucked this up so bad they deserve to go down
avrbob: theres prob about a dozen regs here with avr experience just ask questions
dude there is no excuse
its either a really big fucker or an even bigger fuckup
if they knew about this and they know about ecu problems, they should go down
if theyre just a bunch of fuckups, people need the axe
they have admitted themselves they sacrificed quality for market share
you can only take that so far in manufacturing something like this before people start getting hurt

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looking for article
month ago
State Farm insurance said it noticed an uptick in reports of unwanted acceleration in Toyotas from its large customer database and warned the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in late 2007.
NHTSA received complaints about acceleration problems in Toyota vehicles as early as 2003, and congressional investigators are looking into whether the government missed warning signs of the problems.
dude im pretty sure state farm can figure out incidents vs market share
no they did
there is emails and reports that pretty much prove it
they admit that they knew but they didnt want tpo go public until they found a problem and had a fix
meaning, oh yeah well we didnt give a fuck til someone died on the tv and radio
well this is a pretty big fail
to make in the first place
if its pedals mechanically sticking, well theyre retards

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they didnt try to fix the pedals until the floor mats thing obviously wasn't working
they knew about this shit and they didnt want to go public
for a long time, this is pretty much indsiputed
more for toyota
significantly since they switched to drive by wire
but how come it went up for one company something like 4x the year they switched to drive by wire?
how come insurance companies would go out of their way to notify toyota and regulators there was an issue
latimes and congress hearings
click on that shit make sure its not broke

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thumbnail generator is fucking auto rotating images
wtf setting auto rotate turns them the right way
so windows auto rotates based on image meta data
the guy from last week?
diud you see pics of the dude?
(duh he looks like used car slime)
if the pedals stick and/or theres ecu issues, and theyve known for a long time, fuck them
nothing youre pasting matters
insurance companies sending up flags as long as 8 years ago means something

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curvy displays are for bitches
i need to replace my cnc crt =(
i think this is a 19"
viewsonic, takes up too much space
i have dual 22" on this pc right now
but i dont want to use 22" wide for the cnc
no id prob rather have a 17" for this, with the same res
space is the issue
if i get newjob i prob take the 1680x1050 monitor to work again

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dx^: clicker website say if okay
damn lemme add that border

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sziklai pair ftmfw
sameshit, less Vf

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you did it wrong i left out one stick
haha mitnick
he went to pierce college too
in the cab, run wires wtf
is this #cableactuation?
under the hood
in the cab, was supposed to be in the cab?!
dx^: bitch thats my writing
hahaha @ 18:52 <@DX^> theres also acronyms and lines that mean something

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i used to babysit one who wasnt alowwed to play rought with people
but she liked me because id let her gnaw on my arm
haha she used to troll the dog park and start fights
like, she would never get into fights, she would just leave a trail of them
only engineers and techs are men
and engineers write legibly
doctor is a girl job
its like, meganurse
then youre fucking it up dx
you have to be able to scribble on your drawings in a way that scales well
legible ftw
my sig is my initials is like blocky and swoopy caps

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even if 5% of the recent shit is true thats still a lot of defects
if what youre saying was true there would be enough proof that toyota would be all over it
theyve been researching for years
they knew about this
dude im sorry dx men dont have pussy
so im not even going to click
pit bull?
yeah white people too, welcome to the last 5 years
theyre all like that around friends

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you know somethings wrong with the ecu
they didn't discount anything else like that
im pretty sure the brake override is a seperate thing
Toyota will install brake override systems on all Toyota, Lexus and Scion vehicles by year end as a way to prevent unintended acceleration.
thats how i always see it written
like theyre throwing a failsafe system on top
it could be as simple as a Vin from a brake signal the disconnects an accelerator signal
i want to feel like theyre looking for the problem
they werent
so they have to look like theyre doing something now, congress wants to put them in prison and shit now
they were having a good deal of reports
of the two recent high profile ones, one was a middle aged guy
so not really
no one knows, shrug

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that said, there is data that says this has been a problem ever since they switched to drive by wire
toyota is choosing rework options one by one in order of cost to the company
zipties on the floormats = win!
stupid use shims for pedal assemblies that never exibited sticking issues = less win...
*useless ^
they did that three times inittab
instead of finding the problem
tiny box to cutout the accel on braking = even less win, AND A POTENTIAL NEW PROBLEM
replacing ECU units for tons of cars, 8 years worth =
fuckit give up the company
yeah its a blackbox hack inittab
they need to find the problem
macgyver0: not if they dont know what to flash them with
because they dont want to blow resources on it
because they need soooo hard for it not to be the problem, they just act like it isnt
when the company comes out and says in several ways

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i want their throttle to stick while theyre making a turn next to another car on a canyon road
with about 8" of room before a cliff
and say its not a big deal
it if if youre feathering thr throttle through a turn
and anywhere near the edge of the cars shitty grip envelope
well you tell me
because a lot of the shit they say is stuck accels doesnt make sense
like all the parking lot shit
thats even happened at dealerships
they prob didnt floor it to move around in a parking lot
everyone saying its the drivers being retarded is being retarded
in driving, anything that can take your mind away for a second is something that will kill you in tons of situations
sudden accel is going to take you about a second to figure out at least
in many cases you just died
they prob never find out the reason
mfkr was just going to fast
serious if you think its not a big deal you dont belong in the discussion
it is
following distance at 50mph of three sec
in 1 sec you just ate half that distance
now the truck in front of you has to stop
who knows why
im sorry you just died
shift into neutral prob wouldnt help a ton
jezus crist what
its real
so what
in a situation where it didnt matter
its happened to me
do you think i care?
it doesnt matter in context of all sitautions common while driving
yeah sure its GM owned by the gov
killing people for market share

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the pedals stick and theres def something wrong with the ecu
and youre like, its mostly people, nothing wrong with the cars?
dude youre a tard
pedals are kinda an important safety feature
car manufacturers have been doing them 100 years
so is there any excuse at all for them to fuck up pedals, ever?
seriously the assembly looks like a joke wtf is that V grooved roller bullshit
and that doesnt explain cruise control weirdness at all
inittab: dude pedals stick yeah but when its like, on all your cars and happening consistently, you fucked up at cars
no lots of people bitch about the cruise control
its happening on way more than anyone elses
at all
think you dx
mufuckers saying its drivers = straight retarded

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man fuck ive gotten to the point where im like FUCK THIS THEME ILL JUST DO IT MYSELF SO IT LOOKS THE SAME
web code is very bad for your brains
hey but im almost done with dx changes
actually i am done last change was mine
theme sucks because its made to work with a bunch of CMS and similar plugin stuff i dont want to use
like you go the php its like IF nope IF no IF nope IF no IF no IF no

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fucked up i want to upgrade to a blackberry curve (i heard they have awesome standby time)
but its like, $50 after MAIL IN REBATE WAT
well, -$200 is instant, -$100 is mail in
i can get some goofy non blackberry similar shit for free with web special discount instead of mail in fail

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they delayed shipping a few days
i wonder if its a trend, they still have almost 3 weeks
its like ps3, mad last minute rush to ass some killer feature that will actually make the thing competitive
there is prob an army of chinese girls reworking them all as we speak

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youre not supposed to do it youre supposed to drink it
beer prob makes horrible personal lube

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my cat is chewing on pvc hookup wire
prob bad for him why isnt he chewing on the teflon wire
k i have to impliment dx changes on friend girls site

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oh thats surprising
trolling avrfreak because hes a bighead yet doesnt complete any projects
the best
those freenode ##electronics fuckers got nothing on us
we solder their face

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