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no im not
im pissy because the prob is ugly
and the 240 has like, blended lines
and 60s sport car look
probe is like, looked good in 2d on paper
3d fail
its bad

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see thats an amazing design
because its like, totally an MGB GT
but if you put them side by side, its not
vr4 ftmfw
hahaha stealth
i dont like that car
like, dodge mustang
theyre 4wd tho
stealth is about as sexy as a ford probe
probe was like a TOTALLY fail 240sx
like, same design concepts
one just pulls it off
one looks like a hunchbacked ogre
hahaha no way
timecop_: dont do that
not really
ford probes are really ugly

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or fucking camaro
you think i would buy auto crx and auto 280z?
do i look forced to you?
yeah i do
buy 5 new cars in two years
because i cant drive stick
thats definitely my defining quality
no i burnt the head
nope that was illegal
ran fine
prev owner ripped off emissions gear
280z was like, come home from vacation with $400 left over
whats the coolest car i can get for $300
z ftw
was awesome when the buses were on strike and i had to get to school
no choice have to drive the no-op car!
tekrad: you have a 280z?
mine had cancer i sold it for how much i got it
yeah all sorts of hardcore mfkrs with 280z
the l28 is an awesome engine
inittab: 4 of urmoms dogs are orange

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both mr2 were new styles
the c5 was just a 3rd rev c4 on the outside
want the digital gauges
and the lower price
i think up to 89
gotta have the two vertical gills
everything else is bullshit
see thats sexy
thats not done before
those c5 pics is like, c4 with a ricer kit
will not, no respect for the outside of that car
i would never buy a used corvette and expect it to be unabused
its just not realistic
you dont get rid of a perfectly running corvette
well unless youre a girl
wtf like 75% of c6 ive seen, middle age to old girls
theyve always been popular
coupe, manual interior
this aint no rx8

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FD and NSX are like, perfect 90s styles
C5 is just a melted callaway body kit
it wasnt new
you didnt see it and go WOAH
because late C4 were almost the same thing
dude you can do shit right
the viper coupe is a jellybean
but that shit is sexy as fuck
jellybean shelby daytona
the roadster yeah
but the daytona inspired one is fucking gorgeous
its a truck
it wont races, it was competitive
its not a joke just wasnt really a sports car
was like a squashed monster truck
those cars are nothing like production
of course it does
anyway i dont like vipers
but the coupe is fucking sexy
its like their tribute to the daytona
i would never own one
vipers were progressive, nothing looked like them before
FD was was something new, NSX was something new
miata was new, oddly

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blackmoon: they swing out a bit
and yeah theyll fuck up the body
the only cool ones are lambo type shit that swing like all the way up
the gullwing shit seems neat but prob way awkward
thats like prototype race car shit because its simple and light
fucked up in a parking lot
its fail in the real worl
500SL too? the old mercedes
pretty sure
its a better car
it just looks stupid
taurus jellybean
no its not the same sir
not the same at all
FB didnt look like anything else
FC looked like 924/928, kinda fail
FD is like, definition of erotic 90s styling
ridiculous cab forward,perfect sport car lines, all 60s ferrari looking
the celica is fail
its the worst taurus aero influenced fuckup
then when that car went full girl

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i think thats a c5
the two beams like split out and become those beams on the side of the seats and in the tunnel
then come together again
89 volvo 740 ftw
this is if i get a newcar and sell volvo and find a place with enough space
i would never own a c5
i would sell it and get a c4
or a pimp c3
the new ones are like, progressive design
it doesnt look like other vettes but its definitely a vette
c5 looks like c4
c4 had like, second revision body
and it totally bridges the early c4 and the c5
they just taurus aero styled it
i bet those doors add 300 lbs
but yeah c4 isnt the best chassis, but its better than buying another 280z
all rusty, unsafe
c4 is just a big wiggly
you need to find one totally restored
with new floorpans
else its not worth it to restore
you get them pennies on the dollar when you buy them already restored
its like $2k more for $20K worth of work

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well you dont buy it
theyre built too light to get a bent one
because good ones the body fit is amazing
the door gaps are okay but the rear bumper and front lip seams are almost not there
i hate c5
its just c4 melted by a heatgun
its a calloway body c4
melted by a heatgun
80s body kit
thats what the c5 is, 5 years later
thats what the c5 is!
just melted
with oval tails? cmon
like what was this rebelion against the 4 circles
is not
c3 and c4 are like perfect vorvettes
c1 and c2 are pretty neat i just dont like them
but c5 is just a jellybean c4, its nothing revolutionary
c6 is okay
c5 has a really nice chassis
that 4 beam shit or whatever

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yeah i dont like those vettes
the other yellow one is win
seriously if youre going to buy a chassis for a v8, why not one of those
wow that one is so clean
i would buy it even tho its the worst color
i know
the rear bumper is way worse
all one piece
my brother had one, ive heard all this shit
you cant change the color
they put ricey accessories on it too
theyre all fucking automatics

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macegr: wait
are you doing games or led robots or what
neat, bye
hehe cool
i dunno what owls look like under all those feathers
but im sure its fucking evil looking

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everyone, give it a few years
just not now
def not two years ago
its kinda like how dreamcast came out with net capabilities
but people were like, wat
thats a lot of wasted money, heh
hey those are nice controllers to run emulators on
my friend had alot of emu livecd w/ romsets, that shit was hella fun

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i used mplayer to stream music from console fine
xp netbook = unlimited options + alternate utility benefits
sushi is bad for urface
their hardware divs are fucked i guess
this is what my sony movies aunty says
because they know its at least 2x the value macegr
they did the calculations
they did the same thing with ps2
except everyone wanted a dvd player

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netbook ftw
china netbook
thats like, backdoor at the first china eee factory
Windows CE
+ amp, + usb hdd
or just do some net streaming shit with it

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everything is different
so ive had no music on all day
fucked up
just get a netbook if you were planning on getting integrated sound
netbook + usb drives is great for music
i wouldnt trust random china audio
but iunno if its cheap roll dice maybe its fine
bus/hdd noises in your music sucks

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yay gf

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you have to check mine
yeah the animation is less jerky, neat
you had alot of accel/decel before, it make the flickering more noticable
like the frame changes
back button has a bug
my play dont work no more
guys that look mostly okay besides whats obviously not done
well, i did the website
but you prob mean the glass piece

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cant forget to ask about benefits next time i talk to HR lady
some bug inputty made it eat its file settings

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oh duh add the mask

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uhnf, have to setup dcc
yeah i told my mom how much they want to pay me at newjob and she made a yay face

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stupid egghead bullshit
link with #t=
georgia is pretty cheap
whatever you want add like 5% at least
inittab: msg me how to set bot pass i dont want to google
and ill figure it out
stupid bot has help inside i know it
yes thats it but i need to set a bot pw anyway
which are yours

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repeat for life
replace wire with weld, structural beam, estop and failsafe mechanisms, lighting, meh
neat diagrams
i knew that was going to happen
inittab: fix0rz
i need to setup a fucking botpass

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good luck
thats the point
were you nervous at the beginning?
geek interviews never seem to stay in the small talk mode for more than a couple minutes
and yeah i didnt think youd have a prob with any techy talk or happy office worker bullshitting
yeah awesome, thats how its been the stuff ive gone for
like wtf is a sales person interview like
'nice header font on your resume. wanna do some coke?'
serioously wtf do they talk about
i guess it 100% on the two people
well, half is research
fun half
but its just to support the bullshit

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dx^: they called me back!
today, they want min two references, ive gotten two confirmed already
well, one ee with like 25 years of experience in pro audio
and one guy like current director of important shit at exjob
and i just emailed head of my electronics program at oldschool
hopefully he replies by like noonish tomorrow else i just send those two
then i know they prob def call those two, and i know thats def a good thing
but pretty much all of them can be like, just wind him up let him go he does stuff fine by himself, which is what newjob wants

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sweet, scored my two references

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00:12 <@Tekrad> damm...I wish digikey had an "in stock" filter
wtf where have you been for the last like 4 years
using digikey must have sucked!

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also she has opening this weekend, stuff installed for a month or, prob more pics soon
tell friends to buy her stuff so she doesnt have to be so poor
she doesnt even have her own internets =(
i would prob shrivel up and die

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dude get your shit off those girls private things
rich bitch
hahaha @ stick figure
okay this girl is ok
shes like 10
haha ya rly
wed prob be banning him like right now
thats neat tho
hey did you see link i found the better pics of my friends ceramic sb things

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pretty sure this included core nix utils and build environment, too
i kinda not sleeping and fucking with the lunix
its been a long time i been fuckin up at carrors for like what maybe two years now
rab: did you see about jobthing?

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you didnt start running linux until less than 1000 days ago
you couldnt even get ubtuntu up for months if i remember correctly
and seriously, uptime on a home computer means shit
i had boxes that were up for like 300+ days, because i pretty much just used it for porn, movies, music, games
unless youre loads are consistently 1.0+ and your net adapters are nice and warm and money is rollin into your offshore paypal acct, uptime is just silly
fuckin laziness in my case...
man when you had a good kernel in old gentoo, you could rebuild your whole system all the time without a rebewt

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you said mota

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i never understood the rocket tubes on model rockets
i was like, just put the cone on the rocket motor yo
glue the wings to the side
the multistage ones were the shit because they would spray fite instead of blow out little chunks
non-sense: heh, get hot?
blackmoon: prob not if you mean in the SOA sense, heh
because your eyehole is too big too much whiteness is showing
you have compromised your darkness
also yeah that is not a bright black that is a faded black

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holy shit

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more heat

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and catnip

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the flange is the part i called the hub probably
the whole thing is a huge
whatever there is prob a button in solidworks
in the I AM ME menu
they renamed it it used to be cosmos
kitty needs morefood

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its like that usb plug shit where even tho theres a 50% chance you still somehow always guess wrong and it wont go it
/j #homework
i dunno that just looks like a hub
the whole thing
but if i had to call one part the hub its be the wider flat part with 3 holes

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no i know how so i know how long itll take me and i know i wont just flake because of who its for so im like uuuuuuuuuuggghh all day long at least
wow 960 line css files, fucked up

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rab: i dont get what part is the funny part
fucking php
(and its bitch sister css)
rab: no sometimes theyre funny
like when the stick figure was buying the house
that was pretty funny yo
man i wish i could just look at this web page shit funny and the title would move over 50px

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shell male.
jennifer aniston?

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check for backwards diodes and IC

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heh i had tommydog and chili cheese fries last night
should def complete the experience with sausage biscuit NO EGG w/ cheese plus hashbrown
find the hot spot
alternatively find some diff scope or dmm with uV resolution and probe traces at different probe distances to determine relative currents
if theres a short on the pcb something around where the short is occuring usually feels war

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