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he prob be okay he knows his shit
like even if he is nervous at the beginning, i kinda figure most people expect that, he prob gets comfortable when shop talk comes up

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worst case, no job, hello refund and unemployment checks
i just get to be a normal person
timecop: are you on the wrong side of the world or wat?
how come you are talking like tomat
werent you going to s america
you fuckin missed pothead
alaska doesnt count
i dont believe they would let you into the continuous 48

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inittab: wtf 1st interview we didnt even bring up money or benefits or schedules
was just like hi say stuff about your stuff, im me, what did you do at exjob, i did blah (everything) blah blah, do you know how to this this this, yes yes yes
k here test, everyone haha test, do first as they walk out they say hahaha some people cant even do that
murder test, get the walking interview + tour, meet the techs, turns out one of those techs was company cofounder (!)
facility is awesome
and if i was going to be stuck in traffic anywhere in the world, the best would be there

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dioxide: eheeh

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i cant take them out by myself anyway
hmm oh shit i thought this was in otherchan
haha ya

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no they said need to talk to couple others and then maybe 2nd round of interviews
but it couldnt have went any better
no just fitted shirt and better shoes
and a belt
i didnt know about this until friday and i had no money
like i could afford a shirt or a belt but not both, had to get gas
no all i have is jolly roger web belt =\
thats my belt, yo
no tied back
tied back
dude its audio
guitars even
everyone was like, mophead
i do both
CNC was just to support my electronics
i just had time to kill while taking my electronics program so i got a CNC degree too
also i have abnormal piercings in my ear
two segment rings in my upper cartilage in one ear
this prob like the only $50K job i can get away with that

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dx^: how was interview?!!?
mine: awesome

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yeah but fed prisons are prety nice
compared to fed
compared to state
k i has to call people bye

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if youre rich were not trying to make this easy
you can afford an accountant
and those are the people they make money off of
ut who also usually get huge returs
fuck wireless keyboards maybe for an htpc ut this is retadd
those are the people who get audited
where you are?
yuou have to do the whole entire thing
they most likely make money off you
in any case at some point you maybe go to prison
if you make less than a certain amount they dont care
sculptor: that looks sane

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or just clicker that
haha deductions, i didnt even try this year
the website was like you get $6k back! after i did the basic stuff i was like OKOK [CLICK SUBMIT
i dunno man the website does that for me
i just copy my tax forms
im like, pay $15, website does work, done in 30min, wait for check
check doesnt happen, check doesnt happen agai, letter in the mail, call to irs, were going to gank you for disability debt
im like, yay i tried to pay but you guys lost my adress twice, do i get my money fast now?
theyre like, no wait 45 days mfkr
total taxes was what i thought as a kid
and i was like, jeez how is the gov making *any* money
form 1040 is the normal form
but there is like 2 or 3 easier versions you can use to file

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not for aother $10k i think
i was at the bottom of my bracket
i did like maybe 25% taxes but got maybe 80% of that back
`nico: thank you the facility was amazing
and at the end found out one of the techs in the lab was actually a cofounder of the company
so i want to be there like 1000%
sculptor: yeah i think i paid like 25%
33,950 82,250 25
82,250 171,550 28
damn so even if i made like 35K more, no big deal
state stuff was never a ig deal
honestly im making like $15K more than i thought id be able to just a couple years ago
and i make more than my mom, so shes prob pretty happy
shes really happy about her electric bill now that im gone, eheheh

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rab: <3 that pic
i showed it to my friend and she liked it a ton too
then i toler her what the GNAA was and she was like HEY!
but then admitted she still thought it was a pretty cool pic
fucking awesome
and the guy interviewed me i met over a year ago when exboss was trying to smuggle him to exjob
so we had secret
duno they have to intervew some more people and then we maybe do another round of interviews
but they said they got like 3 projects with no one to take them
so they need one or more guys like now
like $45-50K
but it didnt come up, the girl who called me, maybe HR, said so when she contacted me
its like at least 5K more than i started at at exjob
rent and bills are covered by half months pay

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is that a game or the actual periscope
in russia, they rotate the whole room
stationary bike on a treadmill = advanced
there are monsters in there
you will die

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lasers arent ballistic, you fail at strategic warfare
youre going to blaster sunbathers on the beach?
so make your drones kill them
sovereign nuke sub without missiles = no reason not to kill it
yeah attack sub ftw
nit theres still monsters in there
so im like, fuck being wkrakhjr
giant squid will eat them
youll just make the sharks and whales angrier
never seen it

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jeez exterior vs interior is like night and day
yeah but besides the hole punched in the tower, looks pretty okay
interior just looks fucked, like just the build quality
bridge looks ok
sculptor: a lot of that stuff just looks like poor manufacturing
that dickhead is blocking the view
heh wood
id decline, thx
there are monsters in the ocean
why would we cut out the missile tubes
how will we fire missiles
im def not goig to work for you

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interview went awesome
i met guy interviewing me a year ago when exboos was trying to steal him, so we kinda had a secret, i pwnt the test
and vp of eng met me, we talked, got along okay
basically worked out as well as it could have

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dx^: k good luck
k leaving now
i feel sorry for the other guy might be interviewing with me =\
i didnt even think of that!
i havent used that think since i bought it
speakerphone ftw
i dont want to be like you =(

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dont have, and honestly for this type of job its prob not a big deal
last three interviews i wore t shirt and worn out shoes
im 3/3
`nico: but the grey ones are a year old with holes through the sole rubber and floppy backs
these pumas are also luck stat +3

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dx^: im short and i buy XXL
i need fitted shirts
because yeah i wouldnt fit into a S
okay i fixed the mfkn tie
and thedrip will be happy i pulled up my pants

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they dont make those anymore!
i bought the last ones at santa monica puma store and ruined them
then i had to go all the way to NYC to get another pair!
yeah i need to do crossover for them
im going to to them when i do the xover for rhettspeaker
then im going to take an oatmeal tube and wrap in fiberglass or CF or something and do the bass chamber
rab: ok ty!
dx^: http://www.darkertechnologies.com/image/ren_interview.jpg
dx^: rab did not approve of new less awesome model of pumas
i 100% agree but pumas doesnt care they stopped making anjans
jezus fuck
i look like a mexican version of my brother
no im too short
im not redoing it!
i only have 45min before i leave theres no time!
hmm k more coffee

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macegr: also ive had dreads for the better part of a decade, am a high school dropout, and have machine tools 6' from my kitchen
better whatch who youre callin a nerd

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i need fitted shirts, like all my pants, sadly
my dinttip is like 3" lower than that
that is the top of my pants by 1"
dint (c) rencorp
best description ive heard so far:
you look live youve done a few lines of coke!
which is kinda exactly look i was going for
cokeheads dress nice like for interviews, shrug
naw man
ren dont do pussy shoes
i could bust out my green/blue puma anjans
that are super bright and new
but those are for when i get married
i prob never have to use them
im gonna be interviewed by an audio geek
thats the point
geeks wear pumas
well 70s running shoes
wow rly
ok newpic

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haha look at this douchebag: http://www.darkertechnologies.com/image/ren_interview.jpg
sleeves too long
hey this a tech interview im ready to work
those double knee dickies
no its not
youre just from a white place
its not like if i got the large or XL the sleeves would be better
notice im 2/3 torso

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hehe guys sarcastic/annoyed voice is pretty win
Sunday, March 07, 2010
Newegg Ships Fake Intel Chips; Supplier Threatens Journalists For Reporting It
go die, real news goes on for weeks, years

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what kind of tea?
dude its at 2
you dont even know what time it is do you
i got coffee ready, clothes and awesome sunglasses laid out
you will go to sleep
and maybe wake up
but yeah i thought i lost my coffee filters
i almost freaked out
that sucks
i need to do to the dentist
its been like 9 years

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