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timecop: if accountants say its cheaper, no doubt y

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everyone who thinks thats interesting at all raise your hand
if google put arrays on like, everyone elses buildings, that would be pretty awesome

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blackmoon: haha

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nuclear reactors need to be standardized
so its not so expensive to figure out how to build a safe one, then actually build it
otherwise theyre dumb

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also these flowers that tip over and then bloom like, backwards
hey if it gets on the trail its being dumb
maybe not
alot of the trails are animal trails
and there has been people in the valley for like 6000 years
my friend would make her dog eat me or something
yeah they all smoke weed with the poachers
inittab: actually shes prob fine with nuke plants
but i told her theyre dumb because theyre to expensive
omg i didnt crush the flowers

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i dont care its pretty here
i should take pics next time
i was all pissed they closed down my fav park, because i loved the hiking behind it
but my friends walks her doggy at this other place that ends up like 1mi above my park looking over the whole valley
also there is tyranosaurus rex tree there
also there is extinct flowers
and weird orange fungus stuff that eats the bushes
techsmurf: yeah they found them again!
also power lines
she doesnt like those but i think theyre pretty neat
theyre tiny
so tiny you step on them they dont notice
no its too late!
and no its everywhere!
in one spot at least

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hahaha stfu
more direct link mfkr
i cant find it =(
! iFit® Live also lets you race against Facebook® friends and download daily workouts.
Simulate the Terrain of Your Favorite Outdoor Trails
if it can do that with the topo data
well thats fucking awesome
seriously tho i paid half as much and got a whole fucking volvo
with the $1000 i could pay for the gas to drive like 1mi to walk on that shit for real
hmm you subscribe

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look at your sideways quadhawk
whatever we know you do that with knox gelatin every morning
oh haha thats the delslo?
thats pretty sick have you seen my mom?
i bet your moms hot tho!
i hope so
i say a lot of stuff about her
introduce me!
okay prob not rly
dude i spent zero dollar and that vegan food
omg thats what friend people do for each other!
get each other food, make each other stuff, etc etc
no we sit on a couch and watch daily show mostly
w/ vaporizer
like, me and my two monitors and her on her laptop

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because of that top secret shit i did with the one shot and current source
damn fuck i should of said that out loud
now i can use RC time constants
i might as well just give up
im not
officially as per jew rules
what about you
how do you know your father isnt a jew
hmm wait that doesnt matter
well anyway, everyone knows you mother is secretely a jew
im not my mom isnt
ask any jew
also i dropped out of hebrew school
wtf @ hippie junkie whats thats about?
first of all, i have hippie friends
im not them
and regardless, theyre more punk than you
funny that, anyway
yeah well, these are hippies
and ive seen your haircut
ya you better ?
i know
so yeah
jewbreads, awesome
yourmom, trujew
me, confirmed not jew, outcast status
thats what the jews say to me so fuckem

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i hope i dont start right away
so i can go to ex job and be like I DEFECTED
because we would joke about that
when people got laid off
they can go work over there!
inittab: heheh this is where like half the staff at exjob came from and it was generally considered, like, The Enemy
only room for one pro audio company in the valley, yo
even thos this is really right outside the valley, towards mfkn awesome
drive = gorgeous, literally my fav in the world since i was a kid
id have to check but worst case i owe exjob money, and im pretty sure i can
i just can tell them industry secrets
which is funny because what am i gonna be like
like everyone uses the same chipamps with PCB based off the same datasheet or app note layouts
i cant use LEDs either

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oh yeah well zenphoto is neat
yeah on lots of stuff
guys why isnt it monday yet
srs we dont care if someone tried to sell it for $800
yes the one i told you about called me day after
i checked my gmail, made sadface, phone rang
yeah monday
i get to take a test!
exjob had no test =(
exjob needed a test =\
fucking awesomed
wow i verbed awesome

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weeks arent reset on month 1
like first day weeks doesnt go back to week 1?
if not im like fuck weeks
that shit is not usable
i truly feel bad for you that is maybe the most crackish thing ive ever seen in a config
dude if my phone time was off i would call and bitch so hard
prob get free cell service for a month just to get me to leave the call center alone
yeah totally

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wait what
how the fuck does month > week > day work
year > month > day > time
or year > day > time
or year > hours > seconds even
wtf weeks?
i can think of like 3 diff ways to impliment weeks fuck weeks
but i mean even year > seconds is better than weeks
shit i can figure that out unambiguously
what is this for?
wtf weeks
i dont think im going to get over this who decides thats a good idea
i wouldnt blame them too much if they fucked it up
i need foods
i can make pasta and eat for days

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inittab: i think zenphoto will work fine
they even have a cms plugin now
i dont think ill need it, though
thank you for emailing yourself tho!
neat i can thumbnail her stuff
03:03 <@renesis> neat i can thumbnail her stuff
duh i meant watermark

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zenphoto looks more awesome than the last time i tried it\

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everything needs mechs
sr71 is like 200 years ago already and we still dont have mechs wtf
theyre just hiding them
boxes with blinky leds that fix things themselves ftw
inittab: asked buddy about how to gallery2 in drupal yesnowat
i think im just going to do something simpler and then make it easy for her later

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you can do an autostabilized mode
or just float and use all axis thrust and roll in wiehgless envionment
dunno about that
hmm thats works for alot of stuff tho
like 4 out of 6 that you mentioned or whatever
akira is like everything except mechs
hey ninja/samura shit is like, unto its own tho
i dont like series mostly
not much tho

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damn macegr
he shot that old man
not if its good inittab
also im sure it had a story i just didnt get it
well, like a better story
oh sexy, girl in helmet lookin calm
everything blowing up!
i dont like these military guys, i hope theyre bad
i dont care
that bighead loses to me half the time
and he practices like 1000 hours, i just dont
also lately theres like 30+ of us diddling
i think the peak is around 40
in two classes, so the track gets interesting
i kinda want to try vendetta online again
best dogfighting (i alpha and beta tested)

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theyre probably playing with kittens and talking about boys 50% of the time
well the opening sucks
cowboy bebop really is the only truly awesome anime series
every anime ive seen since only reinforces this
its ok
that was like cowboy bebop before cowboy bebop
and then spike came along and made that spiky hair punk look straight pussy
1000% pussy, winy pointless anime series like 40 eps in youre like WAT WTF ARE THEY DOING NOW
but yeah it was pretty good for a series
also FLCL

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good anime are like, later in the series the character gets out of the mech and you actually see him and he says stuff
if its awesome anime, main character is a girl and for some reason they pilot the mechs in tank tops and bikini bottoms
aaaw yeah
(havent finished watching but probably gonna be awesome)
fuckin amv music
well this chick looks at rotating 3d radar output and understands it
but for how much of the ep?

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but one is going to buy like $6k in photo gear to prove what everyone already knows (red/blue combo not really working)
hey this anime looks way neater than i remember
hmm nm they stopped showing all the cool war shit
now its just like, normal anime set in a blocky urban environment

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guys they like the cool whites i think
macegr: plant light people claim that narrow spectrum doesnt meet profile for maximum absoption spectrum for photosynthesis (not just chlorophyll i guess everything)
but they post these plots and like, metal halid or high pressure sodium dont match up with the optimal absorption at all
im like wtf i can make that funky profile
its like, normal or warm white + amber + deep red

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theres that
and that
thats prob like 90% of the league people, those two wheels
g25 has gated shifter and a clutch
tho people say the dual vibrator feedback is a lot wearker than df pro
df pro has sequencial stick, short tactile button throws like a rally car
no clutch tho
yeah i think thats the one from before these
this thing has like 4 diff clutch modes
theres diff throttle blip modes for the autostick
i think i played that

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hi for like 2 years now
thertes usually 30 of us at the sunday historic gt race
rfactor historic gt mod
most people have logitech DFPro or G35 or whatever the higher end one is
theyre cheap i got mine years ago for like under $80 shipped on the ebay
prob cheaper now
the springs for the shifter lost some tensions, besides that its been awesome
was it logitech or what?
i think its like last gen
yeah but its not fun and it can be unfair
and if you fuckup alot youll get bant
like, mistakes happen
sometimes even stupid intentional stuff happens
but yeah if its a consistent think, person dont last long
haha what?
i couldnt play without the feedback
oh wait
you mean on the momo
i thought you meant in games
the assemblies inside the DFpro are rugged
big steel plates for bracing and mounting the motors and shit

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fuck GT
that shit is like so 2003
rfactor/gtr ftw
(online pc racing sim, ridiculous amount of mods and tracks)
crappy video
god i loved that GTA
wasnt competitive for shit in it tho
haha me in the mini crawling up from the back

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macegr: heh wat

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isnt mp5 a mazda
oh i get it mazda protege 5

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we used them alot to monitor heatsink temps, was always within a couple C or the ir thermometer
those are prob thermistors or something
maybe try it in ice cubes and water than boiling water, with a series resistor, see what it does
when i was testing thermocouple stuff, i made sure calibration was good smashing the probe between two ice cubes and then dunking in boiling water, both were within couple C of expected reading
yeah unless its way over 100C
i need to go buy a shirt

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kevtris: all of toyota brass now is like, legal people not engineers
and they seemed kinda offended when it was brought up in the congress hearing
think it mostly depends how well you calibrate it and how accurate your DC amp and/or adc is
just buy a temp sensor
temp sensors or diodes?
you can read that one on a dmm easy, 10mV/C

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like they have a toyota quicklink for weeks now heh
that is latimes
no wait something weird just happened in my browser
fucking failfox
oh its a little shark!

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you just watch one frame
then you get all dissapointed at how much they cut out
lame they kept alot of the singing flowers scenes
they cut way to much of the falling down the hole
haha zoomout
thats pretty awesome
oh it prints every frame
you cant really tell zoomes in
its lame that you cant work in one monitor with stuff fullscreened in the other
kevtris: go to the latimes site
they were pretty much first on this shit, and theyve covered like every little thing that pops up
so its all in one place

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$80-100K, pro audio in chatsworth
why would china want to run CV marketing
they make enough money letting stanton douchebags handle it
macegr: thats two positions that already exist there
they maybe canned the vp
i need to borrow some cardboard from warehouse guy
should go see whats up
rab: also looks like i get same pay or bit of a raise
dunno find out monday
well thats neat
i wont have to tell my mom i was all unemployed for months
i can just be like i got a newjob

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yeah if youre not into cheap dsp shit for guitars...
but i think maybe they bought some companies, theyre doing some more general pro audio stuff
yeah they bought propellerhead i guess
i didnt know till i saw prob what youre looking at, yesterday
but yeah they dumped a lot of staff last year
but then i guess they did pretty good
same thing, but doing it for real
theyre going to make me take a test!
god i wish exjob had a test
me and EE buddy were always complaining about that
rab: also something happened at CV
because theyre posting temp agency ads for sales/engineering managers with china CM experience

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so its neat theyre in calabasas, i would have to drive 101 to las virgines everyday
like, daaamn i thought living in chatsworth is awesome...
but now i maybe have to drive halfway to the beach everyday too!

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yeah i always wondered about that
like what kind of usable/repeatable resolution you could really get on older stuff
i dont doubt that haha
my ph meter is being the same way =\
i think its the china trimmers
rab: did you see about job?
im defecting

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like i always like how in drum n bass everything is layered and timing is kinda cascaded
like the bass really isnt going as fast as the drums
and theres nothing to stop you from counting and bouncing around to it at 90bpm, kinda normal rock music paces
like, the epileptic girls seems to be the only ones really doing anything at 180bpm tho
just two
and its not like drift is going to make it sound bad rab
in fact alot of cooler bass it sounds like theyre draggin around the tuning as it runs

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same freq, so either will have harmonics all the way through the audio spectrum
and thats kinda your initial distortuin
you can LPF that to kill off harmonics and kinda get that phaser sound in the bass when you modulate it
you take one of the synths and detune it, less than a few %
i think note to note spacing is 6%, but not sure anymore
anyway thats what causes the droning, big, reese bass sound
because the waves like, sync up then desync kinda
and when theyre desynced, the levels will cut out a bit
so its kinda like this weird LFO sounding effect but its in tune with your notes, it like scales with your fundamental frequency
but yeah when dub step has some really low, looooooong bass, and the drums isnt offensive, its pretty okay
but i like jungle drums, amen breaks at 170bpm+

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macegr: unless you miss and are in an area with dense cover
i kinda have no choice these days
but my opinion is that its too slow
and i laugh when people say its 140bpm
because i dont care how its counted, the beat is like waaaay less dense
almost without exception, so it sounds like 4x to 8x slower
BEET fool
line6 interview monday at 2
well yeah but thats drum n bass influence
and almost everything runs dnb style bass now
because dnb has the lock on the best fucking bass in the world for like a decade
you cannot fuck with 1% detuned saw waves and LFO on the LPF
i laugh when people are like
like, fools the button to click in your sequencers wasnt available, modular synths been available since the 70s
fuckin dorks
dioxide: you take two saw or square waves

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if ending somebody is alot more likely to succeed than me getting away, somebody hopefully gone soon
in any case of the 5 rifles i fired
the smallest was def the easiest to get like dead on every time
and it was easy to get off a lot of rounds in the same spot
the big shit was neat and all but im not looking through a scope at my target after i pull the trigger, im like looking at the sky somewhere

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so wouldnt you get alot more velocity with a smaller projectile and more charge?
i dunno guns or anything but thats things pretty fuckin obvious
like do you need to knoc a dude over 1 round at 100 yards?
im sure if you hit him with a small round, its going to take him a sec to fire back
so just hit him again because youd actually have that capability with a rifle round
rab: longer projectile bigger round then
so shoot him again
hes 100 yards away, you got him once
hes not gonna hit you with his rifle after you hot him, hes like be like DAMN FUCK IM DYING
yeah i dont need a buffalo gun the ones at griffith park are pretty friendly
and im not planning on rifling shit on channel island anytime soon
hehe <3 snatch
rab: depends?

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that was fun to fire
cant you do that with pretty much any rifle?
im thinking that totally depends on the dude
not the gun
m16 is an assault rifle born of strange rules of war
also its meant for sweeping trenches and just saturating areas and shit
obviously but its not the same as comparing it to a big rifle
its a little thing in comparison
assault rifle is a long sub machinegun
rab: BIG
doesnt have to go far itll dig into the ground and cover your nemesis in dirt

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1850 = word safety not yet invented
probably in many ways
or else it would still be produced
the 1911 is
compared to a tomohawk or a handgun
is this a rifle?
no way im firing a handgun
than yeah
modern rifle, prob better cheaper
of course not so im not trying to use a 150 year old design
just because cowboys are cool
awesome in 1850 doesnt mean much today
im not trying to own a model t ever
also its prob mass produced
not crafted by an tradesman who does only one thing
by a hobbyist
i dont know the dude

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ha i asked the girl if i should get a haircut or its okay to pull it back or what
shes kinda like whatever we got musicians
im like YAY
haha no not in like 2 years almost
they dont work and theyll get you shot
end of technical analysis
do they sling projectiles at the speed of sound?
then its not a replica its a gun
im not trying to fire an 1850 design
ya rly

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hahahah @ f16 era china, how does have anything to do with today

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