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k im making sandwich

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want to machine more
should go to sleep

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no he has always been deaf
dont be rude

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scoolptor: ha
its flexible sheets or like acrylic/pc stuff?
k try not to die
electromechanical hack
okay ima drill this last piece of side extrusion
then start on the main extrusions
those should be so much easier
well no actually its actually exactly the same then some more easy but time consuming work
because of lack of real tool holders
blackmoon: are you up awhile?
i show you what i mean
oh fine then
i will have to remember and shit

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i had to slide it against some stop and have it drop in
oh that sucks
maybe just needs to works itself into the screw or i dunno
maybe its worn in funny
maybe make a brush or something
lathes are hard to keep clean
the big ones are really forgiving tho
theyre just so much bigger than the swaff bits
shit just kinda gets smashes into the screws like whatever
loose tolelrance to the rescue
scoolptor: yeah he has a manual lathe heh
yeah that always happens with unshielded machine tools
like high pressure jets or something?
i bet that works
for sane cuts itd work
if youre going some crazy hogging shit prob wont do much
yeah definitely
i wouldnt do it at home
i do synthetics and aluminum mostly
its hard to work with shields
it was a law to have em here but they repealed it
its shitty but you cant do the work really well
like with a swarf covered piece of scratched up acrylic in front of you

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its kinda a hack
they take alot of Z up too
i would have to move my whole headstock up and mostly use them exclusively
haha its cool
i think i can do it with the taig, just need to hack some tool holders
its hard takes alot of practice with the machine
they all kinda kick into gear for the threading pass diff
but then fucks up
every machine ive used is diff, the gearboxes
on most stuff i would kinda have to figure out when it wouldnt let you engage anymore
so like you wait until the mark before the one you want to engage at
then push the lever
and hopefully it drops into gear just right
like when i would try and do it right at the moment it was passing id usually miss

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i have one the 1/2" was a tad loose kinda seemed tad runout
something that goes into the 3/8" ER16 collet
two pieces on that stays in the 3/8" collet
yeah thats the old taig headstock
he has ones for ER16 too now
i have both headstocks the 3/4x16 is in a box somewhere
i bought the half inch endmill holder i didnt really like it
the tapers are machined pretty tight tolerance
i dont think the threads so much
these screw on instead of the collet retainer nut
the ER16 nut has a spherical surface where it mates with the bottom side edges of the collet
so it kinda rotates around to fit into the taper without depending the the threads to be straight
yeah but mine wasnt straight
on my 3/4x16 spindle, and i dont think it would be anymore likely on the er16
these dont slide into the taper
so i want to do something that goes into the 3/8" er16 spring collet
that you leave
and then little tool holders
that you screw in
its a collet nut, you leave the collet out
if it works for his work thats cool but i wouldnt want them for general use
i trust the er16 taper

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maybe i should just do that
ya ya ya
smallest acme size is too big
or hmm
i am thinking about this wrong i guess
the whole thing!?
fuck dude this site hurts
fucking machinists
oh this guy is on ebay he does the paintball marker stuff
oh found link
yeah those suck

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like you make a 3/8" cylinder with a 1/4" hole thats threaded internal at the end really coarse
then you make 1/2" tool holders with .25" stud that slides up into the 3/8" cylinder
maybe good inch before the threads engage
what i cant just die it
this thing is gonna be short
total length like 3", maybe
threading does suck
i never did good without instruction
its not like they even said alot i just sucked when they werent watching me or something
i kinda wanna just redo the headstock
like, servo spindle on thick hi/lo belt, in line with the column instead of offset
a way to tram X and Y axis
im like, shim stock, what
fuck that

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thats not bad
they never look good up close
and when you actually turn the axis wheels, its sad
blackmoon: maybe something like a tool holder with a .25" stud with tiny acme or similar threads at the end
and then something that slides up into the 3/8" collet
get it?

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yeah i was hoping it wasnt
i need little shit
i need small
yeah but i dont need the collets
i need a tool holder
i have er16, its the smallest ER set
its a bitch for CNC
my shit is smaller than almost everything available
i dont have a lathe you do
but yeah oi was thinking something that slides into the 3/8" ER16 collete
but its maybe not super repeatable if i go into the sping collete with a flanged holder
unless i get super good about know how tight to do the spindle nut
im not trying to have HF machine tools
i can hack something with a toolholder on my table maybe
vertical lathe, yo

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god i miss that cdrw mp3 player
stupid simple
heh i did that in my bathroom in like 30min to show my friend how to do his class project
hacko and dremel all on the counter next to my sink
macegr: tab browsing
i had that shit on all day
table was blanked when i killed the windows but there was like 80 viewers
i need to figure out a quick change setup
blackmoon: do you know the smallest iso cone holder?
ha theres a zero?

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yeah looks like the boomer i used exactly
naw theyre fine unless you turn them up
with earbuds or high sensitivity studio stuff its fine for most listening
blackmoon: yeah they fail a bunch of times tho
they get called out
cali girl reps dont fuck around
holy shit i just found a ton of other hidden pics

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its a 5v chip?
yeah they dont got any headroom
they work fine for 5VDC or 4xAA/AAA
it sucks theres almost no bipolar 15v solutions
theyre like 28dip $4 monsters
haha neat
is it BTL?
bridge tied load, bridged through load
the ones that need output caps
theyre not grounded output on one side
yeah those are pretty neat you can get decent output
natsemi boomer?
i did an 8dip in a altoids tin
i prob have pics

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the one you flipped?

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heh man i was lazy at this setup
loose mating tolerances ftw

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but chances of fail if they decide the ecu is fucked is high
dude its hundreds of millions of cars
i think some of the lexus are electronic shift
they cant fix every ecu ever since 2002
and people wont want to drive toyotas if they do a worldwide every car recall

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this isnt some pinto shit
this is maybe every car since 2002
blackmoon: yeah but imagines mechanics bricking camrys and tacomas all over the country
parking lots full of bricked ecu waiting for swaps
theyre doing it already
and if its a prob with the realtime task handling that wont do shit
well maybe
thats what some of the abs/cruise control problems sound like
blackmoon: it might only be in combination with emi or who knows
blackmoon: *every* ecu?
toyota sold 2M hybrids in 2009
just hybrids
the ECU prob dont exist
they prob have to make most of them and recalling every toyota ever is a big deal
if they survive this it would be awesome

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so really what do you need me to make
a frame with a squeegee slide?
some rep says the death cases use the denso pedal assembly
not the cts assembly
the cts problem was just a fraction of a second slow release
and denso prob causes acceleration
no but its a 3 hour vid
well no it might now
they dont know what the problem is
and they dont want to find out that its the ecu
its the end of toyota if they have to recal and fix or swap every ecu since 2002
it is

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timecop: they have rs232
its just to get a text program into the controller
the controller is hardware built into that operators console
naw businesses are fucked timecop
theres 25% vacancy on commercial spots around here
thats mostly why i want to move
like, theres a petting zoo in an office building lawn two blocks away
its like, normal office building
goats and sheer wtf
timecop: wtf is a stencil printer?
need lasers for that no?
or its optical/etching
like pcb
you just mean the frame thing
what it needs a squeegee assembly?
yeah im not gonna be able to figure that out
call them tell them you need pics
theyll prob find a cam quick
k i have to go fucking change collets and rezero the machine
this is fucked its like, worse than manual, worse than full cnc

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its like 3 hours
macegr: that thing is way bigger than i think?
no i thought it was smaller
did you fab it?
or just do the electronics
k back to drills
i want a haas minimill
rly bad
what code

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the CEO tried to tell one of the cali black chicks that its an american car
she asks if her camry hybrid will need a recall
kinda joke but the CEO guy is super intimidated, very sorry, but he means its made in america car
damn he tried to clarify the american car thing
and now shes pissed
i dunno why are you watching cspan?
im watching it because im doing it wrong, i think being aware of the problems will actually help me somehow
what the shiftbrite thing?
and the drawings are pretty neat
because i like watching all of congress
i dont like 15sec snippits

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translator says, he is truly sorry about the SD family that died with a toyota car
didnt not answer question, girl rep pointed him out
CEO says its a legal issue, its for legal people
she brings up a european report, says euro mechanics brought up major complaints, why this information isnt mentioned

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tiem for more drilling
girl rep just asked if toyota will assume the medical and funeral costs of people injured and killed since they were aware of the issue
[japanese stuff]

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and dude schumacher is old now
not in F1
well see tho
im curious
pretty car
F1 looks the same for like almost 10 years now
like since they lifted the noses up, most the changes are just tack on wings and diffusers and tucking the sidepods a bit more

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i only say maybe 1/3 of them
caught my favs
kinda stopped paying attention around silly season
read up a bit when they initially announced the new teams and lineups
yeah like two american teams this season i think?
i dunno how i feel about the brawngp conversion to mercedes thing
that was the goal for yeeeaars tho
is he really still racing?
i hate that fucker
reason to watch tho
i prob hate him a lot less if hes competitive
him in a ferrari for like 8 years or whatever was fucking boring
all downhill after hakkinen left
he was a really good driver i just couldnt stand him
and i really love barichello
so yeah fuck schumacher

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tekrad: http://www.v8supercars.com.au/
i guess because of the holden cars
its kinda boring
i kinda veg on on most road racing
street circuits and rally are way exciting
but fast smooth stuff gets to be meditation after a few laps
haha yeah carts are nuts
they just dont slow down
rally is so nuts tho
for rally?
or sx
rally SPEED used to do like 3 days of pretty close stage coverage
and then 1 day of highlights, for every rally
that sucks
not enough nascar i guess
i dont miss not having cable
im prob going to download F1 this season
maybe start archiving races
speed with a dvr is pretty coold
haha neat @ tunnels
i dunno i didnt watch that race

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blackmoon: theyre converting the valley from sodium street lighting to cool white LEDs
they did studies criminals like red spectrums
they hate cool white
but they <3 red and dont mind warm white
i should check out the rules
it makes sense tho its harder to hide in wide spectrum light
ha those are neat races
ive only seen it on aussie tracks tho
they do alot of v8 touring stuff there

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oh according to a table of like 20-30 HID grow bulbs
and some typical 5W led efficiencies
HIS is like 3-4 times more efficient when you compare lumens/watt
damn that is some uphill battle
so yeah since most of HID spectrum is like yellow/green, if all the plants really need is one frequency of red and very little other lighting
i think maybe i get like 1/3 to 1/2 power with leds vs HID, just like eyeballing the avg usable power in the spectrums
and if it works out closer to even power, theres distributed light and heat benefits but you could only sell it to super rich douchebags

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irc.freenode.org will redir you
no idea
blackmoon: it looks like it just has every feature every other drive has + is slightly faster and uses higher standby hold current
prob doesnt help
maybe it is chat.freenode.net
their ircd is all hacked up
in some channels you have to reg with nickserv to even talk
actually ##electronics has been like that for a few months

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ballsy statement
have you ever seen one die?
this is basically their drive with the most protection
and the opto/output config is a big easier to work with
you can get something less hardcore but fucktional maybe $30 cheaper
would be fun to sell turnkey gecjo based taig systems
on freenode
hmm i cant find where it says the differences
It has
short!circuit protection for the motor outputs, over!voltage and under!voltage protection, over!temperature protection, reversed
power supply polarity protection and will survive accidental motor disconnects while powered!up.

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geckos and the biggest steppers you can mount or use with geckos
well closed loop is just safer
high end step, low end servo
step/dir input on the servos, the PID is in hardware
so you just have the cnc controller watch for a fault signal
ask in #emc they prob more likely to know than anywhere else
i want to get 3 of these (sec)...
i guess bulkier than nema23 but same bolt pattern
i dunno call and ask
maybe its vapor
and three of these...
The .V. in G203V stands for
.Vampire. as it is an unkillable drive.

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dude its been working fine for 4 years
i really doubt it
i think the bridge is fucked
and it was loading down the psu
the stepper wasnt even warming up but the driver chip heatsink for the Z was still warm
i put it on the a chan and it works fine, in fact everything works better
i think the Z driver chip is fucked
zeeshan: fuck that im not trying to pull this thing and rework it
i dont want to
i drive this shit into the dirt if the other chans wont last
and upgrade to gecko vampires for $100 an axis
i dont run a 4th axis on this
the 4th chan was always intended as a spare as opposed to an A
its not like blown xylotex is something unheard of
and my steppers run them at the edge of their current capabilities
i would be running in the middle of the gecko capabilities
and i wouldnt have to pulse tham at 8x resolution to get microstepping at low and mid speeds
but yeah 4 years of pretty regular use and some very long cycles, the big stepper blows
i got my moneys worth, just unlucky for it to go now

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theyre going to have all inventory cars upgraded with 'advanced brake override systems' by end of 2010 and offer to customers as a 'customer confidence measure'
thats good
hes saying that they need to focus on customer safety vs researching safety complaints
well, not the president, the CEO of american stuff
macegr: neat
macegr: my xylotex Z is fucked =\
using the spare A chan

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toyota head, fucked by middle management, is rly rly rly sorry (for 3 hours, watching now)
im like 15min in, so far hes said everything right in his into, electronics and ecu havent come up

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tekrad: srs how hard would it be to make them?
maybe 10min a package

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omfg i wish i had some quick change tool holders
spring collets ftl
well for lots of drills
all that for 75hp?
well look how huge the flywheel is
ya rly
okay i finish side extrusion number 2 of 4

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Z STEPPER IS BACK (running it off the A chan)

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they just dont die at low levels
coupling caps usually dont have any voltage across them
only at very very low and very high frequencies relative to the audio spectrum
bipolar caps are cheap, use them

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so you dont get as much dropout from battery impedance during current spikes
yeah exactly
because parasitic impedance in the battery stuff will warm it up

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google 'mit ripple voltage calculation'
not if its a dc motor
but click the pdf it has how to calc ripple with a 60Hz input
your shit is batter powered and sustained current most of the time
so cap provides startup current
which on a dc motor is going to be high at dead stall
so it unloads the batteries on spool up, it also absorbs kicked back energy
but yeah if youre not talking about your robot, you calc ripple to see what the average voltage/speed will be like when loaded
across your motor is for kickback, snubber stuff
across the psu, its for stall current, unloading the high current from the batteries

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danielson: who said that?
is he on crack or what?
macegr said you cant do brightness with shiftbrights?
you might want to change it to 10uF
it controls the mute/stanby delays

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hahaha X chan is pushing it at 30ipm like whatever (i have the Z channel set to 18 ipm max)

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danielson: it depends on your output device configuration
but you use the Vpeak of the signal to determine the VDC rails
xyoltex is fucked
the X channel is driving the Z fine

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i get these bubbies pickles
you mean of the signal?

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dx^: hmm
Avena sativa
heh sativa
yeah same
<3 pickles tho
i need to go buy some more
wireless what system
danielson: i guess
oh nice
good lucks

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on the preamp there is jumpers to select between the regged 15v rails and the main psu rails for limiter ref
one is dense one isnt
its a jumper
see z11 on the top left
the feedback goes behind the chip
check out the st app design
they go around the whole entire board
and since they doo all sorts of weird switched options for the mute circuit, their board is bigger
but they take the feedback and put it right past everything on the power input and speaker output header
the other feedback path is hella direct
k going to see if its the stepper or the xylotex

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jumper for significantly decreased feedback length compared to st app design
another jumper for connecting analog and power grounds
another for hard grounding the mute circuit for always on
omg what is that
demon with wings
oh it has jumpers for getting the psu to the preamp connector
for using the rails as a limiter reference

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mrtube: almost done

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$400 each makes sense
about 2/5 is the psu?
oh like 3/5
well you didnt skimp on the psu
and you didnt buy 1000 units
so yeah, $$$
thats neat

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itll be fine
8 ohms kinda low, it might be just right for 4 ohms, probably a little high
check datasheet they have power vs supply plots
no its better
sec ill post docs for that
gimme about 5 min i have to comparew file dates and shit
the preamp board is kinda neat
it has a balaned input that drops down the signal from pro to home levels
and mixes in a home level signal
naw its just alot of analog stuff
probably, have the usb drives hooked up looking through them

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19:14 < DX^> also catnip seeds so hopefully the fucking cats will leave my veggies alone
neat i should do that
hydro-led catnip
so i think my z stepper or the z chan on the xylotex is out
i was like fuck that z stepper and fuck the xylotex anyway tho
well now life sucks i guess
i should go buy some tequila or something to start my new no-Z life
that shit doesnt get warm at all
should have like an amp going through it at least

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im not going to get what i pasted

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i told you its just delay
get that or something similar
|read|: where do you live?
so what are you doing in los angeles?

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zzzz: not really, not since i was a little kid
haha funny vid
look like music dorks, shrug
i can tell from the hair and from seeing quite a few musician dorks in my day

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i think people have explained them to me thats it
i assume theyre like mini vapes or something?
no idea but if theyre not temp regged it depends on what the element is in
because temp will depend on convection and materials used
but my vap bros says 40W
and i maybe keep it at half power so 20W
but you have to leave it on awhile
a handheld device wouldnt have enough battery to last more than a few hits
for something with feedback regulation, you use as much power as your supply can handle
for faster warmup and response
and yeah for something like that you prob want really thin nichrome

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omfg its wkr4k3r
i need to buy new hardware for my bass
so get a boss digi delay pedal?
so get some warez that does it?
haha scientist, nice
thats a delay

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think im going to do a spacer for the bridge on my jbass
or maybe i just buy really long screws to jack the pivot things higher
yeah i wonder what happens to air pressure when you block desert winds with 1000 windmills
tekrad: if youre right on top of it, maybe if you mean little trains

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The energy release of an earthquake, which closely correlates to its destructive power, scales with the 3.2 power of the shaking amplitude. Thus, a difference in magnitude of 1.0 is equivalent to a factor of 31.6 ( = (101.0)(3 / 2)) in the energy released; a difference in magnitude of 2.0 is equivalent to a factor of 1000 ( = (102.0)(3 / 2) ) in the energy released.
thats a weird explanation
timecop: its a log scale so its based on a reference
like -6db of 1V is 5V
er .5V
but its not -.5V
pacific ring of fire, deal with it or move

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naw dude
a 4.4 is wtf was that but no damage
a 5.5 is like, most people feel it, almost noe one cares, some peoples windows shatter
a shuttle landing can be as bad
above 6 is substantial
things start breaking and people start dying
7 was the valley
and we survived
but were like 200sq miles and we were way more expensive than hurrican andrew
but our commercial shit got trashed moon
and a lot of our freeway bridges
like, we lucked out because everyone was home and asleep
if it had happened during early morning rush, hundreds to thousands dead
almost without doubt hundreds would have ate it
just on the freeway overpasses that fell
but there was commercial stuff that basically partially collapsed
people sitting at office desks would have been crushed
yeah ill do that today
its not 10x each point?
i know
each point is 150%?
wait dork
So, for example, an earthquake that measures 5.0 on the Richter scale has a shaking amplitude 10 times larger than one that measures 4.0.

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last one we had around 5 i was driving, i kept making my left turn
well world is ending get used to it
oh haha thats why
building was prob swaying for a minute
its weird i felt the 89 bay area quake few seconds before it happened
i felt my apartment move slow and it made me feel sick (we were way far so the enegy all spread out)
you hear them first when theyre right under you
about a second and a half of 'eh?' before you realize and your stomach just drops
dude its not that bad
if my shit were to totally get destoryed but not burnt, at least all my stuff is in one place
its not like, 4 towns over, thru a cow
yeah if the 94 quake had happened even an hour later hundreds would have died at least
maybe few thousand
happened at like 4:15 or something
martin luther kind day
no school anyway
looks normal
that is a truck, dude
not really
like you wouldnt know
youd be like HMM WAS THAT A QUAKE
and your friend would be like NAW DUMPTRUCK

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tekrad: does usgs does seismic activity maps for your area?
tekrad: i can see it
how do you even feel that?
i prob just assume it was a truck

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most mom and pop stores are prob stocking leftover shit from the 80s

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heys frys gets better at holding stock all the time
like, they totally get theyre the only place left now
haha yeah

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the way i do it you need couple more caps and an extra resistor for bias and output resistors on the BJT for current limiting and fixing an overshoot problem on crossover when the opamp kicks output into the ab section to the other side of the bias potential
radioshack has everything you need
so all the cmoy style amps with AB output sections built onto them have proper THD specs
sub 0.1% THD
i kinda want a wii
my friend has one he barely uses i think i am going to rent some games and live there for a few days

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it distorts
youre prob getting into the opamps current limiter
in any case, its not even close to within spec
but whats the point
you can even go look on cmoy threads with THD tests
people using their high end soundcards to do THD sweeps
yes they do
you take the opamps and you build a class AB output section for it and run feedback from the AB output back to the opamp
it takes two BJT two diodes two resistors in its simplest form

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by itself?
i assure you it doesnt
maybe fine if you throw some BJT on the output, AB setup
but if you cant afford ne5532 i dunno you need a new hobby
putting 16 ohms on the output of an opamp is abusive

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i wouldnt use something like that in the signal chain
but for protect/limit circuits on something stupid cheap, maybe

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because of feedback caps and AC coupling between stages
most systems you could rock massive amounts of dc offset anyway because the rails in a lot of signal stages have like 500% headroom and the output amp will always have some sort of dc offset compensation

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but since most of the chipamps have a minimal parts app circuits and need gains of like Av=30+...
yeah lots of people rockin like 25-50mV offset
the LM3886 with a servo is like, unmeasurable
yeah if its a tweeter amp you do a feedback cap
because like, who cares if it rolls off the low end
no 3886
is like natsemi flagship chipamp
60W into 4R @ bipolar 27V supply
you could use it for like buffers on processing circuits
simple stuff like limiter comparator inputs, etc
pro audio is pretty much all generic opamps
TL072, TL074, NE5532, and for hot rod shit OPA2134
you can get double zero % THD with a few stages of tl072
offset is literally a total non issue

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its raining =(
i went hiking last night with the girl buddy tho!
dude if i relaxed my mind anymore id be comatose haha
rens project start to project completion ratio: unknown
id have to remember them all first =\
i kinda wonder if he really needed help with a chipamp tho
he mentioned it at the beginning
looked like a natsemi amp
and he wanted to measure dc offset
but i dunno if he had it in circuit or just a loose chip or what
i think he msged me
well thats something to read later today i guess
input offset * gain
but you stick a cap in the feedback and its almost always just a couple mA if its measurable

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turn the shit on i think theyre dead because no pops no noise
then the music comes thruogh like cold knife, sharp and clear
you cant even do step #1 dead sober
or youre a troll, in which case nice job i was looking for something to type uselessly at for 30min
fuck that dude
instead of cutting shit on my cnc last night
i hung out with my girl buddy
ya rly
in fact the amount of socializing i did this week kinda sickens me
i ams what i ams
hahaha kill myself
dude are you 12?
i fuckin hope so hahaha
always feedin the trolls
this is a bad bad habit
anyway what chipamp was that?
hi i could have helped you like 60 times already
i cant when someone pastes a datasheet thats why youre a retard

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are we going to go to your house and measure it for you
have you even started looking up the datasheet yet?
haha you dont have sex in the lab place?
we would answer the question with the datasheet
you think we know off the top of our heads?
do you know how many different chipamps ive fucked with in the last few months even?
all you have to do is provide a datasheet
and wed do it for your dumbass
because one of us would be that bored
if you are a troll, id just like to note right now youre failing
and this isnt exactly a bad time
dude, cmon now
you came to the right place but youre doing it all wrong
the only reason youre not banned is because youre a bit amusing to watch
if you cant find a datasheet
find your own pinout
and ask how to measure dc offset
you fail
either help us help yourself
or pay one of us to do it for you
were not going to go and do the research for you when its trivial for you to do it yourself
shit i design with chipamps all day blazed
for years now, never a failpcb

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youd have to ask them
maybe i dont suck at foreplay iunno
it kinda sounded like the other guys they had been with were kinda duds
and they had both been with girl people
sounds fun
so is the pic all hanging in the air deadbugged?
muffin: no one is going to do the shit for you
unless you pay them
most people here charge between like $40 and $150 and hour + parts
dude you cant even figure out where to get the datasheet i dont think you should be accusing anyone else of being confused
hahaha @ two ide
that sounds like the sucky part
especially after hours of fucking with stuff
dude if you gave me the link to the datasheet id prob do the whole thing for you
but at this point your prob a couple min from being banned
you are decidedly shitty at technical irc channels
if you were smart, youd just get someone like me interested enough to help you figure out the whole damn thing
muffin: elelctronics is our life for the most part
so you came to the perfect place for help
and now youre pissing people off
they all got jealous of the pcb layout app
i am a parasite?
you have a part number
and a dmm
and youre asking us for the dc offset
fool you should be telling us the dc offset

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built what?
a circuit with opamps?
a power amplifier?
what are you acusing us of not doing
can you say more useful words im procrastinating here i dont have all day
dude theres prob like 20 people here right now have done power amp circuits
and damn near everyone with any kind of capabilities can do opamps on some level
so measure the dc offset, you dont have a dmm or something?
wtf do i know
yeah i know because i can google and read datasheets
no but two girls ive been with say i kinda fuck like one
im still not totally sure what that means
im thinking maybe there was strapons involved at some point when i wasnt around
no idea

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guy flushed his engine with water during an oil change
not the cooling system, like he put water into the crankcase and ran it at idle til it siezed then got confused when it wouldnt start anymore

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guys make the rain stop
Unbelievable...................................... ................................. Did you flush your cooling system with motor oil too?
omfg wrongchan!

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